Charlotte Walker

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Accord PC

Player: Amanda Plageman
Creature Type: Mortal (Psychic)
Division: Guardians of the Accord (former), The Gatekeepers
City: Savannah, GA
VST: Jeremy Norton

Character Information

Name: Charlotte Walker

Creature Type: Mortal (Psychic)

Division: Guardians of the Accord (former), The Gatekeepers

Profession: Janitor/Maintenance Man

Title or Position: Ritualist of the Savannah, GA cell

Accord Status: 1 (Private)


  • Ghosts, Spirits, Demons (not known IC-ly), Psychic Abilities, communication, mediation.
  • Basically, if it's intelligent without being corporeal, she can see it, talk to it, and bargain with it. And it really, REALLY likes her.
  • On the mundane side, she can clean anything, and is a locksmith.

Notable Traits:

  • Charlotte is easily overlooked- not invisible or forgettable, but easily dismissed as harmless and unassuming, even by the overly paranoid and suspicious. (Socially Small Merit).
  • Spirits and Ghosts flock around Charlotte, wanting attention. Their attention tends to be positive, though often possessive.


  • Average height and weight.
  • Hazel eyes. Light brown hair, usually tied back in a kerchief.
  • Usually wearing a janitor's overall, with an antique-looking key dangling from the upper zipper.
  • Often carries a toolkit and large broom.

What Has Gone Before

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Division: The Guardians of the Accord

Not to be mistaken for the position with the same name within the Accord cells. This division is a collection of those folks and monsters that do not fit in any other division. These people tend to be generalist in more then one area. Be it social, mental, or physical. They tend to be the first responders or special forces of the Accord. Acting as Men in Black, SEALs or US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases first responders. These creatures are always on the frontline in some way. They will be found holding the line until more specialized groups can get on site to deal with the enemy. You can trust them on the field of battle, but never forget they are your buddies, not your friends or allies.
Creed: Remember our creed: To stand when others fall. To bring comfort to the innocent. To never let fear control our Fate.

Division Status: 1

Rank: Apprentice

Division: The Gatekeepers


This mysterious order predates the Accord, with a history running alongside that of the Council.

Division Status: 1

Rank: Apprentice

The Ties That Bind (Allies & Antagonists)

  • Bohiti- Charlotte is determined to be friends with it, even if it makes her want to grab a pitchfork occasionally.

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  • Charlotte escaped from a mental hospital, and is on the run.
  • Charlotte killed her entire family in a mysterious 'accident'.
  • Charlotte secretly runs an international network of spies and mercenaries- the janitor gig is just a cover story.
  • Charlotte has an unreasonable connection to her broom, and she will cry if it gets taken away

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  • "Responds poorly to authority and discipline, but nonetheless effective as counsel and scout. She is unsuited to paramilitary operations and should be retained for logistical use." The Dominus, in his personal dossier

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OOC Information

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Player: Amanda Plageman

MES Number: US2002023006

Location: Savannah, GA