Chattanooga, TN Masquerade

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The Ivory Tower

Chattanooga's Camarilla/Anarch Masquerade Venue
Domain Name: Rock City Torment
Domain Number: TN-015-D
Lead Venue Storyteller: [1]
Games Hosted On: Second Saturday of the month
Next Game: Please email for more information

Player Characters

The Chattanooga Court

Prince: Ellen Ash
Seneschal: Luke Bradason
Sheriff: Lucien Nocielli
Scourge: Ellana Enghalstal
Keeper of Elysium: Alexander Shaw
Master Harpy: Charlie of the Mask

The Primogen Council

Ventrue: Luke Bradason
Toreador: [[]]
Tremere: [[]]
Malkavian: [[]]
Brujah: [[]]
Gangrel: [[]]
Nosferatu: [[]]

Harpy Reports

Keep up with the Chattanooga Kindred by reading about our Gatherings:

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Other Chattanooga Kindred

An incomplete and wholly unofficial list...

If you would like to update this table with more accurate information, please do. If you're not sure how, contact Philip Booker.
Character Clan Status Title
Antonio Laurentis Brujah
Francisco Machado Brujah
Jeremiah Jackson Gangrel
Lee Sena Gangrel
Lucien Nocelli Brujah
Keeper of Elysium
Marcus Knight Toreador
Nicolas Van der Berg Nosferatu
Thomas Arrington IV Gangrel

Venue Style Sheet


Chattanooga has long been a bastion of the Ivory Tower, the gateway to the South, and a haven of those long weary from their endless nights. Though often surrounded in a storm of its enemies, Chattanooga has endured as the calm eye. Whispers of deals made with unspoken allies to bargain for the placid atmosphere amid the tempest are ushered when far beyond the reaches of the Elders of the city. For those of advanced years and potent blood, Chattanooga offers safety and security, with Salons of note throughout its time. For those Ancillae and Neonate who would seek patrons and prosperity, the Scenic City offers opportunities to discover. For those who would transgress the Camarilla and thwart the Traditions and protocols, it offers the assurance of torment and destruction.


Character Creation

Styles of Play

Action (Combat and challenges): 3
Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 4
Darkness (PC corruption): 3
Darkness (PC Death): 3
Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 4
Intrigue(Politics and negotiation): 5
Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 5
Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 4
Pace (How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve?): Moderate
Ratings Description:
1 Never present
2 Sometimes present
3 Often present
4 Usually present
5 Always present

Storytelling Mechanics

Elders should comprise no more than 40% of the city.


Proxy Rules

Standard Proxy rules apply. All proxy information should be given to the VST. Any individuals who wish to have characters proxied out of the Venue should also notify the VST. Characters proxied into the domain are under the purview of the VST until released.

Travel Risks

Normal travel risks apply, depending on current plots.

Positions in the City

Any character holding a pivotal position in the domain ICly, as determined by the VST, must be a member of the VSS.

Visiting Characters Guidelines

Any Characters that have High or greater approvals should send in their information at least 24 hours prior to games. Characters found to be unsuitable for the Venue will be denied or modified upon VST discretion.

Experience Award Guidelines

Experience will be awarded with consideration of addendum guidelines, subject to VST discretion. If individuals do not stay for at least 40% In Character, they will not receive XP for having participated at the game, but can perform downtimes. XP for game participation cannot be earned for more than one PC per game. Downtimes are not affected by this restriction.


Influence Growth