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"Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction.


Name: Cinda Lynne Jacque Holstein

Creature Type: Kinfolk

Sept: Corinth

Born: 1985

Location of Origin: Akron, Ohio

Current Location: Akron, Ohio

Cinda's Business Card

Notable Traits: Her red hair parallels her outgoing and often challenging behavior

Titles: CPA; Juris Doctor; LLM; CFP


  • Cinda is a woman of 29 years but looks younger depending on dress.
  • She has pale, freckled skin in winter and a slight tan in summer.Beneath her curvy body shape lurks a mind that has devoted itself to the science of numbers.
  • Cinda prefers to wear cooler clothing. She's got the heavier things--Ohio isn't a tropical paradise, but spring, summer and fall all are most suitable to her.
  • Cinda has vivid red hair and unusual green-blue eyes. There are laugh lines around both her eyes and mouth--she has only one or two of the "worried" lines. She has obviously spent more time laughing than frowning.
  • She has around her neck a quartz necklace that she obtained from Silph. She rarely removes it
Cinda Serious Bun.jpg



  • Massive education geared to her CPA and Financial integration with the Garou-firm; she even attended a school specifically geared for the banking industry to understand best how to work with all areas of investment
  • She's meticulously aware of what's going on around her
  • She may not fight well with her hands, but she's great at getting the hell out of Dodge!
  • She's been trained in proper Garou etiquette
  • Violet's trained her to use a rifle; since she's obtained Sebastian's rifle, she's been practicing so she's good for the next invasion
  • Cinda can be both challenging and easily overwhelm people if she tries. She does this mostly in her career to maintain what's good for the firm's clients
  • She's quietly capable of researching; her ability to ferret out financial data is quite well
  • In order to understand business law, Cinda obtained her Juris Doctor
  • Cinda's been taught minor medicine from Violet
  • Her ability with a blade is limited, but she knows which way to aim the pointy end
  • She is able to wind her way through the inner areas of politics she she can deal with the various local ordinances
  • Cinda has learned from Eric how to sing actually since very well. Her favorite song is "Simple Man" by Shinedown


I am Cinda Holstein, Kin to Grandfather Thunder, Daughter of Razes the Gate of Raging Shadows Pack, granddaughter of One Handed Rage known as Jacquee Holstein Alpha of Raging Shadows Pack, granddaughter of Storms of War known as Sterling Ragland Alpha of Thundersky Pack, of the Sept of High Reaches."


Birthday: March 15, 1985 (29 years old) Waning Crescent (Theurge)

  • 1985: March 15th (Friday)--At 8:32:36pm, Cinda Lynne Jacque Holstein was born to Chelsea and Dwayne at the Akron City Hospital. She was named after both grandmothers (Lynne Ragland and Jacquee Holstein) in appeasement to keep peace in the family. Both of the Garou ladies were happy with the compromise; oth were alphas of their packs and the marriage of the kinfolk folk arranged a decade before Cinda's conception. Dwayne had changed by that time, and joined his mother's pack. Cinda was the bridge of both the packs. As a kinfolk she was raised with an understanding of her position in the Shadowlords. She grew up a bit spoiled sometimes though.
  • 1988, August 22nd (Wednesday)->1999--Cinda had her first day of school. Despite being told that she was special, she had been admonished repeatedly to not share that specialness with the other children. She was thought shy but precocious by the teacher at Ricks School for the gifted ( at the University of Akron. Her father and his mother had picked the school. She stayed with them until the end of her 8th grade.
  • 1999, August 25th (Wednesday)--Cinda was sent to Bishop Machebeuf Catholic High School. Her mother and her maternal grandmother were both Catholic. Despite Lynne's objection, this was one battle that Chelsea stood firm, backed by her mother Teresa. They both used the baptismal name Teresa after the saint, and had Cinda christened as well when she was newborn. She eventually took the name as well, and attended catechism classes until she graduated Ricks. With the high school being one of the top 50 Catholic schools in the nation, Dwayne didn't push too hard, nor did Jacquee. Cinda continued to get excellent grades and received a scholarship to the University of Akron Business school. Her goal was to become a CPA and then go beyond that into the financial world. With her intelligence, she was sure to pull what she planned off.
  • 2003, June 1 (Sunday)--High school graduation.
  • 2003, June 3 (Monday)--Started the University of Akron and her CPA degree.
  • 2007, April 29--Graduation from the University of Akron. She sat for her CPA and passed with high marks. She was hired into the Garou firm of Maloley, Simpson, and Latner Accountants. They pushed her to continue her education and she maneuvered her schedule to dual major with both the University with an MS in Finance and at the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado. ( She did not let on she was Garou to avoid local trouble.
  • 2011, April 24 (Sunday)--Graduated with her dual Masters. She continued working and went on to get her Juris Doctor to better work in the financial world. She was given a junior partnership, and reinvested her own income and her family's to build a nest egg for her father's pack. She graduated June 1st, 2013.

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Social Media

Friends and Enemies

  • Violet
  • Roxy
  • Harper
  • Tray

PC Soundtrack

  • Debussy: Le Mer


  • "Sie hartnäckige Mann." Arne heals all way, and sits on his homid ass while tasting his lollypop. He winks at Cinda.. "Ich bin ein 'du' für dich."

Non-Game Quotes


  • She is not as innocent as you think and has a particular high standard set by someone

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Looking to the future

Polyvore Outfit

Vehicle of Choice

2002 Volvo S60 in hunter green
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Character Inspirations

OOC Information

Garou Kin PC


Character Information
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Shadow Lords
City: Vieques,_Puerto_Rico
Pack: Unnamed
Player: Denise Lilly
Storyteller: VST Jennifer

Player: Denise Lilly Characters: Template Available Here
Domain: VIR-EC-D Accord Tabula_Rasa
Denise Lilly
Region: East Central Awakening Embeth
Position(s): Pending Changeling Pending
Pending Forsaken Pending
Pending Garou Cinda
Masquerade-Camarilla Annette
Masquerade-Sabbat Shay Dermett
Requiem Calliope

Player: Dee

ST: :P