Chickie Bratovich

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Sabbat PC

Player: Michelle Bickerton
Character: Chickie Bratovich
Clan: Tzimisce
Position: Ductus
Status: 3
Domain: San Juan, Puerto Rico
VST: Nycci Daniels


Character Information

Chickie's Sugar Lips
Chickie in her custom Bone Body Armor
Zombie Chickie

Name: Chickie Bratovich

Clan: Tzimisce


  • Initiated
  • Feared as Ductus of Tic Toc Dead
  • Enlightened on the Path of Power and the Inner Voice

Notable Traits

  • Generally appears to look like a child of roughly 13 years old.
  • Is known to constantly be eating sugared substances such as lolipops, candy canes, sweet-tarts, Pixie Strix, etc.

Title or Positon

  • Ductus of Tic Toc Dead

Tic Toc Dead Packmates


OOC Information

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Player: Michelle Bickerton

MES Number:

Player Location: Columbia, MO

PC Location: Puerto Rico