Charles Richter

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File:IMAGE PC Richter.jpg
Charles Richter
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Invictus
Player: User:Jim Y. US2012080087
City: Columbus GA Requiem
ST: User:Joseph D. US2010117006


Wandering into Columbus in March with no real experience in kindred society, Richter is very casual for a scientist, but erudite for a gangrel.

Richter is beginning to make a name for himself as an innovative item crafter after kindred in Portland Oregon saw his interestingly shaped mandragora.
(Now taking commissions for mundane items made from living plants)

Noteable traits:
Smells faintly like morning dew, stands a modest 6'1" and is kinda scrawny. Wears glasses. Will probably come talk to you for no reason in particular.

Obvious stuff/stuff he will tell you:
- Embraced only 3 years ago
- Was abandoned by his sire almost immediately.
- Had been thriving outside of kindred society, but found himself bored.
- Actively being courted by the Invictus, Ordo Dracul, and the Carthian Movement. Everybody loves scientists lately.
- Joined up with the Invictus partly because Boris Koslov was stronger than him.

What's that?


- Jacob Stevens
- Looking for some more