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Character Information

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Birth Name: Cecilia Moore

Name: Cilia

Seeming: Darkling/Wizened

Kith: Mirrorskin/Woodwalker

Court: Dusk

Entitlement: Squires of the Broken Bough

Title: Squire, Martyr

Freehold: None

Quote: "The only difference between a lifeline and a noose is who's holding the other end."

Notable Traits: Dusk Mantle 4, Dual Kith, Perfect Stillness, Rigid Mask, Winter Goodwill 2


  • April 3rd, 1988 - born
  • October 22nd, 2000 - missing person report filled for her sister
  • September 2004 - taken to Arcadia
  • February 11th, 2011 - returned
  • November 2012 - inducted into the Squires of the Broken Bough by Samael Fey
  • June 2014 - assisted the Freehold of the New Eden in defeating the Dreamer of Perfection, Actor of the Architect
  • September 2014 - slew the Hedge Beast responsible for the death of Doc Holiday
  • January 2015 - assisted the forces of the Winter Market in destroying the main bastion of the Longest Night Motley in the East Central region
  • February 2015 - assisted the Freehold of Cincinnati in driving off Actors of the Victor and the Hunter

Known History: It's almost as if Cilia sprung from the Hedge overnight, blade in hand and Dusk mantle settling about her shoulders. She has traveled far and wide in the time since her return. She has passed through many freeholds only long enough to pay her respects to the reigning monarch and pass on. Sometimes she fights, other times she guides those who are lost, but she never stays long. Inevitably, the horizon calls to her once more. Once she has become comfortable with a group of people, she will tell them of her quest - she is looking for her sister, who has blue eyes like she used to. She has yet to find a lead.

She is known to have held durance under the Merchant, in the guise of the Lady of Dark Waters.

Character Description

Physical description

Mask: There's something about Cilia that strikes the viewer. She is not beautiful by any means; if anything, she appears homely, with her weathered, wrinkled skin. Slowly, you realize what it is: she appears asymmetrical. Her nose is too large for her face, one eye slightly more slanted than the other. Her left hand's fingers are long and thin while the right's are short and stubby. It's a subtle difference, only enough to make those around her uneasy. Otherwise, she looks like a young woman in her mid-twenties. She stands at 5'5" with a thin build. Her dark, brown hair is cut short in a messy shag. She would be remarkable only in her normality were it not for her mismatched eyes: the left is a deep blue, while the right is hazel-brown. Small scars mar the palms of both of her hands. She is almost never seen without a long, thin branch strapped to her side as if it were some important treasure.

Mien: Once her mien is visible, the reason for Cilia's unique appearance becomes apparent. It is not that she is asymmetrical, she's just made from many different parts. Her nose is obviously Grecian, while her right eye is almond-shaped and slanted, as though from a woman of Asian descent. Her left hand is from a delicate lady, but the right is calloused like a worker's. Each piece is separated from the others, like a jigsaw puzzle that doesn't quite fit. Next to all these parts, her left eye looks starkly artificial. Her skin is many different textures of bark, from rough pine to silvery birch. The varying pieces of her body are held together with vines and roots, like thread stitching together patches of cloth. To the Lost, the branch takes on its true form - a wickedly-sharp sword carved of wood with bloody cracks running down its length. Her clothes are always worn and dirty from the dust of the road. Dark shadows perpetually lurk under her eyes, and she looks like she hasn't slept in days.

Mantle: Mantles of equal and lesser strength fade close to Cilia; the bright flowers of a Spring mantle fade to thorn-apple blooms, moonflowers, and other plants that bloom at night. The heat of a Summer mantle is instead replaced with the drowsy warmth found at dusk. Autumn winds are overwritten by the sound of insects, and Winter chill is tempered by the silence of a snowy night. When she stands alone, the only sign of her mantle is the quiet, comfortable shadows that surround her. In darkness, they take on a brighter hue of the sky just past sunset.

Personality: Cilia comes off as distant, with her formal, stilted language. She is not overly-friendly and does not mince words. Many take this as reason to not talk with her, but she does not dislike conversation. She is given to short bursts of words, only enough to complete the task at hand, but she can easily be tempted into longer conversations. Those that get her talking realize that she is deeply philosophical; most of the time she has spent traveling alone was passed thinking on the nature of herself and the Lost. She enjoys philosophical conversations almost as much as sparring. Anyone that shows themselves as equal with her on either front earns her respect.

