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Given Name: Charles Black

Date of Embrace: 1889

Birthday: 1865

City Status: 1

Invictus Status: 4

Ventrue Status: 4

Bloodline None Know

Information Known by Kindred Society

Invictus Title

The Good, Alder Charles Cornelius Black of House Tollenaar, Councilor, Viscount of Glen Burnie, Commissioner of the Ars Sentorus, Notary, Primus of Baltimore, Secondus of the East Central Region

Public Association


Fealty Chain:

Liege: The Venerated Alder Elric Willhelm Reinhardt, Viceroy of the Southeast, Marquis of Charleston, Fury of the Thorned Wreath, Consul of the First Estate

Allies, and House members:

  • Lady Jade, Adviser, Primus, Minister
  • The Honorable Alder Almoner Gwyneth Loreth, Countess of Linnton, Prince of Portland, OR, Whip to Clan Daeva
  • Alder Archon Szilaz Hunyady, Archon of the South East, Primus of the Charlotte Inner Circle, Soldier of the First Estate, Ventrue Priscus of Charlotte


Grandsire: Alexander Rook(deceased)

Sire: William Talen (NPC)(deceased)

Childe: Mistress Serena Black (PC)

Great Uncle: Christopher Godfrey(deceased)

Cousin: Georgina Godfrey

Guardian l.jpg


Presence 4, Striking Looks 4

Always wears a suit

Speaks with an English Accent.

Quotes from Charles

  • "Power is something only weak men crave, It is control that one should strive for. Power is a Sword, a tool to be used, control is the hand that holds it."
  • "Go to your brother and console him...I don't know, do whatever it is you mortals do!"
  • "My emotional state is irrelevant and almost none existent"
  • "Revenge, will not help me maintain my Praxis, and will not restore order to my city. The city and myself are one and the same. If it is ill I am ill, if it strong I am strong."
  • "If I did not support your Praxis, I would have come here with an army."

Quotes from others referring to Charles

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  • He controls most of the shipping around the Great lakes and the East coast.
  • Is a "deranged Lunatic"
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OOC Information

Player Name: Charles Wheaton

VST: Joseph Perry

MES Number: US2014090056

Location: Baltimore MD


BioShock Infinite OST - Elizabeth

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts - Ramin Djawadi

UnLaced full - Emilie Autumn

I can't decide - scissor sisters

Character Inspirations

Tywin Lanister- Game Of Thrones

Little Finger- Game of Thrones

Sebastion LaCroix- VTM: Bloodlines

Alder Justin Maxwell of Alaska- Character from Last Cron to a Player who's name I have forgotten.