Cilice Hilt

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Changeling PC

Player: Your Name
Character: Cilice Hilt
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Skogsra
Court: Autumn
Freehold: N/A
VST: VST James Post

Character Information

Name: Cilice Hilt

Seeming: Darkling centerright

Kith: Skogsra

Court: Autumn centerright

Entitlement: The Scarecrow Ministry Title: Scarecrow Minister leftcenter


  • Mask: She looks like an average person dressed in just street clothes usually wearing jeans and a t-shirt with some kind of logo on it. She has dark brown hair shoulder length and a knitted hat. Her eyes do have scars over them as if she had some kind of chemicals splashed in her face. Her arms are riddled with full sleave tattoos that reach up over her back. It looks like a triabl tattoo mixed with smoke.
  • Mein: While she's a darkling she definitely takes more of the Skogsra being people of the forest. She basically looks like a large walking tree with a dark green grass dress. She has leaves that are growing out from under her clothes as well that create undershorts and tank top. Her ahir looks like Willow branches just drape down her head held on by a hat of leaves with a bright flower that blooms and closes with the sun rising and setting. The branches that grow out of her arms and right leg are naturally growing to better help her blend into the surroundings. If she stands still birds will even land on her mistaking her for a tree. Her "bark" has an intricate design that is swirlled with black that looks like a tree when it is burnt.

About Cilice

Cilice stays local to Chicago and hates traveling. It's easy to find where she woudl be just go to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and she's there. It looks like she's cataloging the tombstones. When she's not there she's in the Goblin Market where she runs her own pet shop of sorts. She's a specialty stall where you can buy any kind of animal: hedgebeast, mortal, or hob. Most of the time they will be trained, unless you want it not to be in which case she has a hefty supply of new creatures that she hasn't trained yet, or they simply can't be trained. On the weekends during th emorning hours she opens up her Zoo of Magic and Myth to show off her training skills and all types of creatures that she has found.


Garland HBC.jpg
    • She has two hedge beasts that follow her around. One is a large beastly wolf with an upside-down head of a human named Garland. He seems to be incapable of speech and only snarls and growls at anyone who comes near her. The other is a small black owl with three eyes who has a flowing very misty voice named Euka. She stays at a relatively far distance from Cilice, but she does seem to have some kind of foresight that she uses to aid Cilice.
    • Every once and a while she'll gain a third ally that seems to be much more hard core than her hedge beasts. This is usually some kind of mortal animal like a rat or bat that she will have in a cage.


  • She lives in Bachelor's Grove Cemetery so she's either really tough or she's just nuts
  • Her zoo that she has is a front for human trafficking. Real them in with exotic animals and they never come out.
  • That animal she carries with her in a cage is just a decoy animal. She forces it to sacrifice itself for her to make her escape.

OOC Information

Player: Abbey Kraus

MES Number: US2013060093

Location: Chicago, IL