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Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla
Noble as Seneschal of Austin
Loyal by Clan Head Foster
Favored by Gabriel Tennyson

When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.
C.S. Lewis

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1600's – Born to bourgeoisie parents in Paris, France.
1600's – Family dies and she becomes a ward of the Church.
1645 – Becomes the ghoul of Sister Valentina.
1645-1652 – Works as a personal servant to the child-king Louis XIV.
1652 – Embraced by Sister Valentina and presented to the Prince of Paris.
1789-1795 – Infiltrates the movers of the French Revolution.
1915-1925 – Voluntary torpor, Paris.
1940-44 – Supports the French Resistance as a spy and saboteur.
1998-2014 - Voluntary torpor, Paris.
2014 - Relocates to Austin, TX.

Drawing of Claire of Paris by Abby Howard

Claire is an orphan – her parents died in the fire that disfigured her when she was 6 years old, and her sire disappeared without a trace a hundred years ago. Claire is by turns a pickpocket, a beggar, an innocent child, a fly on the wall, or a feral animal – depending on opportunities for profit and the proximity of danger.

Claire is fiercely loyal to the Nosferatu, but her nightly drive is to protect the vulnerable – particularly mortal children – from the kind of pain and fear she’s experienced. Throughout the wars and revolutions of her native France, she has used every opportunity to keep the poorest children of Paris safe and to help them achieve the justice or vengeance owed to their abusers. She’s also used the tumultuous movements of French society to advance her own interests, contributing to the people’s movements in order to tap into their large information networks.

In modern nights, Claire has struggled to keep up with the pace of technological change. As a Nosferatu, she knows that the digital revolution is a powerful tool, but having waited too long to adapt to new devices, she ultimately fell hopelessly behind. Burying herself with the hoarded treasures of a life of larceny, she put herself into torpor waiting for the fad to pass. However, the rapid modernization of Paris leads a Kindred excavation to her doorstep, forcing her back out into the world...

Les Autres.png
Les Valentinians.png

Sire - Sister Valentina
Broodmate - Hemlock
Broodmate - Wilhelm Jager
Niece - Serena Montgomery
Childe - Guillaume de'Marianne

