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"We fear in proportion
to our ignorance."

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Uncle Sam never got around to taking me, but They more than made up for the fact that I didn't suffer in a mud hole in Southeast Asia. Lesser men would have snapped, but I refuse feel pity for Lesser Men. They're still Men after all, aren't they? Because of Them it was ensured that I ended up something entirely different. I've transcended the form of a broken man, though I'll always have to view myself through a leaden mirror.

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DelDot.pngClarke's mantle carries a faint sensation of a cool fall breeze.
DelDot.pngHe is known to favor darkness, staying in shadows when possible.
DelDot.pngClarke is never seen without a pack of cigarettes.

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DelDot.pngIt's said that Clarke has a natural talent for Oneiromancy, and he'll keep your dreams safe for a price.
DelDot.pngClarke has been known to simply drop off the radar at times, usually showing back up just as unexpectedly.
DelDot.pngIf you're interested in learning more about Cincinnati, Clarke will tell you, though there's always a fee.
DelDot.pngClarke is rumored to have extensive dealings with all four seasonal monarchs in Cincinnati.
DelDot.pngIf he wasn't so tied to Autumn he would have likely ended up a Summer Courtier...or a Winter Courtier.
DelDot.png"Treachery is the inevitable result of everything. Trust no one, and use the Wyrd to protect yourself from the fallout." - Clarke, on the subject of Pledges.
DelDot.png"Um, Clarke, I know a lot about Dreams but what the heck is a Skein??" - DJ Radix
DelDot.pngClarke will betray you, it's only a matter of time. Go ahead, trust him, see what happens.
DelDot.png"Clarke knows something which eludes the others. He knows how to treat prey. This will be useful in the future." Professor Mercury
DelDot.png"He is a steadfast and staunch ally, should you find yourself in that arena. Just keep him in the corner of your vision when you can. I don't lightly use the word Master often, but he is a, in my experience, as much of a Master of Fear as I've known." - Silas Grey
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"He that hopes nothing
fears everything."
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Autumn Court

It's a story as old as time.
The duality of mankind.
The duality of the Lost.
Each, Victim and Victor. Preach peace, study war.
Fear, and be Feared

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You're never going to like me.
That's okay, I'm not fond of me either.
The problem you're going to have is that you're aware you need me.
That's okay too, it's always good to be needed.


Autumn Court - 5


The Family of Silent Nights