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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player: Jennifer Marks
Storyteller: MES On-Line CA VST
Chyna's First fight as "The Sensational Suzy"
Chyna doing a tackle on one of her rivals
Chyna,as she looks today

Character Information

Name: Chyna Doll

Clan: Brujah

Sire: Unknown

Generation: 7th

Abiding Status: 3

  • Established
  • Confirmed
  • Privileged

Notable Traits:

  • She looks like a Human
  • Tremere don't like her for a reason
  • She can eat and drink like the best of them
  • People feel cold around her
  • She doesn't like certain foods (She won't tell)
  • Something is very eerie about her

Titles or Positions:

  • Elder

General Concept

"What can you say about me? I'm an ass and I LOVE IT!" would be the answer she would give most people. Chyna has had an unusual life, but she won't tell many people about it. She has been a barfly for most of her life, owing a bar here and there. She did jaunt out to try a little female wrestling, but that changed when the whole scheme changed and she went back to what she love to do, PARTY!. What she is doing these days, is building up her rep yet again. This time, she has built a bar on the beach near San Juan and has chosen to stay there to teach the Brujah Clan what their true purpose is. If she helps other clan on the side, more kudos points for her. However the Camarilla might think of the Brujah clan, Chyna is Brujah through and through.


  • 1738-1852: Embraced by a regular at a bar Chyna owned. Clarence Charles Merrick, being at the bar that night, saved Chyna from whatever fate this no body had plan for her and decided to teach her about the Kindred.
  • 1852-1910: Was brought under the tutelage of Reginald Puddle. He taught Chyna to be a Brujah's Brujah.
  • 1910-1940: Wander the eastern half of the US.
  • 1940-1963: Tried a go at Women's Professional Wrestling
  • 1963-1991: She won't tell what happened during this time.
  • 1991-2013: Returned to Richmond
  • 2013-Present: In San Jaun.


  • To Guillaume Montigny about a particular visiting Prince to San Juan "Dumbass"
  • "It was an interesting introduction, during that gala in San Juan. It's not often that I get an opportunity to tag-team educate." - Eileen Vargas


Fact or Fiction

  • Chyna's sire was a Sabbat
  • Chyna was a whore in her mortal life
  • Chyna inherited her father's bar in Richmond when she was 16.
  • Chyna's adopted sires are Clarence Charles Merrick and Reginald Puddle
  • Chyna had a romantic vacation with a Tzims, which turned up dead later
  • Chyna thinks Michael Temple is a Dumbass
  • Chyna thinks Kraken on crack.
  • Chyna thinks Genesis needs to leave the color scheme to a professional decorator.
  • Chyna thinks Lucien works too hard and needs to take a break at her bar


The "DUMBASS" List

The following list are a list of character who have shown not to be on the bright side of things. Thus Chyna has dubbed them as "Dumbasses"

  • Michael Temple - "Mr. Temple, not paying attention to the room and the area, had metion something on t

Looking for

  • Children
  • Past Lovers
  • Friends who she likes to spar against
  • Correspondences who she love to argue with, like the Scholars.

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OOC Information

Jennifer Marks

Jennifer Marks

Cam Number: US2002021178
Location: MES Online Game

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