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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

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Character Information


Name: Chloe Pavlis
Clan: Toreador

  • Abiding - Confirmed, as Ancillae
  • Fleeting - Honorable (Jean-Pierre Durand, Prince of Waterloo)
  • Fleeting - Courteous (J.R. Forbes, Harpy)
  • Fleeting - Honorable (Prince Max "Fucking" Powers)
  • Fleeting - Favored (Clarence Charles Merrick)
  • Fleeting - Favored (James Harlan)

Title or Position: Lesser Harpy
Sire: Agapito Acosta (blood)
Childe: David Michaels (blood)
Sire: Rinadlo DeMedici (adopted)
Childe: Arya Nightengale (adopted)
Groups of Note:


  • 1898 : Embraced in NYC, NY (approved by VST, Matthew Junge,
  • 1898 - 1907 : Cleveland, OH (approved by DST Casey Hearn,
  • 1907 - 1921 : DeSoto, MO (approved by DST Peter Schmidt,
  • 1921 - 1940 : Bloomington, IN (pending approval)
  • 1940 - 1953 : Omaha, NE (approved by VST Rusty Bukoski,
  • 1953 - 2013 : Denver, CO (approval by VST Andrew Trujillo,
  • 2013 - current : Austin, TX

Appearing on the scene in Cleveland, OH in 1898, Chloe was never seen without the protective Zack Snyder at her side. Claiming to be newly released but her Sire dead, she remained quiet and obscure in the background. The two never got too invested or involved in a particular city, moving only after a decade or two. She is somewhat shy and watches others around her, inserting commentary only when it is seemingly appropriate. She favors grace and beauty and those that either of these qualities manifest from.

Chloe is known to be a former dancer, and prefers the ballet above any other style. She has not been seen dancing in many years, however.

Recently, Rinadlo DeMedici showed up on the scene to claim her as an adopted childe. Since that time, she has become more bold and ventured out in her endeavors.

Her adopted broodmate, Seamus, asked for assistance to help rebuild Austin from its issues with the Sabbat previously. Chloe saw this as an opportunity in disguise, and moved to the Austin area in July of 2013.

Cast of Characters

  • Rinadlo DeMedici - Toreador. Adopted Sire, she holds him in high regard and has been known to say "I owe him everything"
  • Agapito Acosta - Toreador. Long lost Sire, formerly known as Diego Espinoza. Reunited at the Toreador Halloween Ball of 2013. As Chloe had been adopted by the Medici, she could not be claimed by him or his lineage publicly , but they still acknowledge their blood ties and seek to explore them further.
  • Arya Nightengale - Toreador. Foundling childe she has taken under her wing. Adopted as her childe, 10/19/13
  • David Michaels - Toreador. First blood childe, embraced in San Francisco 2/23/14 under permission from Prince Occam
  • Zack Snyder - Brujah. Known companion of Chloe, protector, these two have been seen very closely together for over a century
  • Kendrick Seamus O'Shea - Toreador. Adopted broodmate, big brother type, and Toreador Primogen of Austin
  • J.D. Drake - Toreador. Adopted big brother. He is an enforcer and seems to be another protective force of Chloe
  • James Thorne - Toreador. Someone that she holds in high regard. Chloe doesn't talk about him often, but when she does, there is a bittersweet smile.
  • California Jack Thorne - Toreador. Paternal figure, she sees him as a gentleman and has been seen speaking regularly with him at gatherings they are both in attendance.
  • Occam - Toreador. Arrangement with him has made them partners in David Michael's accounting
  • John Ketwick - Ventrue. Harpy of Austin. She seems to have a genuine appreciation for Mr Ketwick and looks to him for future endeavors
  • Mr Chen - Tremere. Acupuncture? For Kindred? How interesting...Recently seen speaking with more and more in diplomatic dealings and conversations.
  • Jean-Pierre Durand - Ventrue. Prince of Austin. Chloe remains out of his notice, but has been said to have deep pride that he is her Prince.
  • Angelo Giovanni - Giovanni. In public, Chloe stated that she appreciates his manners and mannerisms
  • Candice Caine - Malkavian. Chloe had her palm read by her, and seemed shaken for weeks after
  • Cedric Wadsworth - Malkavian. Chloe gravitated towards him socially and has indicated she has a bit of business with him
  • Jack - Follower of Set. A Setite? My goodness! What a novelty!
  • Swagger - Nosferatu. One of the only Nosferatu she has been seen speaking to, but only a few moments at a time.
  • Charles - Nosferatu. Appalled and disgusted by his antics, not even her diplomacy hides her wariness.
  • Work in Progress


Chloe SOCON.jpg
  • "There is something about this whole story that does not fit. I bet she is not even a Toreador."
  • "What is she running from?"
  • "I heard that her Sire is actually alive! Why would she lie about that?"
  • "Have you noticed how Zack never leaves her side?"
  • "The shy and quiet bit is an act. Behind closed doors, she is as ruthless as they come."
  • "I heard she gets in good with hunters, and points them to the lower humanity vampires in exchange for her own skin."
  • "Is she really a dancer? Has anyone actually seen her dance?"
  • "I hear Diego Espinoza reviewed one of her dances poorly, and she wants revenge."
  • "I hear Chloe is actually Xavier's childe. That demure act is her way of lulling the city into a false sense of security."
  • "I heard that her foundling, Arya, was really part of a business arrangement. One where Chloe would prosper greatly if she were to find a husband for her adopted childe."
  • "Chloe is actually am estranged member of the Thorne family. Rumor has it a ruined love affair within the family left her heartbroken and turned away from the Thornes for many years. She was seen in close company with them recently in California. Is a reconciliation on the horizon?"
  • "Chloe is tired of the stagnation within the city, and has agreed to aid the Anarchs in their search for a home."
  • "I heard Chloe is a dancer alright...Have you ever heard of Burlesque? Her sire embraced her out of passion for her..."shows"...
  • (Insert your rumor here)


