Claire St. John

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Claire St. John

Name: Claire St. John
Aliases: None Known
Embraced: 2013
Apparent Age: Mid-late 20s
Current Location: Santa Fe, NM
Standing: Toreador Primogen

  • Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
  • Noble as Toreador Primogen of Santa Fe
  • Defender of her fellow Kindred (fleeting)
  • Favored by Prince Michael Cayhill (fleeting)


Alternatively businesslike and ready for a wild night, Claire melds these aspects of herself for a sleek and sexy demeanor. She is above-average height, but seems taller - she has, as a matter of fact, never been seen in Kindred society not in designer heels - and combined with her fiery hair and piercing, storm green eyes she strikes a memorable picture. She favors modern style, the higher-end the better. No matter where she goes or what she does, however, she always seems surrounded by the fragrance of fresh-cut roses.


Cam/Anarch PC

Player: Lisa Kennedy
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: NM-001-D
VST: Joe Thibodaux

IC Email: Claire St. John


Public Knowledge


  • California Jack Thorne
    • Lilly Belle Stafford Thorne
      • Alonzo
        • Occam, Prince of San Francisco
          • Amalia Iliescu
            • Elizabeth Ellison †
            • Claire St. John, Toreador Primogen of Santa Fe
            • Johnston Ramsey Forbes
        • Marshal, Toreador Primogen of the Mississippi Gulf Coast
        • DeAnna, Toreador Primogen of San Francisco
        • Adrian

Recorded Facts

  • Youngest childe of Amalia Iliescu, the former Toreador Primogen of Santa Fe prior to Claire taking the mantle.
  • Was once a talent agent in her mortal life, and still retains that predatory nature. She's a shark, plain and simple.
  • Prefers everything sleek, sexy, and as modern as she can make it.
  • Is a member of the Guild of the Climbing Rose.


(Coming Soon!)


(Coming Soon!)


Friends & Family

Just Good Business

In Memoriam

  • Topper Raines


My Opinion?

  • "Fuck babe, live a little! What's the point of immortality if you're not having fun?"

Talk to Me

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  • "I asked if she was up for a fight. She said yes without hesitation. Hell, seemed excited at the prospect. Gotta admire that kind of spirit, especially in a little thing like her." - Eli
  • "Claire is a complex individual. Young, ambitious, and unstoppable when she puts her mind to it. I only hope to never be on the wrong end of that fire, when she really gets going." - Amalia Iliescu
  • "Whassat? Who? You're not making any sense, pal. Sorry, I don't know any Claires. You musta gotten your Roses mixed up. Yeah, it's an easy mistake to make." - Occam
  • "Claire? Yeah, she's Amalia Iliescu's Childe down in Santa Fe. She dresses ten times smarter than she acts, but she's starting to learn. She's just the type that has to fuck up real big before she can catch on." - Occam
  • "She thinks she's clever. She thinks she can run. Run then, clever girl, but keep an eye on the Shadows." - Angelo
  • "Now, this one, I like. A St. John, but not one beholden to my particular line. A shame, really...she would have made a fine Giovanni." - Vitalia Giovanni
  • "They tell you you need to err to learn, that if you run too fast you'll fall and hurt yourself, that you have to fuck up big to grow. Welcome to Goring's Gamble. Run as fast as you can, fight as hard as you can, err as large as you can and fuck up as much as you can...because after 'for the forlorn hope' that's as close as a motto as we have got." - Goodman Goring
  • "She is an interesting woman. Young... Yes... but she is very unique. I look forward to seeing what this young Rose can do." - Luca Tripoli
  • "What an interesting specimen, unique and has some potential, I do hope she makes something of herself, I would hate for that to go to waste." - Emmett-Adalard Chevalier
  • "The Toreador choose their symbol of the rose for a reason. Fragile, beautiful and dangerous. Be wary of her." Nicholas Loring

Have You Heard?

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  • Some say she has a stuffed tiger she's named Tygow in her home. Can you imagine a shark like that, getting all sentimental over a toy?
  • She claims to have killed more Sabbat than lived months as a many do you think that is?
  • There are claims that she is backed by an Elder for her music and wines. Either this Elder is eccentric or crazy!


Claire: Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation

I'm taking it slow, feeding my flame
Shuffling the cards of your game
And just in time, in the right place
Suddenly I will play my ace

Claire: In for the Kill (Skream Remix) - La Roux

I'm going in for the kill
I'm doing it for a thrill
Oh I'm hoping you'll understand
And not let go of my hand

Claire & Amalia: In for the Kill (Skream Remix) - La Roux

We can fight our desires, but when we start making fires
We get ever so hot whether we like it or not
They say we can love who we trust, but what is love without lust?
Two hearts with accurate devotions. And what are feelings without emotions?

Claire: Bad Girls - M.I.A.

Live fast, die young
Bad girls do it well
Live fast, die young
Bad girls do it well

Out of Character

Ties Sought

  • Childer
  • Friends
  • Associates
  • Rivals
  • Whatever! ^_^

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