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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Clé (pronounced Clay) is the product of Paris in the 18th Century. She is very French, loves her hand fans, and knows in her feather light soul that the Camarilla is the cornerstone of a perfect utopia. Enamored with virtue and humanity, Clé believes she is a very good person and constantly strives toward achieving the perfect balance of Prudence, Justice, Temperance, and Courage. She is well aware that all beauty comes from within and that it is only a matter of revealing it to the world. In Clé's tender, loving hands you too can be the very best and beautiful you.

While Clé is applauded for her sculptures, she is best known for chiseling away the blackened bits of kindred souls so that their humanity can shine. She has assisted a number of prestigious names, but her discretion is afforded to those who wish to keep her aid a private affair. As one of the more cheery and optimistic Elders, she’s always glad when younger kindred speak with her. It also results in the perfect opportunity to impart her philosophy of existence before their condition gets the best of them.

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature." - Marcus Aurelius


House Von Daun and The Camarilla

Among the Toreador, House Von Daun stands as one of the clan’s most illustrious lineages. Though its beginnings harken back a millennia, House Von Daun was formalized in the late 19th century. The ever-elegant Viveka Josephina Von Daun reigns as the Matriarch while her brothers’ acumen further the pursuits of the line. Many of the House begin as Artistes, but eventually mature into their station as Connoisseurs.

Clé’s path has been no different. Her art originated with modelling when she discovered the joy of feeling earth move by the will of her hands. Casting then took hold of her fascination when she realized these sculptures could be set to endure the ages. But it was an unlikely adventure in carving that set her soul alight. The act of revealing the beauty in what God had made was a spiritual experience that stayed with her always. This is also the inspiration for her work with the Camarilla.

Von Daun Coat of Arms

Lineage: Haus Von Daun
Sire: Viveka Josephina Von Daun
Broodmates: Alistair FitzWilliam
Childer: Michael Cristos and Estelle Rousseau
Grandchilder: Toby Dior

Ghoul: Charlotte Deloncre

Status: Acknowledged
Confirmed, Established and Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla
Noble, Guardian and Established as Toreador Clan Head
Favored by Rafael de Corazon
Favored by Morgaine de St.Clair
Loyal by Alex Shelly
Praised by Rafael de Corazon

The Ivory Tower is a glorious beacon of hope for those who seek to create a perfect utopian society. Like Plato’s The Republic and Thomas More’s Utopia, Rafael de Corazon’s Camarilla is a hallmark achievement. While Clé places her faith in God, the Camarilla has her steadfast fidelity. She knows it will take stones forged from humanity’s great virtues to make the dream of the Ivory Tower a reality. Of course these building blocks are the Kindred who make up the Society. Thus, they must be reminded to always connect to their feelings of love, kindness, hope and humor while pursuing just causes with bravery, integrity and fair-mindedness. For those who stray too far from the ideal, there is Clé to help remind them. Just as she has carved away nature’s blemishes to reveal divine beauty, so too does she chip away at cold hearts and bloodthirsty desires. The most extreme cases are taken on as her personal mission to be rehabilitated. Any she has worked with are offered invitation to reconnect to their virtue in the pastoral bliss of her exceptionally well-maintained plantation.

“He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of life.” - Alexandre Dumas

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Rachel Geist
Storyteller: Austin VTM VST

Friends, Lovers, and Projects

Cultural Attaché Program

  • For more information about the Cultural Attachés to the Office of the Toreador Clan Head click here

