Cheryl Taylor

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Changeling PC

Player: Christina Bryan
Character: Cheryl Adelaide Taylor
Seeming: Beast
Kith: True Friend / Weisse Frau
Court: Dawn
Freehold: Annapolis, MD
ST: Hannah Wallace


Character Information

Name: Cheryl Adelaide Taylor
Seeming: Beast
Kith: True Friend / Weisse Frau
Court: Dawn ••••
Title or Position: MD of Internal Medicine, Psychiatrist (Status 4: Medical), 'Doctor Kitty'


Italicized items are things that have changed as of April 2015

Mask: A pale Caucasian woman with fluffy, hard-to-tame platinum blond hair and pale blue eyes. Usually wears weak prescription glasses of some kind and white and pink clothes.

Mien: A barely not being pure white for her skin feline woman. Her hair is white and her ears point to a cat's growing obvious matching white fur. Her mouth curves ever so slightly and small white whiskers protrude from her brows and cheek. She also has a fluffy matching white tail.

Those She Knows

  • Ambrose - Antithesis of what she does. He's not a doctor... or at least one that she thinks should be.
  • Radix - Best. DJ. Ever.
  • Tommy - A fantastic soldier that's gone through hell twice.
  • Sahara - She wishes she was there for her... When it happened.
  • Doyle - She'll be nicer next time, she swears.
  • Puck - True Friend to the end, am I right?
  • John Vimes - Knight, protector, funny, he shouldn't have to burden everything alone. Boyfriend.
  • Bill Bishop - Fellow Dawn Courtier


  • 'Lucky Cat'
  • Jessica Alkirk - Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
  • Charlotte Dunois - Infinite Stratos



  • "You know how black cats are supposed to be bad luck? Complete opposite here. Though now I'm nervous to meet a black cat from the Dusk court!" - DJ Radix
  • "A fascinating Beast if I've ever seen one. Though, I still wonder what gifts that the Dawn have given her. If you should find out, let me know, I can pay in Goblin parts." - Professor Mercury
  • "Can be a little too gung-ho about protecting her comrades, but not too bad to have as one. You know, for a Dawn." - Frank Doyle Jr.
  • "Doctor kitty. Not sure what to make of that. It sounds adorable, though." - Tevye
  • "She doesn't just fight for people, she saves them too. I gotta admit, I wish I could do that." - John Vimes
  • "If you decided to become serious with Cheryl she isn't going to go into it like some naive little kid with stars in her eyes, she's a grown woman, a Doctor, and a member of Dawn, And let me tell you something us Dawn folks we know a thing or two about sacrifice, we don't get called martyrs by some people for nothing." - Bill