Charlotte Blue

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Awakening PC

Player: Ashley Morris Ward, US2005086347
Path: Mastigos
Order: Free Council
Legacy: none known
Position: none as of yet
Consilium: Ellicott City, MD
City: Ellicott City, MD
Cabal: (in the works)
VST: Charles Wheaton

Birth Name: Charlotte Alyssa Blue

Shadow Names: Blue, Asher, Miss Blue, Charlotte

Sleeper Alias: Charlotte Blue; published two books under the name Clara Damien in the 1990s

Offices: None

Quote: "I've always liked the smell of brimstone. It's comforting."


  • 1968 - Charlotte Alyssa Blue is born in Ellicott City to Allison and Max Blue, professors of history and physics respectively.
  • 1976 - Sarah Mazzy Blue, Charlotte's little sister, is born.
  • 1982 - Charlotte is 14. Her sleepwalking and nightmares have gotten out of hand. One night, she dreams of demons taking her little sister away; when she wakes up in a puddle in the front yard, she learns that Sarah truly is missing. Charlotte herself is briefly a suspect in the ensuing police investigation; she undergoes a battery of tests, including lie detectors and regression hypnosis. As of 2015, Sarah has yet to be found, alive or dead. Newspaper articles about this situation are findable.
  • 1986 - Begins at the journalism school of the University of Maryland (age: 18)
  • 1990 - Finish college (age: 22)
  • 1993 - published first UFOlogy book under the pseudonym Clara Damien, while working in a low position for a local magazine in Ellicott City

in these intervening years, she publishes two more books under her pseudonym, while building a more traditional career under her birth name

  • 2003 - Awakening (age: 35)

Part of Charlotte's Awakening was recorded by her therapist at the time. While most of her regression hypnosis sessions have been transcribed for use in her books, the tape of the final session is missing. The therapist died soon after, and there have been no more sessions.

After her Awakening, Charlotte decides to integrate her identities, and goes public as Charlotte Blue, abductee, taking credit for everything that was previous under the name Clara Damien, including her investigative blog and the books relating her abduction experiences. She begins writing a new book, and publishes her old books for free on her website.

The local magazine fires her, as she is "clearly deranged in a way that compromises her as a reliable reporter of the truth".

  • 2013 - Charlotte guest-teaches a journalism class at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, where she meets the Sleepwalker Emily Lange, who later becomes the Mage Polaris.
  • 2004-present - Charlotte continues to maintain what used to be Clara Damien's investigative blog, and publishes more books, and a larger website, on the subject of alien abduction, ET contact, and UFO phenomena.


Character Description

"Though she be but little, she is fierce!"

  • Charlotte dresses in designer jeans and smart blazers, pencil skirts and blouses of Chinese silk. She is 5'2" in her chunky two-inch heels. Her hair changes frequently, but right now it frames her face in fluffy black curls, cut at her chin.


  • (coming soon)

Looking For Ties

  • A Guardian to have helped me out of a sticky potential Veil breach in 2003 (Charlotte would be in debt to you to the tune of at least 1 large favor)
  • Free Council Recruiter
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