Charlotte Hammond

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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Seattle, WA
Player: Kathy Empson
Storyteller: Seattle VTM VST

Character Information


Name: Charlotte Hammond

Sire: From the lineage of Sevynn, childe of Milov Petrenkov

Clan: Gangrel

Family: Beasts of America

Gangrel Faction: Angarren

Status: Acknowledged by Prince Kathryn Watson, Revered as Primogen, Trusted per Prince Kathryn Watson, Cherished per Elder Sevynn

Title or Position: Gangrel Primogen - Seattle, WA

A Scholar of Things Old and New

Charlotte is the granddaughter of a talented egyptologist and occult researcher, and seems determined to continue her grandmother’s research into life after death.

She was a ghoul from 1914 until 1983, for Sevynn. She was embraced as a vampire in 1983, and seems as eager to please her great-great-grand-sire as ever. One of her roles for him has been to explain the use of new technologies, over the last century, from the radio to the television to the internet.

She owns an occult bookshop -- "Moonlight and Candlelight Books" -- which is overrun by Egyptian Mau cats, and which appears to sell nothing of any real occult value at all, at least in its public rooms.

She has studied library science and computer science.


Many Good Chapters Begin With a Quote

Known Associates

  • Sevynn - "Would he be happier if I was still his ghoul?"
  • Dieci - "I can think of no one I'd rather have helping in an investigation. She says nothing and sees everything."
  • Phillip Avery Redgrave - "A mentor who has seen so many courts, when I have really only seen one. I am grateful for his help."
  • Captain Sawyer - "A friend. A good man. A good soldier. We share an understanding that the modern is not to be feared."
  • Richard Adams - "Someone I can completely geek out with, who finds technology as fascinating as I do."
  • Guibert Murmure - "Scary and smart. I don't know if he likes me. But I respect the heck out of him."
  • Tamerlane - "We are fellow scholars and fellow Primogen. And of clans that have not historically been led by their female scholars. We have much to talk about, and seem to understand each other. But she is much older, stronger, and colder. I watch her and wonder: is this who I will become?"
  • Mina Chandler - "Lovely and clever. And an excellent source for all things Egyptian!"
  • Vast - "It is good to have family. Especially when you need unique ritual ingredients of the botanical kind."

Quotes about Charlotte

  • "A brilliant woman, and a natural scientist. She truly embodies the Gangrel's spirit of survival, by understanding technology is the greatest tool for survival we have." - Richard Adams
  • "I am ashamed to say that there are still many Kindred in this world for whom the name Gangrel is an epithet. This kind, civil, good-hearted woman proves them wrong with every breath." - Captain Sawyer
  • "I found her to be charming and intelligent company; it is always pleasant to meet a fellow thinker and seeker-after-knowledge." - Eileen Vargas
  • "We as kindred sometimes over look clan Gangrel's willingness to grow and learn, lady Hammond's drive to collect and share knowledge is a boon to our society and I hope all have an opportunity to learn from the wealth she has to offer." - Alister MacArthur
  • "There seems to be, generally, three paths that the idealistic mind follows. The first is the fool is forever the optimist refusing to acknowledge the realities of existence and ever looking to a future that is more fiction than fact. The second, the faithless whose embittered realization scourges them of hope and conviction in the relevance of any truth they can not prove beyond question. The last and most interesting is the fanatic, the path of one who refuses to accept the failings of her reality and attempts through force and will to impose her ideals upon the world around her. That one is my favorite, for the irony alone is exquisite." — An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "A charming woman who shares my fervor for Egyptian culture. I am also quite grateful to her and her various talents - indeed, my collection of antiquities would be significantly poorer if it was not for her. "- Mina Chandler
  • "Ever protective of our linage, she possess a kine insight into the past, that I myself used to share. While I have left it behind, she lives to collect these bits of antiquities, and for that I am grateful. For our past is as important as our future." - Fuyu
  • "I hate to admit to it, but I'm afraid I've been a bit neglectful as her Sire and so can't speak as to her charms or personality with any great personal knowledge. I've heard nothing but praise for her from others, however and it makes me incredibly happy to know she's been doing quite well for herself. I'm looking forward to the chance I've been given to get to know her better myself." - Kate Lockwood
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  • Charlotte is so friendly. That’s never good.
  • Charlotte is obsessed with her great-great-grand-sire, Sevynn.
  • Charlotte spends way too much time with Tremere. And Giovanni. And Followers of Set. She really does seem to put aside all questions of … taste if there is occult conversation to be had.
  • Charlotte talks to ghosts.


OOC Information

Player: Kathy E.

MES Number: US2005096553

Location: Seattle, WA