Charles Nizam

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Apocalypse PC

Player: V.C.
Pack: Blood and Silver
Sept: Sept of Boars Chosen
Glory: ••••• •••••
Honor: ••••• •••••
Wisdom: ••••
Storyteller: Seth S.


Name: Charles Nizam

Deed Name: Last Wound Kills, Bringer of Hope

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Silver Fangs

Rank: Athro

Positions: Pack Alpha

Territory: Daksini Pradesh


The Arhoun now-called Bringer of Hope has been a staple in Silver Fang courts and functions since he was a young man. A native of India, Bringer of Hope's First Change greeted him early and he swiftly became known as one of the more talented students within the Territory. Upon the successful completion of his Rite of Passage the Full Moon took his rightful place within the pack Blood & Silver, dedicated to Merlin.

Little is known of the pack's history or exploits--though their renown for being a martially capable and well-traveled pack is known to most. Most know, however, that some great tragedy befell them after the Dousing of the Red Star which saw them retreat into hiding for a short time. When they emerged, their roster was distinctly changed and Charles stood as its Alpha.

History as a Garou

  • Developed a mastery of several fighting styles quite swiftly, favoring Florentine melee combat or natural weaponry whenever possible.
  • Attained the Rank of Adren just after the Dousing of the Red Star then retreated into obscurity with his pack.
  • Recently emerged and successfully completed his Athro Challenge under the eye of Victor Dawncrown.

Immediate Family


Blood & Silver

  • Anne 'Merlin's Scale' Nizam
  • Krishna 'Works As Intended' Mehra
  • Panav 'Samsara's Fury' Bachchan
  • Nicholas 'Strikes from Above' Nizam


  • Souverän Ruhe - A young inquisitor of the Gleaming Eye rumored to have done Charles many favors in the past.


  • "None know the value of life and purity nearly so well as the scions of Charles' House, the Blood Red Crest. He has been more like unto a father to me than any other, though I was raised in another court." - Souverän Ruhe
  • "There is an honor to one like Last Wound Kills-rhya. A dedication steeped in tradition and an understanding of the history of our Tribe. Though our two Houses have held contention in the past, I am proud to call him ally. May his days be long and the honor he does for Gaia great." - Danu's Wisdom


  • Charles and his pack are working intently on shattering some Curse which has befallen their Line.

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