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"When I dream…

"I see the scum and the filth: All of the sins I need to forgive myself for.
Every imperfection of this shell, mind, and soul: Each harmful act for which I must atone
I see shallowness: my weakness of heart
All the shadows, the eyeless faces, the black holes: of my fears".


Titles: None
Domain: Desert Rose Howling Death, Tombstone Arizona

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Character Information
Auspice: Wolf-Blooded
Tribe: None
City: Tombstone, Arizona.
Pack: None
Player: Josie R
Storyteller: [Neal; Tombstone Forsaken VST]

Notable Traits

  • Real Name: Chelsea Dianna Winters
  • Private Names known only by few: CC, Subject 27 or Big C
  • Age: Mid-late 20's. Born on April 1st
  • Wolf-Blooded 5
  • Height: 5'8
  • Hair: very long just past her bottom, jet Black.
  • Eyes: Grey.
  • Scent: Expensive Lavender perfume.
  • Weight: 9 stone 10 lb, has become toned and slimmer over the last year.
  • Stats: 36D-26-38
  • Skin Colour: Always has a full tan - natural now.
  • Dress Code: Top fashion labels, but recently more practical for the job at hand.
  • Family younger Sister of Anthony Winters.
  • To Note: Fame 1 - Rich society party girl. Single.

Friends & enemies


Chelsea grew up having everything a girl could need and more: A Pony, swimming pool, fencing classes, clay pigeon shoots, and teachers for anything she suddenly decided to take up as hobbies or that a socialite girl would need to succeed. Life, on paper, was perfect for the spoilt, daughter of the famous business man Mr Winters.

Daddy made his money in mergers and acquisitions in the international business markets. Chelsea became fluent in French and Spanish from her many holidays and also German and Mandarin from the business trips she attended with Daddy. When she could be bothered she would help out her Father by being his interpreter. Otherwise she dabbled in the fine arts and antiques circles for her ‘job’. She owns a small antique shop named "Inspiring Memories", but she is hardly ever there in person. She could make a good living at either career if she put more effort to them. Chelsea has little purpose in her life and is most famous in High Society for her life of parties, minor drug scandals or drink abuse and by being 'Daddy’s Girl'. Chelsea has had many boyfriends, some of the bad ruffian type, some just for her [Daddy's] money, some just totally boring, she has never married as yet.

Chelsea makes a bet with her 'Girls Socialite Group' down at the local Membership only golf course (that Daddy got her membership of). The bet is to find out who has the highest 'Royalty or Noble Ancestor' in their line. The one that does has to pay for the others to have a weekend spa trip. This bet was the start of the change of life to Chelsea though she didn’t know it at the time.

A while after finding out she was wolf-blooded and with difficulties at home she moved to make a fresh start in Tombstone.

Homes & business

  • Her childhood family home in Puerto Rico, but never goes there now. Winters Estate.


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  • She actually works .... Sometimes.
  • Her cooking is more dangerous than she is with a gun.


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From Her

  • "Do you know all those people... they seem... well they seem a little bit dangerous don't you think?
  • "So these Aliens come and take over people's bodies and turn them into fu*ked up animal creatures"
  • "No! Its the truth, the Alien tried to eat my head. I wasn't high god damn it".
  • "Jose, if it’s still you in there don’t you dare go die on me you fu*k. If you do, I’m sooo wearing pink to your funeral… and painting your walls pink too!"
  • "Lauren , is where I would be if I changed, so I'll try be a friend this time in case I need one in future".

About her

  • "In an odd sort sort of way, she reminds me of my daughter." - Rolf Adler
  • "She helped me when I was new and didn't know anything. So, she's pretty awesome." - Kris Cinder


Usually ic events hosted by Chelsea for social gatherings, ran on IRC ooc.



The Old Chelsea

The new Chelsea


Chelsea's Wardrobe & stuff Here.

OOC Information

Player: Josie R

WTG #: UK9702-0312

OOC Domain: Tradewinds online , England

Player Email: Josie R