Chuck Lee

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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sacramento, CA
Player: David Merriam
Storyteller: Ron Edens

Character Description

Chuck Lee Card.jpg

Name:Chuck Lee
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Embraced: 1790
Nicknames/Aliases: None
Notable Traits: White eagle feathers interspersed with his hair, a great big bushy beard
Status: Enforcer, Privileged (abididing, Sheriff), Loyal, Courageous (Awarded by Prince Ruhk)
Titles/Positions: Sheriff
Coteries/Societies: None

Information Known to Kindred Society

  • Ancilla only due to age, not generation. He's about 50 years too young to be considered an elder.
  • His animal feature is white bird feathers coming from his hair. He hides this frequently by wearing a hat, though he often also laces fake feathers so it looks like a peculiar "hippie" hair style and not a breach of the masquerade.
  • aside from the crown of hair and feathers, he's bald. A peculiar manifestation of the embrace.


Pard - Great Grandsire
Baron Thomas Feroux - Grandsire
The Wolf - Sire

Always interested in Childer. Contact if interested!


The following events may or may not be IC knowledge, but are no great secrets. This is not his full background.

1760 – Born on a small plantation in Virginia. Middle child of three children, he was less interested in high culture compared to his parents and family and preferred to spend time in the woods behind his plantation.
1775 – Enlisted in the Virginia militia at the age of 15 in hopes of defending his home from the British. Won over by the idea of independence.
1787 – Displeased with the state of affairs and how little of substance has truly changed since independence, he becomes a recluse, going deep into the wilderness and surviving off of the land, as far away from the government as possible.
1790 – Embraced by The Wolf
1800 – First encounter with a lupine. Survives because he was a small target compared to what they were hunting. Starts offering boons to other Gangrel to learn more about the lupines, most notably how to survive and how to avoid them. (OOC: If interested in having at one point gained a boon in backstory, contact me!)
Late 1840s – Travels to Sacramento region, following the gold rush and the new frontier.
1853 – Due to massive flooding in the city clearing the city of prey, accepts a minor boon from Armas to seek out friendlier climates until the city can repair itself. Heads to the mountains.
1860 – Returns to the city to help retake it from the Sabbat. Stays throughout the rebuilding this time to offer his aid in case the city falls again.
1883 – Uses his minor boon owed by Armas to sire a child from a Chinese hunter who was bitter over the Chinese Exclusion Act of the previous year.
1901 – Satisfied that the Sabbat are not likely returning after four decades, wanders off again.
1980 – Makes some small contacts among mortals in PETA, who then get him in contact with a cell of the Animal Liberation Front. Convinces them to work with him, establishing a small herd for the first time in his unlife.
2008 – In Southern California, meets with Dixon Richards. Learns the third level of potence from him for a minor boon. (Previous levels learned in undefined manner - contact if you would like this character tie!)


June - Returns to his old stomping grounds in Sacramento and claims primogen of Clan Gangrel
August - Seen as Courageous by Prince Ovan for his service in bringing down a blood hunted Ventrue.
September - Seen as Loyal by Prince Ovan for helping in the dispatching of the Collector
October - With Ruhk's claim to praxis, relinquishes the seat of Primogen to the Elder Gangrel, Walker, and claims the position of Sheriff.


  • "You have betrayed your own interests. You are a member of the Ivory Tower, and you serve it actively and nobly. I can guarantee you that at some point in the past you have had to make a choice between your interests and the interests of the Camarilla, and if you are the man I believe you to be, you would have chosen the Tower." - At the southwestern conclaive in Sonoma, July 2014.
  • "Look, I'm not saying you've gotta be slimy and sneaky about it, but you have to play the game. If you don't, the game will still play you." - On Politics in the Camarilla.

Opinions From Others

  • "When one encounters a predator in the wild it is always best to react not act. If you stop to admire its beauty, or wonder why it would bother with you instead of seeking more desirable prey, you are unlikely to survive. It is a good thing he has survival instincts because a Gangrel without instincts is like a Ventrue without servants - useless." - Aleistor Rukh



  • He's terrified of lupines, possibly because his sire has lupine blood in him and they haven't forgotten his betrayal.
  • He's older than he claims to be, but only chose to actively involve himself in the Camarilla a few hundred years ago.
  • Something more than simple wanderlust brought him back to Sacramento...
  • Stories tell of a group of soldiers on patrol in a mountain pass coming across 4 piles of ash around the remains of a campfire, each pile with a white eagle's feather sticking out of it. Some say this was the work of Chuck Lee.
  • Add some hearsay!

OOC Information

Player: David Merriam
I'm currently actively looking for childer and grandchilder - generally speaking the character should be from some kind of oppressed minority. Contact me if interested!

Character Inspiration

  • John Adams
  • Sea Shepherd (anti-whalers who are pretty crazy)
  • Benedict Arnold

Character Soundtrack

  • Billy Joel, "Shades of Grey"
  • Billy Joel, "Allentown"
  • Bruce Hornesby, "The Way it is"
  • 1776 (the musical), "Mama"
  • 1776 (the musical), "Cool Considerate Men"
  • 1776 (the musical), "Molasses to Rum to Slaves."
  • 1776 (the musical), "Is anybody there?"