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Requiem PC

Player: Jeff P.
Character: Charles Richmond
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Position: Primogen

Chicago (City) ••••
Ventrue (Clan) •••
The Carthian Movement (Covenant) ••••
Manipulator ••••

Domain: Windy City Nightmares

IL-013D Chicago, IL, USA

VST: Mark H.

"I am Charles Richmond, also Charles the White, childe of Alexander Harland of Colorado and descended from Merrick. I am landlord of South Shore and the Grand Crossing."

Character Information


  • Alderman of the South (2010 - 2012)
  • Prince of Chicago (2012 - 2014)

Charles in Chicago
Charles has spent his Requiem owning and operating Barnwell's butcher shop, located at 2247 East 73rd St. in the South Shore neighborhood. In the early 90's, he attempted to open his own restaurant, but an economic recession stymied the opening, leading to its closure only two months after opening. Since then, he has focused on his butcher shop and the surrounding neighborhood.

Charles and the Freedom Party
Inspired by then-Prince, Mother Elizabeth Priztker, Charles fashioned together the Freedom Party, a Kindred political party based on Charles's American ideals of self-governance. The Freedom Party is intended to put forward concepts of personal responsibility, individual sovereignty, and free market principles. The Freedom Party exists to "Americanize" what Charles deems to be an outdated, "royalist" system of feudalism present in Kindred society.

The Freedom Party believes in the following tenets:

- Kindred, who are Embraced from humans, are Embraced inherently free
- Blood bonds interfere with freedom and personal creativity
- What goes on in a Kindred's haven, so long as they are not breaking the Masquerade or Diablerizing, is their business and not to be infringed on by the local Praxis
- Law-abiding Kindred should be allowed to engage in free trade of boons, territories, etc. without prohibition by the local Praxis
- The Kindred political system needs an update, with regular election days, each Kindred being awarded a single vote to elect city officials

Charles as Prince
In June 2012, Charles, then the Alderman of the South, received support for Praxis from the Priscus Council, given the extended absence of Mother Pritzker. After a night of lengthy negotiations and politicking, Charles assumed Praxis of Chicago later that month. As Prince, Charles attempts to instill his "anti-royalist" ideals, such as updating and revising the responsibilities of city officers and a change in authority. Soon after taking Praxis, he named only a Sheriff as part of his court, Joe Czalk, in an effort to reduce the governing structure to its essential elements. He kept the Aldermen of Chicago, assigning them more authority and control within their assigned wards, especially when it comes to the doling out of territory. The Alderman are allowed to bestow acknowledgement on new citizens and are the first point of contact for citizens who desire new territory.

In late 2012, Charles submitted to the Citizens of Chicago his first draft of the Articles of Praxis, which detail his model of governance.

After the shift to the new Crucible, Charles decided to add to his officers, installing Henry Winchester as City Clerk to keep track of the city's prestation and territories. On the same night, Charles also named Baby Bear to serve as Warden of Chicago. After long deliberation, as well as advocacy by a number of Chicago's more influential residents, Charles chose Anya Vandricht to serve as his Seneschal.

In January 2014, Charles ceded his Praxis to Joe Czalk.

Contacting Charles
Charles does not trust the Internet, preferring to use regular mail for communications. He owns a P.O. box in South Shore in which he receives his mail. The P.O. box address is known to any citizen of Chicago.

Charles, right, circa 1861.

Quotes about Charles

  • "His fire is obvious even at a distance, but is he the ever-burning torch that will light this city into the 21st Century, or the roman candle?" - Lord Quinn
  • "This is the most asinine piece of garbage it has ever been my misfortune to read... and I am extremely proud of you for it." - Giuseppe DiParma to Charles Richmond about The Freedom Party
  • "I'm not sure about Charles. I just do not know if he has the steel needed to carry this city and his dream at the same time. He stumbles under the weight of them both, and things fall away each time. How long till he must drop one or both of them entirely." - Joe Czalk
  • "He is a damn good Prince... He knows how to properly avoid me if he has actual pressing matters to attend to. Yet he will solicit my opinion when its required... He doesn't seek to waste either of our time!" -Hal Fischer
  • "Can you ever be friends with your boss, once your friend becomes your boss?" - Jon Clay
  • "Mayor? No no, he grew up and became Prince." - Peter Mentiere
  • "The man has with two decisions; ended a war and started an age of peace and taken credit for neither." -Jude Alexander
  • "He does carry some heavy burdens. However, he seems uncertain of which path to follow while carrying them." - Anahita
  • "First night I met the guy he gave an impromptu speech about how we vampires are in a unique position to inherit our own future. Something like that anyway. I've never been inspired by anything since getting croaked but that guy did it. Changed my whole outlook. He's the real reason I decided to stay in the city." - Daniel D. Lyons
  • "Man, Charles has it rough. First his restaurant closes, then he gets tricked into accepting Praxis from a power hungry Prisci Council, then his friend works with the same Prisci and takes Praxis from him. Where will his soap opera go next. I gotta say it though, the guy keeps trying. First with the Freedom Party. Second with a corrupt government. I can't wait to see what he tries next." - Luca
  • " One day he will truly understand tradition, only then will he be able to offer real freedom." - Gus
  • "Charlie is the kinda Kindred that reminds me why I counted my self among the Carthians once, an also why I had to leave. He is a dreamer with lofty goals that would better all of us Kindred an I hope to help him realize just how to carry them goals out in a practical way." - Henry Winchester
  • "Transparency can be a great advantage in one strong enough to do as they wish and a terrible weakness in one lacking that strength." - Simon Patterson
  • "Have you ever tasted American food?" - Leopold Macellarius
  • "Well, I was mildly disappointed that he didn't remember me. But hey, it's been over 50 years. These things are to be expected. On the other hand, I was very happy to see that he remains as solid a Carthian as he was back in '63. I'm looking forward to spending more time with him. - Aidan Clarke


- On the night that Charles initially took Praxis, he considered christening himself "Mayor".
- Charles has handpicked each member of Chicago's Priscus Council

OOC Information

Player Name: Jeff P.

MES Number: US2005106780

Location: Chicago, IL