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Requiem PC

Player: James Johnson
Clan: Ventrue ●●●●●
Covenant: Ordo Dracul ●●●●●
Domain: Charleston, SC ●●●●●
VST: Bryan N.

This Character is no longer of the this world. He has become more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Christopher title.png

Character Information

Name: Christopher Godfrey “The Silver Dragon”

Domain: Charleston, SC

Age: Unknown

Bloodline: Rumored Malkovian

Positions Ordo Dracul Primogen, Ventrue Lare of the South East, Priscus, Master of Elysium, Oracle of the South East (Ordo Only)

Notable Traits: Usually dressed in Silver and Black, Christopher is an Albino. His hair is a silvery grey/white.

On the Queen Mary

Known Information

Christopher’s past is a mystery to most. There are Kindred that claim to have seen him their first memories of night. Though is seems he didn’t really start making a name for himself till Paris, 1810. When the court was under attack from an unknown source and he helped with his considerable mortal influence. After the support of the Praxis of Paris he moved to the states and took on the job of Kingmaker. Princes or wannabes hired him to either help hold their Praxis or take another’s down. Perhaps his most famous act in this was his help in the taking of Los Angeles in 1900.

The Silver Dragon has been seen in many cities since but most know he calls Charleston, SC his home. Where he has helped the city prosper into a bastion of Kindred Society.

The Silver Dragon

Public Lineage

Sire: Unknown
Childe: Georgina Godfrey, Los Angeles, Califorina

Childe: Trever Gamble, of Charlotte, North Carolina (Deceased)

Sire and Childe

Known Only to Dragons

Sworn: Oracle of the Mysteries
Rank: Visionary
Areas of Study: Ley lines, Wyrm's nests, Kindred Social Science, Cadence, Crucibles
Methodology: Geomancy

Lengthy Title: The Most Commanding and Blessed Aetherial Visionary of the Penultimate Void, Which is Ever Untamed and Burning

Known Associates

Personal Quotes

  • “Boons are what hold our society together. Don’t forget that.”
  • "Georgina, darling, haven't we discussed your usage of modern technological terms is lost on me? Though after having my ghoul explain most of your missive to me, I'm sure I understand now. Do know it did not come easy, and it took many beatings short of his life to relay the information properly."
  • "Is the Lance Church like the Southern Colored Churches? Will I fall asleep?"
  • "This is the Crucible of the Dragon. Can you feel its scales upon your neck yet?"


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  • "I've heard it said that there are some souls that are split, cloned and sent into the world so that they have separate existences and experiences and yet have the same goals and ends. If it is true, perhaps the Silver Dragon and I are such a pair." - Joe Czalk
  • Let us consult with the Silver Dragon; what I am to alchemy he is to geomancy. It's that level of expertise we require right now." - Kai Hun
  • "Damn decent geomancer. What, you want more? Fine. One of the best ones I know." - Serafina
  • "His eyes hold the wisdom of melenia and he can stop a speeding car with just a glance." - Trever Gamble to Bellatrix
  • "He is rather busy for a date night." - Travor Gamble to Bellatrix who replies "Oh it doesn't take long to get me off!"
  • " Mr. Godfrey positions himself in the game very well. Most people haven't even realized they're playing." Ryan O'Connell
  • "Political considerations can get fucked right now. I have great faith the Silver Dragon can deal with any political and social ramifications of the Ordo choosing to leave the boat that is being attacked by two, not one, two fucking Kraken. All that smart, cunning, political talky talky stuff is what he DOES." - Grasshopper during the debacle in the Bahamas
  • "Our methods could not be more different. But while you scoff at how schismatic you might find two Dragons to be, just realize that we have the same goals, and we know how to cooperate. Is it beginning to sink in yet? When you cannot win a battle, the safest choice is to stand aside." -Ilya
  • "Christopher Godfrey holds his personal beliefs in the highest regards, which means he never got around to respecting yours. Truth be told, I can't stand the man, but you can't argue with results." - Conrad Crosswick


  • Is over 1,000 years old.
  • Wants the Ordo Dracul to rule all of Kindred Society.
  • Is a Diablerist.
  • Will do anything for the right price.
  • Wants to destroy Cadence.
  • Is Malkovian.
  • Don't ever make eye contact, you will be his if you do.
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OOC Info

Player: James Johnson

MES Number: US2002056000