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  • "There is no greater ally and friend than my dear Clé. She manifests such sweetness and goodwill, it is like an orgy: You just want to strip yourself bare, dive into the thick of it, and relish the orgasmic waves of well-being." -Nenette
  • "Too often innocence is confused with an absence of experience. A babe is considered innocent, yet it enters the world without morals, without ethics, it is simply awash with confusion and a desire to consume. This is not innocence. Innocence is a manifestation of choice and determination, innocence is the desire to perceive reality in specific set of ways and react to it within a distinct paradigm. Innocence is an act of will, nothing more... nothing less." - An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "She is my hope. Consider, before you continue to speak on her, two things. In the first, consider the gravity of such sentiment coming from a creature such as myself. In the second, consider what sort of response a man tends to have when his hope is maligned or taken from him. Now--you were saying?" - Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "I would commit murder for Clé, but luckily, it has never been necessary. Her enemies seem to run into flying chairs on their own." - Orenna Komnenos, The Black
  • "My dear niece is the very model of a good and decent citizen of the Camarilla. She sculpts civility, speaks truth, and bleeds hope. For villains such as myself it's all rather nauseating." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "In this world, where so many of our kind choose wickedness, she is light, and turns herself upon every soul she encounters. A keeper of decorum and compassion both." - Ligeia Loxley
  • "I knew Clé when she was very young. They were years when time was standing still for a little while. I don't think it is possible to recreate the beauty of those long years of summer. Time has passed for all of us and Clé has grown up. She has lost a little of what made that time so remarkable, but innocence for all of us can only last so long." - Lazuli
  • "To steal even a few more moments in the presence of Clé is to truly enjoy existence again! She can be such a joy. And then Mr. Chapel came around." - Istral
  • "Every night has its dawn." - Equinox
  • "Clé deMontes appears to be untouched by entropy. Rarely does one find a kindred of so many years with so much mirth about her." - Edward Salazar
  • "If ever I've a mind to get an ego about me, Clé is sure to put an end to it. I can always rely on her to tell me the truth even when I don't want to hear it. Often, that is when you need an honest reflection the most. It's infuriating, but there is no end to the respect I feel for her." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "My Daughter, my pride and joy, my greatest success. God blessed her embrace, and she remains everything that is good within the Tower. Woe to he who makes her fall, for he will learn why the white roses stand on a black field." - Viveka Josephina Von Daun
  • "Madame deMontes? Oh, very charming and engaging. You can tell she really wants to be helpful." - Lionel Cross
  • "I gave her a CD and after she lost it she asked for another! I'm so excited she likes my music and I'm going to keep her in the loop on everything I make!" - Lydia Brooks
  • "Clé is a constant reminder that the search for Humanity does not necessarily make the Kindred in question good or kind. Underestimate her at your peril." - Kristian Vasa
  • "Madame deMontes is the most generous of benefactors. Kind, passionate, and an inspiration to all younger artists in this darkening world." - Charlotte Deloncre
  • "My dearest friend is everything that I am not. It is well that there are such profound contrasts in this world, otherwise existence would be frightfully dull." - Izar San Martin
  • "Cle, Perfection. Sometimes when I read a letter, I hear tone, pauses, even gravity within the words written. I like to think this is the quality of the piece rather than any feverish imaginings. I could hear the crisp well handed twapp of the primogens ass hitting the floor. Somethings are of beauty and some of scorn. Rarely both." - Simon Striga
  • "Each of the Pillars has a duty to the rest, the Rose's burden being chief among them all: to bind us to the virtues of Humanity which are the heart of the Tower itself; Mademoiselle deMontes' skill in this regard is unmatched, for each honeyed word that echoes from her lips and moment I spend in the presence of her aching beauty brings me closer to the man I ought to be. " - Benjamin Sharp
  • "I believe that Madame deMontes finds my presence unsettling. C'est la vie... if you will pardon my terrible French." - Karl Richter
