Chastity Callentine

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General Info


Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Justin M.
Storyteller: Dan F.


The first thing most other vampires notice about Chastity is that she seems remarkably human. Her skin is flush, she's warm to the touch, even animals seem calm around her. It is almost too easy to mistake her for a living person and many kindred do upon meeting her for the first time. However anyone who gets to know her quickly realizes just how very much a vampire she is.

About the only thing that might seem out of place at first glance is her white hair which seems at least a bit odd on a woman who appears to be in her mid 20s. Those who know her know that in the past her hair was jet black but just over a decade ago her hair color changed, right around the time Dementation returned to clan Malkavian. The color change isn't something Chastity likes to talk about.

The other notable thing about her appearance is that Chastity is always seen in stark black and white clothing that is usually accented with polka dots. No one has every seen her wear anything that wasn't monochromatic, not even small accents of color.


ClanMalkavian white.png

Despite her surprisingly mortal seeming, Chastity is often very cold and calculating that is far more akin to the behavior of elder kindred than those her age. She rarely expresses any emotions unless it is socially expected that she do so and even then it is rarely a strong showing. It is only when she is interacting with mortals that she becomes expressive, but it flicks on like a switch as needed and she cuts it right back off once in the company of her fellow kindred.

Chastity is also notably obsessive and it seems obvious to most she suffers from some form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. She has been observed demonstrating various ritual behaviors from time to time such as checking her appearance in mirrors, counting and re-counting every kindred present at a gathering, rearranging misplaced or disorganized items, and the like.

Those who knew her before around 2002 remember her slightly differently. She use to have a very off-putting smile on her face most of the time and was far more driven and ruthless in her pursuit of those who may have wavering loyalty to the sect. Now her face is often a blank slate and she is far more sedate and methodical.


Within kindred society Chastity Callentine is known for being a staunch and traditional supporter of the sect. Her loyalty to the Camarilla is borderline fanatical. Prior to the early 2000s her reputation was for being a ruthless pursuer of criminals and heretics within the sect and it was rumored the secretive Ministry of Love was set to recruit her. However not long after she vanished from society for many months and returned a bit more sedate though no less manipulative or watchful.

Chastity has proven herself quite capable to many within the sect. Despite her youth she is treated as an ancilla. She has shown on many occasions she is every bit the peer of kindred who are three to four times her age.