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Requiem PC

Player: John Wilson
Character: Sir Charles Windgates
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Invictus
Conspiracy: Atlas Conglomerate
Position: Marquis of Pensacola
Status: 3
Domain: Pensacola, Fl
DC: Clay Larrabee

Character Information

Name: Charles G. Windgates

Clan: Daeva


Covenant: Invictus

Conspiracy: Atlas Conglomerate

Status: 3

Notable Traits: Charles has long blonde hair that goes past his shoulders. He is exceptionally polite with people and has a fondness for horses.

Introductory Form of Address: The Right Honorable Sir Charles G. Windgates of the Most Noble Order of the Thorned Wreath, Knight Captain of the Southeast, Marquis of Pensacola, Member of the Southeast Inner Circle, Scion of the Line of Tollenaar, Valued Among the First Estate and of the City of Pensacola

Formal Form of Address: Sir Captain Windgates or Marquis Windgates

Informal Address: Sir Charles or Charles (for family and close friends only)

Further Information:

Grandsire: Sara Kuar

Sire: Ser Lodewijk Van Tollenaar

Childer: Tony Chamberlain, Roger Martell


  • 1747: Born at his family's estate in the north of England.
  • 1777: Embraced by Lodewijk Tollenaar.
  • 1790: Becomes a Knight of the Thorned Wreath at the insistance of his sire
  • 1800: Begins to invest his family's wealth in various companies at the start of the Industrial Revolution
  • 1875: Immigrates to the United States
  • 1885: Along with his material aunt Dame Elizabeth Black the city of Pensacola, Fl is taken for the Invictus.
  • 1953: Prince Black names Charles Marquis of Pensacola
  • 2000: Charles leads a small contingent of Thorned Wreath to help take Columbus, Ga for the First Estate.
  • 2012: With the backing and insistence of his sire Charles is named Knight Captain of the Southeast

Known to Have Said

  • "It is by our right and by our laws that we rule."
  • "As my dear late aunt Elizabeth used to say, 'the Thorned Wreath aught to be more proactive in establishing Invicus rule."- on leading the Throned Wreath at Columbus


  • He hasn't actually earned any of his titles and accolades. They have all been given to him because of who he knows.
  • He loves to spend money and will give any amount to whoever asks. Just remember that you owe him for his generosity.
Character Information
Clan: Daeva ••
City: Pensacola, FL •••
Player: John Wilson
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OOC Information

Player: John Wilson

MES Number: US2008092841

Location: Pensacola, Fl