  • "A witty sort, and fiery too. I do believe that I like her..." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "It is in the darkness where one finds light. In the sorrows of the weak, they can find deMontes surrounded by dark creatures. However, there will come a night where she cannot find a light in her own desperations, and we will be there waiting." -Constance Fournier
  • "My Darling Cousin is nothing less than the savior of the Ivory Tower itself. She scoops up the worst of the fallen among us with the most tender hand, and rights the balance with education and reformation. That alone should be reason enough to cause terror at her presence - she fears no beast in this noble work, nor has she ever... and yet here she stands fresh as the dew at dawn on the delicate petals of a June rose centuries later. How does one explain that, I ask you?" -Sofie Renner
  • "She feasts on melancholy! How sad! But, I suppose she seems happy with that." - Annie Case
  • "Amidst the playground of my imagination, frolics many a carefree thought - chief among them this evening? To mask a coquettish visage, clutched in delicate, porcelain fingers, what life might be like as a hand fan? Perhaps I was smitten... " - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "Grandmother and I are both fastidious about cleanliness. While she is the silver polish for the soul, I am the bleach for the Masquerade." - Toby Dior
  • "Not actually what I expected. I'd have been better prepared with better doggerel had I known." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "Such beauty. One is disconcerted. But not unpleasantly so." - Mazhar
  • "I never imagined that Clé and I would get along so famously; myself being a brute, and her being so... delicate. She is fierce and brave in her own way though, so I would be careful not to provoke her. Clé has friends in low places, if you catch my drift." - Marus
  • "I have seen this one filled with passion, chasing inspiration, and fueling her love of the dramatic; these things are not unexpected. However, if one were to look more closely, beneath the well-crafted mask of innocence and pleasant company what would they find? Perhaps time will reveal this mystery to those who remain..." - Ammarah
  • "It is rare to find an Elder who displays such joie de vivre so openly. Lady Clé seems determined to find beauty in the world around her and one can not help but be charmed by the sheer vibrancy of her personality." - Magdalene Lys
  • "Il n'y a que le premier pas qui coûte, c'est ce qu'elle a toujours dit. On ne peut imaginer à quel point j'ai déçu de cette femme." - Matthieu Charpentier
  • "She's either bored, ballsy, or stupid. Either way, she'd make a decent Anarch. I should probably get around to paying that debt..." - Flynn
  • "In Ovid's Ars Amatoria, he explains to compliment the intelligent on their beauty and the beautiful on their intellect. I may need a new text book because there is no guidance if a lady is both." - Donovan Dunsirn
  • "An enthusiastic and joyful girl with eternal youth. Leibniz would have and a wonderful time speaking with her... I wonder if she ever did." - Lorenzo Alfieri
  • "I'm in a house...with who?" .... "Tiny Tim? Fuck, yeah. Lemme go buy a crutch or something. Is that the one who says please sir can I have some more? No? Ah, shit whatever." - Eric Guard
  • "I'm unsure of her other hobbies, but she drinks with purpose. If any of her other proclivities are a shadow of that, she is truly a woman to be reckoned with." - Citadel
  • "My stunning, fragile, melancholy, deeply-faceted cousin. I do love it when she's brought up in conversation; watching people so confidently express the shallowness of their own perceptions is a vicious joy of mine." - Benedict
  • "She's kinda like a rainbow highlighter that shows up on black paper; striking and disturbing at the same time. I ain't fooled, though. There's fangs behind that pretty smile.." - Lexi
  • "She is as dangerous with a chair as I am with my paintbrushes. Take that as you will." - Spencer
  • "It's like jumping into the deep end of the shark pool with her sometimes. She seems to like me though, dunno why." - Eric Guard
  • "Don't get me wrong, I love women in these modern nights, they're fun and all, but they don't know how to leave things to the imagination. With Ms. deMontes my imagination can run as wild and as free as I want..." - Auggie Giovanni
  • "She and I are opposites. She strives to hold on to humanity while I run with wild animals. And yet, I cannot help but smile when I hear that thick accent of hers cross a crowded room." - Alex Shelly
  • "Lady deMontes, is a beautiful bloomed rose in the moonlight. She gives me hope that the Kindred of the world, despite all the travesties, will enter a utopia and come together and help one another." -Blayne Ashbury
  • "The more I speak with her, the more I realize exactly how needlessly embittered some in my family are and were, and exactly how long and far I'm going to have to go to erase that stain. Even with her conviviality and welcoming demeanor, I can't help but feel woefully inadequate." -Scarlett Thorne
