Charles Edward Lennox III

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Sabbat Ankh

"One way or another, you won't disappoint me again."


as a True Sabbat
as Cardinal of the South
as Cardinal of the South
as Cardinal of the South
as Ductus of Ice and Fire
Fleeting Status
Favored by the Primus of the Order
Fleeting Status
Favored by the Cardinal Vega
Fleeting Status

Lasombra Crown


Lennox Picture


♔ 1771Born
♔ 1796Reborn
♔ 1858Relocation to the New World
♔ 1863Second Sabbat Civil War
♔ 1933End of the War
♔ 1935Elevated to Bishop
♔ 1985Relocation to Birmingham
♔ 1987Elevated to Archbishop
♔ 2015Elevated to Cardinal


Born into privilege and responsibility as the heir of the Duke of Richmond, Charles came to personally understand the meaning of tyranny. He escaped to His Majesty's Royal Navy. His clever moves to upset Napoleon's balance caught the attention of Lucita. The Sabbat tempered Charles into the Cainite he is now. Brilliant tactical mind, shrewd judge of character, and wearer of keen coats and hats.

Cardinal - of the South
Former Archbishop - of Birmingham, Alabama
Ductus - of Ice and Fire
Patriarch - of La Familia Capuciati


♔ Charles' eyes are grey being encroached upon by black shadows.
♔ Charles' hair is a dark black in color
♔ Charles has a rolling walk that looks like he's striding confidently on a ship's deck

Associate Placeholder

Thomas Severus Jaelle Victor Caminov Melissa
Father Xavier Thomas Miroslav Novotny The Amanuensis Yegor Ivchenko
Jude [[|Empty]] [[|Empty]] [[|Empty]]
[[|Empty]] [[|Empty]] [[|Empty]] [[|Empty]]
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Quotes and Rumors

Lennox Picture 2"There is scarcely a word or phrase that I might find to describe Cardinal Lennox that would do such a man the justice he deserves. In my humblest attempt to encapsulate his Eminence's character, I would say that he is quite possibly one of the most honorable individuals I have met in my time. His ferocity and stalwartness upon the battlefield is exemplary. While I am one to tease and tangle with dangerous individuals, I would never want the dear Cardinal as an enemy."Jaelle
"For him, I have closed a book to take up a sword. I would do so again."The Amanuensis
"Although I am pretty sure he'd do something horrible to me for staring, you just can't blame a girl when something that good looking is created."Melissa
"I haven't told him this because I see him he is busy. The man is my mentor and teacher and he doesn't even know it yet....I would kill the world over for this man"Victor Caminov
"Charles Lennox is the true example of what any and every new Lasombra should aspire to become."Xavier Thomas
"Angels are all fire and brimstone, and slaughtering firstborn...Charles is no different...and the first thing they both say is: Do not be afraid."Celeste Lennox
"The boss. He's sound, I'd follow his command anytime."Daisy Benitez
"Well, what hasn't already been said? He's one of the finest examples of our clan in these modern nights."Thomas Severus
"Cardinal Lennox operates with an efficiency I have only previously seen in the mechanisms of death itself." - Inquisitor Miroslav Novotny
"He is a man that wears many hats. His roles are varried, and when his eyes are upon you, there is no doubt as to why. Pray it is for praise, and not for scorn.. After all, I have read much on what sea captains used to do to unruly sailors under their command." - Catherine
"I have met many Cardinal's in my time. This one, is one of the few I actually have respect for." - Isterella Istya
"You can not know the hell we have been through together. You cannot understand the battles that have been fought. The wars that have been waged. You cannot understand what we have put each other through. But understand this, I will wash the streets in blood, I will raze cities to ash, and salt the earth they laid upon, I will bring down heaven and release hell should he fall. Pray that he does not."Celeste Lennox
"If I had to choose a Cardinal to follow into war, Lennox would be at the top of my list." - Jericho Jones
"Yes, Sir. Of course, Sir." - Victoria Grimaldi
"He is more than words. He is more than gestures. He leads from the front. This, I respect. The Host, ever loyal to the Sword, shall follow Cardinal Lennox through the Darkness and will bring the light of Holy Retribution to our Enemy." - - Amitiel
"Caine has placed a hand upon the cheek of the Cardinal, he leads for the glory of the Dark Father, for the glory of the the name of righteous retribution...And where he goes justice will follow.." - - Storm
"He sees me. Under all the glamour and behind the music, he sees who I am. And better yet, who the Dark Father gave me the potential to be. " - - Jude
"The Cardinal knows what words to use to strike up the zeal of the Holy See's warriors. The Cardinal knows what tone to use to make the Holy See's spiritual leaders move their lips in praises of the Dark Father. I gladly would follow the Cardinal's orders." - - Ekko
"After Tulsa I now understand why the rest of the Host is so dedicated to the Cardinal and his vision. There are few leaders who can lead us in a fight against THREE Ancient Methuselahs and walk away with minimal casualties." - - Umyrk
" Unlike others who choose to govern from a distance, our Cardinal prefers to be in the thick of the fray. I revere and respect him for this." - - Raziel

Charles Edward Lennox III

Player: Jennifer Rastegar
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Lasombra
Domain: Birmingham, Alabama

If you are interested in ties, please feel free to contact me. I'm always up for developing roleplay connections, either as allies or enemies.


♔ "Million Dollar Man" -Lana del Rey
♔ "Remind Me" -Röyksopp
♔ "Take Me to Church" -Hozier
♔ "You Know My Name" -Chris Cornell
♔ "Love is Blindness" -Jack White