Charles Bowen

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Accord PC

Player: David Benedict
Creature Type: Hunter
Division: N/A
City: Seattle, WA
VST: Greg Berry

Character Information

Name: Charles "Chuck" Bowen. Everyone not in TFV only knows him as Chuck.

Creature Type: Hunter (Task Force: Valkyrie)

Cell: Seattle, WA

Accord Status: 4

Notable Traits: Almost always has a H&K USP Tactical .45 in reach. Little tact with new people and crack shot.

Position and Title: None Yet.

Known Information

Chuck is an active member of Task Force Valkyrie since one of the first joint Accord operations in Portland. Between that time and June 2013 he was assigned to a Task Force Valkyrie unit which independently took care of hotspots not covered by any other Accord cell within the continental United States. In June 2013 Chuck was assigned primarily to operations relating to the Seattle Accord cell. All other personal history redacted without top security clearance.


Height: 6’
Hair color: Light brown
Facial Hair: Clean shaven


Most would say Chuck’s personality was rigid, Chuck interacts with almost all members of the Accord as if they were operatives in a war zone. Tact and pleasantries aren’t high on his list of priorities working with operatives and wars zone.


REDACTED For operatives safety.


Close quarter combat, heavy weapons training, assault weapons training, pistols training, field first aid, advanced field weapon maintenance, extensive working knowledge of ENE's, and knife fighting.

Known Associates

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I have yet to put my rule of “Three sentences to prove they are not a threat before I start shooting.” To the test but it’s only a matter of time.

I have a bullet for that.

Someday I will bag me a damn zombie…Damn zombies.


None, yet..

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ENE Kill card

Confirmed kills

Aliens: 1
Changeling: 3
Demon: 7
Mage: 2
Sin Eater: 1
Unclassified: 14
Vampires: 10
Werewolf: 4
Zombie: 0

Assisted confirmed kills

Aliens: 4
Changeling: 8
Demon: 18
Mage: 5
Sin Eater: 3
Unclassified: 31
Vampires: 6
Werewolf: 7
Zombie: 0

Likely kills

Aliens: 1
Changeling: 3
Demon: 4
Mage: 4
Sin Eater: 6
Unclassified: 10
Vampires: 8
Werewolf: 2
Zombie: 0

OOC Info

Player: David Benedict

MES Number: US2008032091

Location: Seatle, WA