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Accord PC

ThirdLantern.png Player: T Hansen
Creature Type: Human
Division: The Accord Corps of Engineers Scalpel
City: Boston, MA
VST: Scott C

Character Information

Name: Christopher Robinson

Creature Type: Human

Notable Traits:

Expensive Suits, Warm Smile, Icy Stare

A number of small surgical scars

Wears gloves at almost all times

Title or Positon:


Meister- The Third Lantern

Weide GmbH Pharma-Investment Corp.- Project Accord Contact


1983- Moves to Boston working security for Weide GmbH

2002- Assigned to “Project Accord”

2008- Joins A.C.E Scalpel

2012- Jan.- Albany NY- Participates in museum battle with History Inc.

2013- Aug- Manchester NH- Personal contact with CoUT “Pope” Felton

Known Associates

Eric Barrett


Danica Barrows

Eva Carlisle

Arthur Granby


AKA Twice-Spun

Agent Smith


-Fallen Associates-

Ugly Paris- Thrown into a volcano

Lupei- Scalpel head

Evangeline- Hero's Walk

John Benedict, SJ- Retired

Regina Harper- Langley Massacre


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Although Robinson appears in his mid 40s, sometimes he says things which imply he is older.

Weide GmbH is more than a bio-pharma company. This should be clear by the fact that Robinson claims the Accord "Project" is his job.

Robinson has met, and shaken the hand of, "Pope" Felton. It hasn't seemed to effect him, but ever since he's worn a glove over that hand and refused to let anyone examine it.

He did shoot that one Accordist who kicked him that time.

And he wrapped a van around Endless.


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"Mr. Robinson seems a most resourceful fellow. It is, therefore, unfortunate, albeit inevitable, that he dislikes me so." - Gladius

"A very effective team member! He exceeds expectations!" - Ted Nakano

"Sure, he's a Professional. A Professional what, though?" - Houston

OOC Information

Thankless job by Larbesta.jpg

Player: T Hansen

MES Number: US2002096583

Location: MA-003-D


Repo Man: Repo, the Genetic Opera

Kevin from StrexCorp: Welcome to Night Vale

Hands of Blue: Firefly

Other Characters:

Masquerade- Will Blake