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History of Chicago

Since the founding of Fort Dearborn, when mortals started settling in the area, kindred soon followed. The first prince of the City, Prince Stone, reigned with an firm hand. Being unaligned he took no flack from the residents of the city. His method of rule was that rules were followed. If no rule existed...well. It wasn't his problem.

Following an "untimely demise", Prince Pritzker, more affectionately known as 'Mother Pritzker' took the reins of the city. She ruled with her own methods, frequently following a policy of Laisse Faire, allowing most kindred free reign of the city, within reason. Throughout her period of Prince she led the Kindred of Chicago into an era of prosperity. Mortal population boomed, kindred population followed. Mortals achieved great successes. Kindred followed. The White City shone for kine and kindred alike.

Mother Pritzker gradually grew older and lost interest in the residents of her city. She disappeared from the public eye, her haven mysteriously emptied. Charles Richmond took over, with the support of Alderman, Priscii Council, and residents of the city. His reign continued until January of 2014, when Charles chose to abdicate his position in favor of Joe Czalk, who peacefully succeeded him. In November 2014, after Joe Czalk disappeared, Bei Shi Tian peacefully took the office of Prince. After Bei Shi Tian's disappearance following a breach of the masquerade, Dominic Green peacefully took Praxis in March of 2016.

Court Officers


Dominic Green


Jack Patrick


Diane Grey


Ordo Dracul: Hal Fischer
Carthian: Enzo Russo
Invictus: Jean-Pierre Beauchamp
Circle of the Crone: <Absent>
Lancea Sanctum: Simon Patterson Gloveli

Priscii Council

Daeva: <Absent>
Gangrel: Vacant?
Mekhet: Lord Quinn
Nosferatu: <Absent>
Ventrue: Enzo Russo

Prince's Harpy

Simon Patterson Gloveli

Priscii Harpy





Daniel D. Lyons

Elysia of Chicago - (Master of Elysium)

The Adler Planetarium - (Damaged)
South Shore Cultural Center - Jack Patrick
Museum of Science and Industry - Hal Fischer
Cacophony - (Compromised)
The Illinois Museum of Surgical Science - (Vacant)

Areas of Chicago

North Side
South Side
The Loop
West Side

Public Record of Chicago's Districts
Map of Chicago's 77 Districts (The owners are not always up-to-date. Please see the Public Record above.)

Citizens of Chicago (City Status)

Note: Those in italics have been absent or inactive for at least six months.

The Carthian Movement


The Circle of the Crone


The Invictus


The Lancea Sanctum


The Ordo Dracul


The Unaligned












Excess and Defect

Open to Public Edits

A tribe of rabid kindred, called the Crow, surround the City. This makes travel rather difficult for the residents of the White City. They say they prefer it that way and could destroy the Crow if they ever choose to.

Are the Mekhet of this city even a real Clan? Or is that what they want you to think? Or not to think?

The Nosferatu, like Nosferatu everywhere, use the sewers as a mirror reflection of the city above. Charmingly enough, they have been heard to call it the Black City. Although, I wouldn't tell them that you know of it. They tend to be rather touchy.

The Ordo Dracul of Chicago is not a covenant; it is a suicide pact.

Rumor Has it...

(( Sometimes you just have to whisper to the Harpy...or share a shocking revelation.))