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Awakening PC

Player: Allison Pell
Path: Thyrsus
Order: none
Legacy: none
Position: none
Consilium: none
City: Olympia
Cabal: none
VST: Rachel Holts

Cindi picture

Character Information

Name: Cindi Sin

Path: Thyrsus

Nimbus: A mild aura of sexual excitement surrounds her magic, often accompanied by drifting hints of floral scents.

Notable Traits:

  • She looks good, and acts like she knows it too. (striking looks 4)
  • Age 21, 5'10" tall. Light brown hair.



  • Anyone heard the rumor she was a stripper when she was found?
  • add your rumours here



  • "So making magic happen in front of people can kill me? Wow... Critics everywhere..."
  • " I'm Cindi. Uh, something something shaman, something ecstasy, something stone thing."


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OOC Information

Player: Allison Pell

MES Number: WT2016030002

Location: United Kingdom