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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Changeling NPC

Character: Ciar
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Shadowsoul
Court: Autumn
Freehold: Freehold of the Bitten Apple, NYC
VST: Abby Estes

Character Information

Name: Ciar

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Shadowsoul

Court: Autumn

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 4, Intimidation 9


  • Mask
A young man, early to mid 20s, with deep brown, almost black, hair and brown, intense eyes. He seems strangely thin, but that just adds to his attractive appeal. If he even deigns to look at a mortal, he looks down on them.
  • Mien
The young man’s hair is now jet black, but when light hits it in one way, it almost shows a reddish tinge, and in another way, brown. His eyes are black, with white rings, and the space right around them is full of shadows shifting and moving, as if they’re drawn into his eys. His clothing doesn’t seem to be put together with any sort of thought for high fashion, but it always works, and is always of a decent make. He wears a pendant of brass, with a Raven on one side and a celtic knot on the other, as well as a silver ring and jet black industrial through his left ear.
  • Mantle (Autumn Mantle 4)
Ciar’s Mantle seems to affect the shadows, where they deepen near him and shift themselves to be pointed at him, as if he’s a gravity well for them. Within that area, sound is also muted, and there’s a faint smell of decaying leaves.

Known History

Irish Autumn.jpg
Ciar returned to the mortal world and NYC in 1980 and promptly joined the Autumn Court. He worked for a number of years to get into the good graces of the reigning Autumn King, being a competent social animal. When the Autumn King passed in 1992, Ciar ascended, continuing the control of the Irish Fae over the Autumn Court of NYC.
Ciar has since controlled the Autumn Court, and the Bitten Apple in his season, witnessing a number of historical events in the Freehold.
  • Managed to keep the Bitten Apple from entering into a war with the Saintly Beasts and the Zoryas, though not without causing strife.


  • Ciar's sanity seems to be spiraling down the drain faster than flushing a toilet.
  • Carol seems to get awfully close to Ciar whenever they are together.
  • Ciar doesn't trust anyone. That's why he'll never be in a Motley.
  • Ciar has a True Fae lover, and so spurns the attentions of any other Lost.
  • Some say that Ciar keeps a dungeon in the Autumn Hollow specifically for dangerous Lost and True Fae, and everything within it, including the walls, ceiling, floors, door, chains, etc, is made of Cold Iron.
  • Ciar has been granted divine knowledge, and it has recently been expressing itself in his speaking in "tongues".
  • Ciar has been taken by his Keeper again, and resides in her embrace in Arcadia.
  • Ciar has become a Keeper himself, and will return to terrorize NYC in time.

Quotes by Ciar

  • I will do whatever is necessary, whatever is in my power, to protect this Freehold from the True Fae. We cannot shirk from this duty, and we cannot be selective in the manner of our protection.
  • Ní gá duit a thuiscint a bhfuil tú ag déileáil leis.

Quotes about Ciar

  • I cannot help but respect a being with a code of Honor, but ours is a conflict of semantics and methodology. - Jin
  • Y'know that Irish, Scottish, whateverish symbol Ciar always has all over the place? Does he have it tattooed anywhere? Nowhere visible? Whelp, I guess I have to find out. I'll take this one for the team guys, no worries. - Gris
  • Effective, but what he desires may not be what he truly wants. - Lachoros
  • One hot piece of ass. - Gris


The Matriarch

OOC Information


Location: NY-004-D, New York City, Children of the Lost Eden