Les Ennemis.png

Abusers of children

Les Rumeurs.png
  • Claire's hovel is decorated with the creatively taxidermied corpses of dead animals
  • Claire made her early fortunes by supplying fat from mass graves to the candle-makers' guild
  • Claire was scared off from Kindred society for decades after being humiliated by a Ventrue
  • Claire is just a swarm of rats in a hoodie
  • [Add your own]
Les Commentaires.png
  • "I can tell you what happened! Let me show you on this dead cat. See, his head fell right off. And the worms! Everywhere." - Claire
  • "I met Claire in Paris; she pulled a cleaver on me and giggled. Thank God I speak French." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "She was so nice to me when we met, she let me color with her and we talked about cards and surprises. Claire is lovely." - The Gambler
  • "I wouldn't underestimate Claire. Even though she is small, and quiet. I feel that we have not seen the more dangerous side to her personality. I'd like to see it at some point, as long as its ire is not directed at me." - Dagmuar
  • "She is absolutely delightful and as they say, 'Still Waters Run Deep.' I haven't the foggiest how deep those waters run. But I certainly want to be in the peanut gallery should we ever get there." - Nenette
  • "She pulled off the greatest gambit I have seen within the last 100 years. I have nothing but absolute respect and awe for her ingenuity." - The Broken
  • "Chi disordani da giovane se ne pente da vecchio. She is the truth in that proverb and has my respect for her skills." - Valerius Giovanni
  • "Knowing the power that lies within her childlike body, the most terrifying thing I have ever seen was an elder coloring, in the middle of a warren full of monsters." - Serratus
  • "She has wandered so far from the sewers of Paris, helping so many along the way." - Ardante Saint-Martin
  • "I gave her a tree, she gave me a picture. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Here's looking at you Cousin... what where did she go?" - Penny Dreadful
  • "Over the course of my existence, I've marveled at the assorted journeys I have heard from my clan's Elders. I can't imagine having to travel such a distance without modern conveniences." - Swagger
  • "Don't underestimate her because she looks like a child. She's cunning. She has legs, and she knows how to use them." Jupiter Lotis
  • "I find myself conflicted by this vampire. She holds the intelligence of an elder, but the body of a child. Time will tell if her embrace was wise or folly." - Achilles
  • "I enjoy the company and conversation of the Elder Claire of Clan Nosferatu, and would be most displeased if anything was to happen to her...MOST displeased." - Papa Etienne Portier
  • "You know when two people can look at one another and know exactly what the other is thinking, when someone stupid is talking. Yeah, I have that with Claire. Sometimes when people talk around us, we look at one another like these people are fucking retarded, maybe its just a Nosferatu thing, who knows. - Dagmuar
  • "I enjoy her presence." - Dexter Mara
  • "Refreshingly young at heart." - Serafin
  • "She didn't seem to mind too much the self-deprecating terms of the "Unfortunates". In fact, she didn't seem to mind too much that I am an Unfortunate." - Harper Gray
  • "She was explaining her book and the man who is a spider, and the Captain of America." - Nova
  • "Her dress was lovely, and a perfect contrast not only to her date's attire, but the... Well, a perfect contrast to her date's attire." - Wohl
  • "She's kind of cool, but kind of scary, like an aunt with too many cats and too many knives." - Fayina Makarov
  • "Claire stands vigilant in defense of the innocent, where others seek only power. Too many of the Camarilla have forgotten this purpose and responsibility, not only for the sake of the kine but for our own humanity as well." - Cedric Wadsworth
  • "Think of those I respect, then consider how I treat Elder Claire. This should tell you something of mon petit ami, and the only warning I will give you." - Remy Gagnon
  • "She's as pleasant as a geode- what is inside sparkles with a beauty and fierceness of color and complexity." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "I don't have the faintest idea what any of you are talking about. Claire is as sweet and delicate as a dandelion in spring. She is as innocent and pure as the winter snow. I would take personal offense at anyone who would dare imply otherwise." - Franc
  • "Words cannot express how glad I am to see dear Claire taking on the duty of overseeing our clan in her city. The more I have witnessed her dedication and passion, the more I have grown to appreciate how capable she truly is. Underestimate her appearance at your own risk." - Ammarah
  • "At first I found Claire's appearance... unsettling. But when you get past the fact that she looks like a kid, you will learn that there is a survivor in that little frame. Someone who will fight tooth and nail to defend what she believes in. Don't cross her." - Marus
  • "I'm beginning to believe she's actually a Toreador whose craft is riding the crests of change and upheaval, and remaining untouched." - Jayne Joyce
  • "Diminutive and enigmatic, but a proper elder regardless." - Earl Stedman Harrington
  • (In French)"...Hello Mother...Surprised to see me?" *A small smirk is given after this* - Guillaume
  • "Claire is a joy to work with. She values things dear to my heart." - Jeannie
  • "Elder Claire and I see eye to eye on many things it seems. While I am not the Primogen or Whip for San Antonio, I think our conversation will open up further relationships between our cities, and foster other connections as well...some more physical than others." - Bernard Green
  • "Elders who lead with "no" aren't usually worth the effort, but I do want to know the story of those gems dripping off of her." - Giacomo Giovanni
  • "I trust her to protect those needing protection. Not sure yet if I trust those she puts her trust in to do so..." - Harper Gray
  • (French)"Yes Mother." - Guillaume
  • "I respect that she keeps things to herself and tests others for their worth. I suspect she understands that she is not the only one who does this. We will see through time and tell where her dagger is pointed." - Costanza Rodriguez
  • "She knows that you catch more flys with honey than vinegar. Many Elders could learn from her example." - The Broken
  • "While some are truly beautiful with a decayed soul, others are deformed with a heart of gold. Appearances can be deceiving." - Robyn Remington
  • "We are very lucky to have such a clement elder in our city. Hopefully her ways will rub off on everyone else." - Aoife Nicomedo
  • "I am usually drawn to those who are eerie or intimidating to most, but something about this tiny pocket sized woman makes me feel as if my life would end very quickly if she felt it should happen... I tread with caution here, where I would walk openly beside obvious monsters. That I do this without conscious knowledge makes me deeply uncomfortable." - Astrid Malikov
  • "I like your dress." - Rafael de Corazon
  • "It's always a pleasure to be around family, of sorts. And to compare our, what do kids call it, bling?" - Mabel Ruby
  • "She remains, this is pleasing to see. Now to see if she can handle the contention of her childe and myself." - Stoneking
  • "Oh, I like her." - Desdemona Graves
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Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Julia Bullard
Storyteller: Nick Kice