Pieces of the Whole

Sigel.png Sigel (Sun) - success, honor, victory, light

Eiwaz.png Eiwaz (Yew Tree) - protection, endurance, destruction, change

Laguz.png Laguz (Water) - dreams, mystery, the unknown, despair

Isa.png Isa (Ice) - challenge, stasis, frustration, pause

Ansuz.png Ansuz (Æsir) - wisdom, insight, reason, understanding

Fellow Travelers

Those Death Has Not Yet Claimed

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The Fallen and the Gone

  • Luke Raleigh, a Winter Knight who she could not sway from the path of self-destruction
  • Mary Annette, the poor girl Luke dragged down with him
  • Medic, a missing man to whom a debt was never paid
  • Castiel Winchester, the student who passed before the teacher


All rumors can be known to any Changeling PC; all are considered in-character.

  • "She walked up to the gates of Arcadia itself and demanded that the Merchant return her sister."
  • "That blue eye of hers? See how fake it is? I don't know where she picked up the whole "lost sister" thing, but there's no way anyone has eyes like that. Must just be how she broke."
  • "All that philosophizing is just a bunch of bullshit to cover up her own insecurities - don't call her on it, though. We all need our crutches."
  • "She's a magnet for misfortune, just like all Squires. It's not the trouble that brings her places - it's her that brings the trouble."
  • "She supposedly slew one of Them down on that island nation. The Architect, in His Own Realm! It must be a lie - no one can kill One of Them, right? Especially not on Their Own ground..."
  • "That Mantle's unnatural, the way it warps all others but those who are paragons of their Court. I don't know what kind of deal she made with whatever power that does that, but it can't be anything wholesome."
  • "Have you ever seen her in the mortal realm? No? That's because she never leaves the Hedge. Her Clarity's so low that it doesn't even bother her anymore."
  • "She caused trouble at the Winter Market and had to be thrown out - apparently, she thought she could bully buyers into using their purchases only how she thought fit. The market guards sure showed her."
  • "She traded away something important to get the secret that made her a Woodwalker - they say whatever turned her belonged to a Gentry. You notice how she hasn't been quite right since then?"
  • "She gave up her own Fate in order to be protected from Them - it was obviously a scam. If things were that easy, somebody would have figured it out by now."

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  • "So sad that a soul so noble must drown itself in darkness to live." - Sir Veritas
    • "Better than to burn away in the light."
  • "A true warrior that any general would love to command. No illusions of riches or glory, only life and death on the battlefield." - Luke Raleigh
    • "That is all that can be guaranteed."
  • "Hey, you're the second Squire I've met! You guys are incredible! And you know Tobias Creed? You're a-ok with me! Now for the love of all things good be careful!!" - DJ Radix
    • "Careful wins no battles; I will settle for victorious instead."
  • "...So, he pinched my butt and I hollered 'FIRE' like they say you should and punched him. But, well, he was a big bastard and the next thing I know he has me by the hair and he throws me to the briar wolves. She comes up out of nowhere and it was like a Hammer Horror Flick, I swear. That dress died a noble death, man. Anyhow, she did me a solid, I owe her my life and liberty, and that's why I will never do fan dances in Goblin Markets ever again." - Lilith Parsons
    • "Is - is that you ended up in that situation? I am... impressed is not the correct word. Surprised, perhaps? No - baffled; I believe that is it."
  • "When she told me she was a member of the Dusk Court, I marked her for the Dissection List. She remains there today, so, let me know if she falls in battle, I'll make it worth your while." - Professor Mercury
    • ". . ."
  • "A good grifter's gotta be able to spot a rube at a distance. Take one look at her and you know she isn't a person you'll be able to sting." - Ace of Cards
    • "A battle never fought is a battle won."
  • "I was all, like, shit, finally, someone with common sense. Was great talking to her, and then it hit me where I'd seen her before. When I was blind with rage and flinging myself at the bastard who kidnapped my motley, she was the person shouting at me not to be an idiot." - Arc
    • "Rage comes easy to Crimson courtiers. It falls to cooler heads to temper their anger; thus is balance kept."
  • "She's very intense, but not like the Summer Courtiers. She's on a whole new level of intense, like a dream that keeps repeating itself until it is dull and worn, but still no less striking." - Mikhael
    • "All dreams end someday. This one is no exception."

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