Charlotte Mikaelson

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Charlotte Mikaelson

Things Kindred Probably Know

Charlotte looks young, maybe 17 or 18.
She was born in England.
She is an Ancilla.
She's been in the United States for about a hundred years.
She enjoys speaking with ghosts.
She's a Malkavian.
She is Prince Occam's Herald.
She is also the Malkavian Whip.
She always carries Sir Elliot Archibald around with her.
She prefers to wear of dresses and skirts.
She is extremely curious.
She loves to play games.

Sect: Camarilla
Embraced: Unknown


"Charlotte? Which one is that? The one with the eyes? You can tell a mile away. She's got genuine Moon Clan peepers, ya know? Don't recall a word she said, but you can't fake the crazy with the eyes." - Occam

"Positively charming. I do look forward to seeing her again. Absolutely lovely and will go far if she keeps the charm coming. I do weep for what will happen when her age catches up to her. But what she will be at the end of that realization will be truly beautiful to behold." Nicholas Loring Prince of Wine Country

"She seems so helpless, so young. Her mannerisms, her attire, even the presence of the stuffed animal all help to create doubt in the mind to dull the instinctual klaxon that is shouting warnings. This one is a pure predator. Charming girl really." - Arden

"The appearance of an innocent girl, underneath which lies the monster, but beneath what she has become does one find the little girl once more? Or has the monster won out?" - Viktor Cantemir

"The Clan of the Moon has many gifts that they add to this wonderful Domain, Charlotte and The Legendary Sir Elliot Archibald are an excellent example of those gifts." - Alister MacArthur

"Many kindred disdain the neonates of our great society and hand wave their mere presence. Sadly that seems to be doubly true for the youth of Clan Malkavian. And to be equitable; they are not always incorrect. However sometimes there are the gems hidden among the stones. Given time and perhaps gentle guidance they will eventually become kindred of great profound worth. We shall watch and see what becomes of Ms. Mikaelson and just exactly what her worth will be. " - Helena Martell

"An effect decreases the hysterical industry. How does the impartial existence construct the grain? Scintillating agreement orientates the shaking addict's formula." - "Charlie"

"Charlotte is adorable. I'd like to think we're really good friends. I mean, she did let me hold Sir Elliot..." - DeAnna Eldritch

"I had heard a rumor that she was able to turn her stuffed rabbit into some sort of monstrous being capable of killing kindred and immediately dismissed it...then I thought about it.' - Zachariah White

"Wot, Sir Elliot? Yeah, crackin' chap. Real first class guy. Bit overprotective of his human innit, but that ain't so bad?"' - Ollie Ellsworth

"Ah yes, Charlotte. I cannot claim to know her well, having interacted with her only a couple of times, briefly. That said however there is a delightful little spark in her eyes and perhaps the mere fleeting hint of a smile when she looks at you which indicate her innocence may just be clever facade. Underneath the veneer is something else. Something delightful I am sure. Hmm, well I do plan on spending time in San Francisco. Perhaps she will provide me the opportunity to find out if I am correct. One can only hope. What? Of course I will be on my best behavior. Beautiful women always deserve the best and whatever else she may be she is certainly that. " Gracciano Giovanni

"Do.... do you think she's like, a puppet, and Sir Elliot is the real kindred? Nah, only kidding. She's fantastic. Just don't touch Sir Elliot or she'll have you eviscerated." - 'Soleil Savant

"Oh I like her. She has a wonderful presence. One I would expend some significant effort to continue enjoying. Harm her at your own peril." - 'Nicholas Loring
"quote" - 'person


"Supposedly Charlotte can speak and sense the restless dead"

"Charlotte scares Arden. Only he knows why and he will never tell."

"Charlotte keeps a dangerous and extremely virulent biological weapon inside her stuffed rabbit."

"Sir Elliot has been kidnapped by the Fae. Charlotte is currently carrying a very cunning copy"

"Charlotte has a secret blood magic which allows her to animate Sir Elliot and he is then able to eviscerate kindred"

"Everyone she kills becomes a ghost and the southwest is littered with restless spirits whose only crime was being delicious."


OOC Soundtrack

"All I Need" - Within Temptation
"Little Deschutes" - Laura Veirs
"Reincarnation" - Michiøn
"Still Doll" - Kanon Wakeshima
"La Belle au Bois Dormant" - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

OOC Inspirations

Kathryn Beaumont
Katherine Pierce

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Mallory
Storyteller: VST Martin