  • "Well, we don't have to trust them, we just have to talk to them." -Chloe, Prince's Symposium, Austin TX. August 2013
  • "If my Elder is hurt or dead without you even making inquiry, I will never forgive you." - Chloe Pavlis, October 2013
  • "If you had seen her, there on the stage. A vision of heaven itself that would make even the greatest of sinners repent, then you would not question why she was embraced nor why I have chosen to adopt her." - Rinadlo DeMedici
  • "Young Chloe reminds me of one of my own granddaughters. Light and fluffy, it seemed as though she could do no wrong." - Mr. Chen
  • "We Irish tell tales of the Changeling, a faerie child left fer one of our own. Me niece Chloe tis one of them, and we got the better deal." - Kendrick Seamus O'Shea
  • "Lay a hand on her, and I'll use that same hand to break your face...and every other bone in your body..." - Zack Snyder
  • "Chloe is a wonderful conversationalist. She reminds me of an old friend of mine from this area before...Nevermind, you don't want to hear about the former Prince. Anyhow, Chloe Pavlis has a subtle way about her that I find refreshing. She is a treasure of her clan." - Angelo
  • "Chloe is like one of the muses given physical form. Of which one I am not yet sure." - Henry Reuben
  • "Chloe is as gracious as they come. We could all learn a lot from her." Candice Caine
  • "My dear Chloe is someone I grow more fond of as the nights go by. There is no one who can match her PASSION. No one I tell you." - James Thorne
  • "To finally see her dance... it made me wish I still had breath, so that it could be taken from me." - Franziskus Winter, Elder Toreador Seneschal of Richmond, VA
  • "Pleasant company is becoming more and more rare a resource, such that it should not be undervalued. Ms. Pavlis is a gifted example of just such a resource." - Alonso Gutierrez, Elder Primogen of Richmond, Virginia
  • "Oi! If there's one lass I'd like to sit down and have a nice chat with, it'd have to be Chloe. I can count on about three fingers why she can't help but be tied up in conversations elsewhere. Her voice, the way she moves, and the fact that she always has something to keep her busy." - Swagger
  • "The lady cuts right through ta the heart of a thing. That kinda knifework gets her admiration from my family, that's fa fuckin' sure. 'Specially me." - Sybil Giovanni
  • "I so appreciate a Rose doing the thing they're supposed to do: exist in magnificence." - Nenette
  • "Chloe? Well, I reckon that if I'm a thorn of the Rose Clan, she'd rightly be one of the petals," - J.D. Drake
  • "The Red Lady shines. She's like looking at the moon through a garnet...Oh I like her but there's a crack in the gem somewhere..." - The Gambler
  • "She's got flair alright... I'm not yet sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing." - Johnny Shine
  • "If grace had an avatar, she would be Chloe, dancing through the chapters of our lives." - Master Harpy Johnston Ramsey (JR) Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "A lovely Rose. I do not know her, but I know her petals are red and her eyes deep. I only wonder about her interest..." - Harper Gray
  • "A beautiful tart clinging desperately to her humanity I see and yet, her returned gaze sees an at peace inhumane creature within me. It makes one wonder who she truly is and if she is truly free." - Achilles Hellgate
  • "Ms. Pavlis, A fine representation of all things Toreador." - Dexter Mara
  • "Behind the mask of the tool, she saw the man. How could I not succumb to such mercy?" - David Michaels
  • "She says that I cannot save them all, and she is right. But I wonder if she understands that doesn't change that I have to try." - Jackson Flynn
  • "The first time I met the dame she was still breathin' and seein' her the other night was like that song... Something about a wreaking ball." - James Harlan
  • "The Dance has changed. Is it for the better, I wonder?" -Angelo
  • "I have sized up countless beings in my travels... a rose made of steel has razor-sharp petals." - Marus
  • "I disgust her when I show up. As such, I always look forward to seeing her." Mason Dempsey
  • "I do believe if I approached the Lady Pavlis once more on my first night, my name would have ended up in her Harpy Report, and not to my liking." - Michael
  • "Chloe a conversationalist? I guess, if you would consider a master swordsman just a dancer." -- Speranza
  • She was very welcoming and nice she almost seemed bubbly too.-- Lilith Serenity
  • "The soft-spoken are often the ones we should heed the most." Miss Maggie
  • "A charmer, if she finds you useful." - Gus Carter
  • "The glorious excellence of Clan Toreador is apparent in many, but few so profoundly as Chole Pavlis. In her movements all, I suspect the trick is to watch the little motions and listen very closely for the change in tempo to see the spectacular. Oh, yes, I have also heard she is a sublime dancer." - Arden
  • "We see, don't we?" - Harper Gray
  • "Chloe? Oh she was indeed delightful company for the regrettably short time we have had the opportunity to share thus far. Fortunately there are an eternity of nights ahead and thus a million opportunities for us to get to know one another better. I sincerely look forward to it." - Gracciano Giovanni
  • "Were I inclined towards lust and passion, I would have courted her in a gentlemanly way." - The Broken



OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Erica Martinez
Storyteller: Lucas Clendennen

Player: Erica Martinez

MES Number: US2002021903