Charles Alexander Whiteman

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Charles Alexander Whiteman

About Charles Whiteman
  • Personality Description: Gracious and respectful of his elders. He is an influential man with fingers in many pies, and his reach does seem to extend quiet far.
  • Know for (Identity Crafting) - Charles is known to have created new mortal identities for several Kindred, including himself and the Elder Master Harpy of San Juan, and Clan Steward of the Tremere, Margareta Sasul. He does so for only minor favors, and promises to keep that new identity a secret he will not share.
  • Known for (Business Ventures) - Charles is working on setting up several new business ventures in Honolulu, not only that he would love to be an investor or backer on other projects in other cities as well.

Clan: Ventrue
House: House Asturia
Social Class: Neonate
Camarilla Position: Primogen of Clan Ventrue, Honolulu HI
Clan Position (Ventrue Knowledge Only): None
Dignitas: (Pending rules revision)
RP concept: Master of Puppets and Influential Playboy

=== Lineage ===

  • Charles Alexander Whiteman
  • Childe of Michelle Johansen
  • Childe of Lady Jane Whiteman
  • Childe of Anna Russell, Elder Matriarch of House Asturia
  • Childe of Althea Bell-Hammon
  • Childe of Marbuena
  • Childe of Julia Anastasia
  • Childe of Tinia


ACKNOWLEDGED by Elder Prince Nicolas DuChamp of Honolulu, HI
NOBLE as Primogen of the Ventrue in Honolulu, HI

What whispers in the night

  • "What man can have such sway over the affairs of men, but one who has a demon backing him?" -anonymous
  • "Oh goodness, have you not met Mr. Whiteman? He's so lively, for a Ventrue. He is a good Ventrue and still breathes life into the danse. How do you not want to know him?" - Valerie Hughes
  • "I took a chance on him, being so young and untested. I trusted my instincts and so far have been quite pleased with the result." - Adrienne Maxwell

Friends and Allies

Elder Adrienne Maxwell, Ventrue Clan Head; Matriarch of House Constantinian
Elder Anna Russell, Matriarch of House Asturia
Ancilla Adeline Bellamy
Elder Margareta Sasul, Clan Steward of the Tremere, Master Harpy of San Juan, PR
Elder Miguel de Barcelona, Seneschal, Honolulu, HI
Elder Valerie Hughes
Elder Adalina Marchand Durante, Primogen of the Ventrue, Atlanta, GA

Seeking connections OOC INFORMATION

I’m always looking for a good story complication and ways to interweave my character’s storyline with others in the MES chronicle. Below are just a few ways I’ve come up with, and is by no means the only way. If you would like to connect with my character, send me an email with your story idea. I’m always happy to work out connection with new or experienced players, just contact me.

  • People he has helped – Charles has a myriad of skills in helping elder Kindred who have just awoken regain identities in the human world. If you need someone to help set you up with a new identity, Charles is a good Kindred to ask. And his prices are very reasonable.
  • War effort against the Sabbat – Mostly in exerting influence to keep the Masquerade secure and weakening the affects of Sabbat incursions into cities. Charles is far from a fan of the Sabbat and while not much on the front lines can help turn the tide of any battle with a few well placed words in the right ears.
  • Business Partners- Although Charles has his own business ideas he would not hesitate to join in on the ideas and ventures of others, should they need the support and the idea sounds useful promising to the Neonate Ventrue. If you have some ideas you think Charles might be involved in send me an e-mail.

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OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Honolulu, HI
Player: Jacob Anthony
Storyteller: Hawaii C/A VST

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