Chavali Boswell

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Chavali Boswell
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Name: Chavali Boswell
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Nosferatu
Acknowledged in the Domain of Boston

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Grandsire: Goodman Goring
Sire: Mr. Allen
Broodmate: Nicabar Boswell (deceased)
      Nephew: Mishka
Broodmate: Marisa Boyd
Childer: (none yet)

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      "I can save you, both of you," he said, his voice sounding raspy as usual but no less sincere. Our employer calmly stood in our warehouse with a couple of his bodyguards standing beside him. And while I considered what his words could mean several moments passed, and I could hear a volley of shells hit the ground in the distance. Finally my brother spoke.
      "And our family?" Nicabar asked.
      "Perhaps, but I make no promises there," he answered. "My offer is for the two of you."
      Nicabar and I looked at each other. We both knew we had no other alternatives. Perhaps we could come back for the others later. Perhaps they would survive through the end of the war. But Nicabar and I faced more than imprisonment if we were caught, and if we died tonight nothing could be done. "We accept," I said speaking for both of us.
      "Excellent!" our employer replied, his face breaking into a wide grin. It was the most emotion I had ever seen from the man. However it was more chilling than comforting. He made a small motion to his men, and they quickly moved forward and grabbed my brother and I.
      "What are you doing?!" Nicabar yelled, struggling against the burly man that held him. "You just said you would save us!"
      "Oh, but I am," the raspy reply came. "I'm saving you for all eternity." Then our employer moved forward and grabbed Nicabar, turning his head to the side and holding him tight. Inhuman fangs suddenly extended from his mouth and he latched onto Nicabar's neck. I saw a spray of blood fly out, and my brother cried out in pain. A moment later however his body went slack and an odd look of euphoria took over his face, which grew paler by the second.
      "Stop it!" I screamed. I struggled against the man that held me back but it did no good. His grip felt like steel against my arms. Another minute passed and then I saw my brother's lifeless body drop to the floor. "No!" I cried out, my voice cracking with sobs. Then I saw our employer, this creature, bend over my brother for a couple minutes before standing up again and turning to face me. Its mouth and chin were stained with blood - my brother's blood, and there wasn't an ounce of remorse in its eyes for what had just happened, only an inhuman hunger as it looked at me. And in those final moments I remember thinking that it was fitting that my brother and I die together. After all we had shared everything: our schooling, our friends, our business, and even our birthday.

Character Information


Player Name: Pamela B.
MES Number: US2014060061
Title: Domain Coordinator for Boston's Shattered Antiquities
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