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"A question for a question, an answer for an answer. The game begins once more."

Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Anarch

Character Name: Chris Clark

Player Name: Aaron Van Dessel

Storyteller: Tim Clancy

Location: Boston, MA

Anarch Notes:

Chris has spent most of his Unlife with a mobile Anarch group to the North, where he made few lasting impressions. His speciality is conversations, information gathering, and calming people down through quick and efficient counseling.

With the loss of the Barony of Lawrence, the Connected status was removed.

He has reestablished the Barony of Lowell as the Advocate.

Chris has the Reputation:





and recently acquired the Abiding Status:


Unlife in Boston:

One of the newest Anarch members to the city, Chris Clark is a strange one. So far appearing in shorts and some sort of black shirt, its unclear if this is all he owns or if he simply doesn't care about dressing up. He usually has a laptop with him in a bag and a root beer in one hand. He arrived in Boston recently because "this is where my home is." Who sired him is a bit of a mystery and he has not discussed it, save that he was Embraced 15 years ago and he was quickly introduced to the Anarchs, notably one named Morgan. He has mentioned in conversation a few times that he "owes the Anarchs a great debt." Beyond that, no one has bothered to ask Chris about his past and he hasn't bothered to share it, save he was trained as a psychologist. He freely offers counseling and psychiatric help to those that suffer from mental issues.

As befitting his clan, Chris has a bit of a strangeness about him. He's always smiling unless things have gotten serious (and sometimes he smiles even then) but that is not what most people first pick up on. Almost every conversation with Chris begins with "A question for a question, an answer for an answer. The game begins again." Some Malkavians think their clan weakness is a curse, but Chris seems to think its something to be studied and worked upon. Scars may never be as good as real flesh, but they are great conversation starters.

In March, it was revealed his birth name is Nathan Canamela. See Ending the Harrowings below.

In April, Chris ended the Harrowings by Sacrificing is mortal brother, David, sealing away the demon responsible for his family's deaths.

In May, Chris claimed the Barony of Lowell, putting it under new management. He named Allen Gates and Malcolm Donovan as his Ambassador and Architect respectively.

Notable Events:

When the Barony of Lowell joined the 4th Empire, Advocate Clark gained the status of Sovereign, giving him equal status to a Camarilla Prince. This decision has been questioned among his fellow Anarchs, and it remains to be seen if his position as Advocate will be challenged.


Chris did something rather crazy when first introduced to the Court. When Prince Constance asked if he would kneel to her, he did. He also was told twice by Prince Constance to stop smiling. Finally, she is the only one he has had a conversation with that didn't begin with his usual mantra of "a question for a question." He's provided no justification for any of his actions and this has no doubt worsened the Anarch's view of him.

Chris was tangentially involved with the take down of the mortal scientist that was selling drugs made from vitae.

Chris also aided in assisting the Sabbat fledglings. He offered both counseling and the use of Mind Altering disciplines.

Chris assisted in the Negotiations to save three anarch lives from Biltmore in Danvers. He has been awarded Connected for his efforts. However, he now owes a blood boon to Elder Suriel. As per usual, Chris seems content with this.

Banishing the Harrowings

Combining research on the Demon in Lowell with the research into the cause of the Harrowing, it was revealed that the source of the Harrowing had started at Nathan's family home. To remove it, the living members of the household would have to be sacrificed. Chris had done research into his mortal family and knew all were dead, leaving him the last. He accepted the idea of death, moving to the outer dark to avoid the Devil's Week, as dying early could empower the demon. This would eventually prove to be false, as his younger brother had escaped due to Fae influence.

To end the Harrowings, it was eventually revealed that Nathan would have to sacrifice his brother, David Canamela, as he was the only one who loved David. While walking Elder Biltmore through his side of the ritual, Nathan sacrificed his younger brother with a Holy Kukri. He took some of his brother's ashes when he left, donned the Chris Clark mask/name, and walked away.


  • Chris gains something from questions and answers. Exactly what is unknown, but few Kindred are willing to play his game.
  • Chris will offer counseling to all who need it be they Cam, Anarch, Independent.
  • Chris fears the Sabbat more than anything else.
  • Chris has for some time been recognized as Baron of the Domain of Lowell.
  • (Feel free to add any you want. I wrote the first one because lord knows I've watched people's eyes turn calculating whenever he says his questions line.)


  • "Chris is an interesting cat. Don't know quite what to make of his Q & A game, but the lick can keep his head in a crisis. And since we're at crisis-point so often in Boston, that's all one can really ask. Also don't call him, "Your Grace" - he gets testy." -Malcolm Donovan


  • Chris keeps a tight lid on his Embrace and what he's been doing for the majority of his life. He's trained as a psychologist, but he hasn't mentioned anything about when or where (which, depending on the vampire, can be a huge deal. You look a psychology 50 years ago and ask if you'd prefer it over modern thought).
  • Primarily for storytellers, I should note that this is the biography for the alternate identity. The only real difference is his name, as the alt identity background is just for mortals. Still, it had to be noted.
  • His birth name is Nathan Canamela