Christopher Cooper

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Character Information

City:Santa Fe, NM
Player:Joe Thibodaux
Storyteller:James Bronaugh

Name: Christopher Cooper

Creature Type: Vampire

Current Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Position: Master Harpy

Standing: Acknowledged Member of the Camarilla; Prominent, Noble, Guardian, Elder, and Praised

Notable traits: His perpetually charming smile and impeccable style. He looks to be the cross between Mr Rogers, and an accountant. He is charming, warm, and approachable.

Publicly Known Information



  • He is in fact a Ravnos of some note, and an Elder.
  • Cooper started his career as a criminal, with his interests in smuggling, human trafficking, and weapons trade.
  • He is friends with many Ravnos across the globe. The only exception that is still alive is X. There is definitely bad blood there.
  • He actively associates with all kindred with social grace and has been known to punish those take advantage of his hospitality.
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  • He has contacts with Anarch Movement, Sabbat, and any Independent that he can gain an advantage over.
  • He currently runs an underworld organisation that smuggles anything for the right price across the Americas.
  • Waged a small war against the Camarilla early in his life as a vampire. This war was costly to both he and the Camarilla as many resources and men were wasted.
  • Christopher Cooper has been the lover and friend to many of the wealthy, and respectable kindred across the world. It is said he doesn't have a preference.
  • He has a fondness of beautiful women with beautiful voices. He will do anything if the music fits his mood.
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  • "There is an old proverb which all the world knows,Anything may be spoke, if 't be under the rose:Then now let us speak, whilst we are in the hint,Of the state of the land, and th' enormities in't."Goodman Goring
  • "He'd steal my heart if I let him. Chris is a scoundrel in every sense of the word, and I adore him." - Brigid Loxley
  • "Christopher has a very rare talent to embody entirely the ideals of our search for truth. Never have I been so unsure of if I am seeing him or if I am seeing the illusion." - Lazuli
  • "Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large - I contain multitudes." - Walt Whitman
  • "His way with words are sweeter than honey, but leaves a bitterness once you've tasted it. Addictive, seductive, a master of both crafting and shattering life's great illusion" - Meredith Sutton
  • "There is a point where one inhabits a falsehood and an illusion so long it becomes real and with a Ravnos it is often best to assume the illusion. Whether illusion or reality, Mssr Cooper has revealed himself to be a very useful gentleman." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "We met, briefly, and I must admit to being charmed. Yet I see as well that we may be too much alike to ever be more than cordial strangers." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "Oh Wolfie, you will be the death of me." - Fay
  • "Where we are from only the hungry thrive, Cooper is Lobo De Sangre. He is of the desert, a true predator." - Vitor Braga


Character Ties



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  • X - "Some insults cannot be made right."
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Out of Character Information

Camarilla Masquerade PC

Player: Joe Thibodaux
Membership Number: US2002022406
Location: Santa Fe, NM
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