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History of Chicago

Chicago: The Second City. City of Big Shoulders. The Windy City. Chi-Town. Chicagoland. Beirut by the Lake, City in a Garden, Hog Butcher to the World. Chi-raq. The Third Coast. My Kind of Town.

…The Jewel of the Camarilla.

The great city of Chicago is known by many names. It has survived countless tragedies in the course of its 200+ years of settlement: epidemics, school fires, sunken boats, mass murderers, the Haymarket riots, Union battles, Council Wars, the Great Chicago Fire, and the ongoing gang warfare that has carved a blood red wound into the heart of the city, in one form or another, for almost a century.

The greatest tragedy, of course, has been the ruthless subjugation of Chicago under the heel of the hated Camarilla. For as long as the city has existed, the Camarilla has held dominion over it. They have repelled Crusades. They weathered the Blood Red Moon, when Lupines ravaged their Domain. Their house is built on lies, shot through with corruption, treachery, greed, and the bonds of slavery which no free Cainite would ever willingly accept. Their house is about to fall.

Beginning with the Final Death of Lodin in 1993, Chicago’s Camarilla went to war with itself, its members fighting like mad dogs over the right to call themselves “Prince”, so as to better enslave their fellows. In 1999, after the brutal destruction of many challengers for that coveted position, their internal war ended with the victory and re-ascension of the first Prince of Chicago; Maxwell of Clan Brujah. His reign has not been a quiet one. His brutal policies and the ruthless enforcement of his laws have driven many of the long term residents of that Domain to seek their fortunes elsewhere. On other fronts, it has eroded the loyalty of his own court. The Jewel of the Camarilla is tarnished, diminished, stumbling. Vulnerable.

You see, Maxwell has several traitors within his circle, and they wish to see him, along with the corrupt, decadent system of slavery that he represents, cast down and destroyed. Though he knows it not, the Prince of Chicago sups with the Sword of Caine.

Three months ago, careful, quiet word began traveling among Nomads and Cainites across the upper Midwest. “War is coming.” “Chicago is going to fall.” “The Cat is leading a Crusade.” “The Nomads are being called to war.”

This covert war will be commanded by the Gangrel Archbishop known only as The Cat. Persistent rumors whisper that The Cat is answering directly to the Prisci Council, if not to the Regent himself.

Since that time, your Cainite has received an invitation, through one method or another, to participate in the taking of Chicago. This is a new type of war for the Sabbat. It is not a typical Crusade. There will be no mass Embraces, no attacks on Elysium, no open violence in the streets. The Sabbat in Chicago will not fall like those in Savannah did. We will not break the Silence of the Blood. We will not attract mortal hunters. There will be surgical strikes used against strategically important targets, to take control of tactically valuable territories. The Sword of Caine will do all of these things without ever letting the Camarilla dogs know that we are here, until they feel our swords in their backs, our teeth in their throats.

The operation will commence by taking out the Camarilla’s blasphemous allies and business partners among the Independent Alliance, and turning their mortal operations over to the Order of St. Blaise, who are heading up all mortal interactions, as is their duty.

Individual packs and True Sabbat looking to join or form packs stand to gain great esteem and power within the Sword by participating in this righteous and holy crusade. PRAISE CAINE!!!

Known Elysia of Chicago

The Adler Planetarium

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Field Museum

The Sears Tower

Areas of Chicago

  • North Side
  • South Side
  • The Loop
  • West Side

The Clergy of Caine



  • Al-Hakam, Assamite Antitribu
  • Lazarus, Lasombra



  • Danni, Coyote Gangrel, Ductus of Darkest Before Dawn
  • Edward Stark, Lasombra, Ductus of (name to be determined 1)
  • Violet Beauregard, Malkavian Antitribu, Ductus of (name to be determined 2)
  • Sarge, Pander, Ductus of End of the Line


  • Kay Fury, Tzimisce, Ductus of Darkest Before Dawn
  • Appolion, Salubri Antitribu, Priest of (name to be determined 2)
  • Sarge, Pander, Acting Priest of End of the Line

Citizens of Chicago (By Faction)



The Order of St. Blaise

The Pander Movement

The Status Quo

The Ultra-Conservatives

The Inquisition


The Black Hand

Cainites of Chicago (By Clan or Bloodline)



Assamite Antitribu


Brujah Antitribu

Gangrel Antitribu

Harbingers of Skulls

Malkavian Antitribu

Nosferatu Antitribu


Ravnos Antitribu

Salubri Antitribu

Serpents of the Light

Toreador Antitribu

Tremere Antitribu

Ventrue Antitribu


Lies and Slanders (AKA Rumors)

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