Christopher Walker

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Celtic War Spear.jpg

Basic Information
Rank: Adren
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Sept: Spinning Spoke
City: Austin, TX

Known Associates


  • Came back to the Nation within the Sept of Austin, before they removed the Dragons.
  • Has been actively seeking lores and knowledge as well as trying to prove himself at a breakneck speed
  • Recently was seen amidst those in Alaska as well as Hong Kong. During Alaska he was able to survive because of the efforts of his fallen Packmate, Magnus Gunn. Hong Kong, he stood tall with Sabine, and carried the spear of his fallen packmate into that battle.

War Forged.jpg


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Nordic Warrior.jpg

Known Skills
Capable Fighter


  • Stands almost 7 feet tall.
  • Has a tuft of golden white hair now that he doesn't tie up or pull back with the rest of his hair.
  • Has the rune for 'Survivor' placed over his left eye.