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Accord PC

Player: Ryan Van Every
Creature Type: CHANGELING
Division: ACE
City: AMES, IA
VST: Ender Adams


Name: Christopher Stevens

Title: COO Technological Silexion Security & Engineering (Status 3)

Nickname: Hephaestus

Creature Type: Changeling

Notable Traits:

Changeling Titles or Positons: Thothite

Status: Accord - 1, Accord Corp of Engineers - 1


Mask: A 37-year-old COO. He dresses in shorts or khakis and a polo. He wears glasses and looks like your typical "nerdy" guy.

Mein: He appears smallish of stature. His hands appear to be mechanical with additional joints, and function incredibly well. Strange lines cover much of his skin. On closer inspection they appear to be blueprints. There are also scraps of metal protruding from his skin in various places. Upon his head is a hard hat with various gadgets and gizmos. It actually looks like it it part of his head. He carries what looks like a backpack on his back, but looking closer it is actually a mechanical spider riding upon his back.

Mantle: When his mantle flares, the smell of fresh, Spring air mixed with the metallic smell of a workshop is noticeable.


"If you can see a camera, he can see you. He sees everything."

"The car accident that took his parents was no accident."

"He travels via airship in the Hedge That airship can even cross over into the physical world."

"If you need something spun from the Hedge or would like a Token created he can do it. His craftsmanship is uncanny."


Name: Silex

Description: Silex appears as a mechanical spider about the size of a large dog. Silex functions primarily as an assistant to Hephaestus in his workshop.


Description: One of Hephaestus' prized possessions is his airship. Odonatoptera, as the scientific name suggests looks like a massive, mechanical dragonfly. If Hephaestus feels like an aesthetic change, the ship can appear as a futuristic spaceship in the Hedge as well. Few have actually seen this ship. Even fewer have had the honor of riding aboard it.

Mobility: Flight at Speed 12 (2 Dots)

Carrying Capacity: Pilot (also 2 Dots as above) and up to 6 additional passengers of Size 6 or less (3 & 4 Dots).

Materialization: Odonatoptera can manifest in the physical world. Its Mask makes it appear to be a larger personal transport helicopter (5 Dots).


Coming Soon.


Technological Silexion Security & Engineering

Description: Specializing in top-of-the-line digital security systems, digital coding and engineering projects of any kind, TecSil has become a recognized name in the Des Moines Metro and surrounding areas.

Clientele: Whether you're looking into city-wide traffic cameras, ATM security cameras, complete security systems for your business or you want to hire a firm to write some code or design any manner of devices, TecSil does it all.

Location: Located in the Downtown Metropolitan area of Des Moines, IA.



  • Nightmare Fuel - I saw him turn into a swarm of venomous spiders once. It scared the hell out of me!
  • Riley Stiggson - I think he'll make a good Cell Leader. Though on occasion he seems a little stern.
  • Nevyn - She knows her way around explosives. I'll give her that. I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end. The last time I saw her work, it looked like the 4th of July. Actually, it kind of was.
  • F1R3W@LL - We haven't actually met yet, but she gave me my ACE Badge.
  • Lupe - We've spoken through email, but never officially met.


  • Armitage - He's like me. He likes to Tinker and build things. I would say we've become friends.
  • Shepard - We just recently officially met. He certainly knows how to pick Goblin Fruit. We've become friends and we work really well together.
  • Badger - The first time I actually met him was during the events that transpired in Des Moines, IA in June 2014. He traveled with a couple of us to a Goblin Market. I can handle myself around Goblins and what they're dealing. I'm not sure, but I think I saw him change a Goblin's mind during a deal. I bet that if he and I worked together on some projects, nothing would match they're quality or functionality. While he seems to do his best work when "medicated," I prefer to keep my mind clear.

Do you wanna be my friend?


The Truth, obviously.


The Cult of the Perfecting Light


Marilyn St. Paul

Dimitry Schraeder

Captain Jess Remington

Cato Dragomir

Adam Calamity



He is a member of the Dragoons of Northern Iowa. He has finally been able to get away from work to meet with and assist them once or twice a month.

OOC Information

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Player: Ryan Van Every

MES Number: US2004061576

Titles: AVST NPCs Accord

Location: Des Moines, IA

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