Circe Lykos

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Character Information
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Black Furies
Breed: Homid
Pack: YMNG
Sept: Sept of Falling Anvils
Rank: Adren
Glory: •••
Honor: ••••• •
Wisdom: ••
Player: KT Faulkner
Storyteller: Steve Musal

Character Information

Name: Circe Lykos, Lady of the Scales

Auspice: Philodox

Tribe: Black Fury

Positions/Titles: Pack Beta

Renown: 6H / 3G / 2W

Sept: Sept of Falling Anvils

Pack: YMNG, dedicated to Twister

Pure Breed: Circe has the blood of Fury warriors. Her breeding is quite noticeable, if not overly remarkable. (3)

Homid Description: Circe is a dark-haired, wiry, Greek woman in her early thirties, with distinctive Fury markings and some burn scars along her arms and shoulders that disappear into whatever top she's wearing. The look she usually carries in her hazel eyes is inquisitive, and not unfriendly, but definitely assessing.

Lupus Description: In Lupus Circe is a medium-sized, powerful black wolf with silver markings along her muzzle and hackles. The extent of her burn scars can be fully seen in this form, the marring following down her chest to her belly, and heavily on her front legs. Her gaze still carries the same thoughtful, attentive, quality. She is definitely a watcher.

Crinos Description: Circe's warform is black and silver and just as fire-scarred as her others. She is a wiry beast, moving with surprising quickness, and in this form can usually be seen carrying her Fetish bow and quiver.



  • "I hear that Circe hunts Ratkin every chance she gets. I wonder why that is..."
  • "Circe hates the word circle."

OOC Information

Player: Katie "KT" Faulkner

MES Number: US2002021288

Location: Denver, CO