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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Dover, UK
Player: Contact
Storyteller: VST Mark Ravenwood


Known to the Camarilla (IC Info)

Character Overview

Name: Charlie
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Malkavian
Notable Traits: Shy, Cautious
Title or Positon: Primogen for Clan Malkavian in Kent
Status: Loyal


Charlie is rather quiet and reserved, but very loyal once you get to know her. She has a great interest in behavioural psychology and will read anything she can on the subject. She's also a bit of a collector, especially of china dolls and other old-fashioned toys, which are testament to her young-at-heart personality. At times she can be very insightful. She otherwise has rather simple tastes, and is rather tomboyish in her clothes and manner.

Timid and socially awkward, Charlie keeps mostly to herself at Court. Easy to pick out by her ragged, dirty clothing and her tangled blonde hair, she prefers to approach people on her own terms, and only confides in those who have earned her trust.

Friends and Enemies

Has spoken of having friends in Canterbury, but has yet to say who.

Stays close to Saul Winter-Smythe.

Seems to have a bee in her bonnet about the local Tremere ...

IC Rumours

(Please feel free to add any rumours you've heard about Charlie!)

  • It's rumoured that the Nosferatu suspect Charlie is in league with a Malkavian Methuselah asleep under London
  • It's been heard that Charlie has put herself forward for consideration for Clan Head after a discussion with Old Tom in Bedlam.
  • It is rumoured that Charlie has connections with St Martin's Hospital in Canterbury.

IC Quotes

  • "She sees everything, and speaks of nothing. I have tried to catch her attention, but to no avail, she intrigues me greatly..." ~ Ardante Saint-Martin

OOC Character Information

Charlie is a RETIRED character; for more information or to contact her, please get in touch with the Dover / Kent VST.

Basic Timeline

Moved to Dover sometime in the last ten years after being forced from Canterbury by the Sabbat.
October 2014 - Began attending the newly formed Camarilla Court in Dover, Kent.
May 2015 - Began serving as Primogen for Clan Malkavian in Kent.

Current Activities

Currently serving as Primogen for Clan Malkavian in Kent
Charlie hasn't been seen for a few months now ...



OOC Player Information

Player: Tracey Carvill
WTG Number: WT20140814001
Location: Dover

OOC Disclaimer

All information on this wiki is considered OOC unless you've learned it in game, or it is explicitly specified that the information is IC.
This wiki does not exist IC in this format, and is merely a collection of information about the character as a permanent record, and for OOC entertainment.