  • "A Lady of rare courage. Few who face threat to life and limb on the regular would ever exhibit so much strength of character as the Toreador who performs in front of Princes and Archons in an art other than that to which they have been chosen." -Prince Serafin
  • "The thing I have come to learn about Lady Clé is that you either love her or you hate her. Those that love her see the goodness and the purity that the Ivory Tower, forever may she stand, should represent. Those that hate her... Well, I pity you and your bleak existence." - Matthew Alright
  • "She showed up to, my town, Las Vegas with a bunch of strange men, hung out with them in private rooms, and then left. I don't f*cking bother to ask anymore." - Diego Montana Hidalgo de Cadiz-Giovanni
  • "I was *so* prepared to hate her, but then she had to go and throw the best damn party I've been to in years. For that alone she would have my respect, but she takes care of the Garden with skill and aplomb besides. Wonders never cease, apparently." - Rafael Hernandez
  • "She inspires everyone around her, whether they possess talent or no. I suppose that is how you find the brightest roses in the garden: You encourage them all to bloom." - Calvin Ames
  • "She's precious, really. In all these gatherings, filled with dour faces... at least, at least there is Clé." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "That a proper Painted Lady, a lovely Vanessa, might sully her gossamer for a wretch speaks of sympathy once untold. One only fears that, as the wive's tales say, the grit and grime from the touch might render her unable to fly." - La Gris Unfortunate
  • "When others whispered and remained distant, the Lady approached and spoke. She strives for the most honorable of ends, improving our society by encouraging each member of the Tower to achieve the excellence inherent within. Being in her presence makes me aspire to be a better version of myself. Perhaps, with time and effort, I can exceed her expectations." - Midas Madison
  • "We first circled each other like sharks. I could smell the tension when our eyes met. When we finally interacted, it was like a storm, but subtle enough that only the very astute would notice. I knew I would enjoy our dance as I could see danger in her smallest of movements." - Angelo
  • "She cannot stand me, and that makes me cherish every moment we spend together." - Prince Serafin
  • "..." - Anonymous
  • "I've never seen a toreador turn so red! Her anger is.." He sighs, "Delicious." - Angelo
  • "Ironic, really. I've castigated any number of people for underestimating her. And now I come to realize that I myself deserve it near as much." - Benedict
  • "Grace, beauty, and a wit of fire." - Isabelle Marie
  • "All I had was an introduction and a few words, but that was enough to know I would enjoy more." - Amos Locke
  • "Senora deMontes is a woman of great beauty, poise, and grace." - Alandra Isidora DelGado
  • "Now, she is an absolute doll. And did you see her headdress? The snakes? The sparkles? I can see many future discussions, on many topics." - Jupiter Lotis
  • "Who?..." - Guillaume de'Marianne
  • "She showed me a new way to tell one's fortune. For that I am grateful" - Alta Devereux
  • "Her compassion for others stands in sharp contrast to her rose tinted memories of plantation life. I hope to discover that the compassionate half is the real Cle deMontes." - Hugo
  • "If you're lucky, she will decide you're worthy of being molded. Some might view this as the worst of luck, as she is quite gifted at breaking one's spirit on the potter's wheel of her judgment. Yes I'm using sculpture metaphors, what else did you expect?" - Jayne Joyce
  • "She is as skilled a dancer as she is a musician! Ever a surprise around every corner!" - Jeannie
  • "I am very impressed by her - not many would throw themselves to the wolves - and I think we are very lucky to have her in Austin." - Luther Lannick
  • "The brightest roses have the sharpest thorns." - Ethan Sullivan

How Very European by Anastasia Mars

...feel free to add rumors...

  • Her class and style set the trends in several domains she once called home.
  • Clé's handfans whisper to her the secret desires of others.
  • She is in the midst of collecting a set of lovers - one from each pillar clan.
  • Clé is conducting a not-so-secret personal Jyhad against her uncle.
  • Clé deMontes is not nearly as innocent as she appears. It is all a carefully constructed veneer to prevent her from being suspected as the author of her clandestine actions.
  • Innocent? She has them all fooled.
  • Her Cultural Attaché program actually turns young ladies into ninja assassins.
  • "Building bridges" with the Giovanni is just a euphemism.


OOC Information

Player: Rachel Geist

MES Number: US2005063548

Location: Austin, TX

VST: Austin C/A VST

Other PCs: Cora Kirkwood, Juniper, Hilde Rekkstrum