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Apocalypse PC

Player: Jennifer Stauffer
Character: Violet Raine "Cleansing Streams"
Auspice: Arcas
Tribe: Forest Walker
Position: None
Rank: Verde (2)
Domain: NV-004-D
VST: Dan Brown


Image courtesy of brithmark1 on Deviant art.

Character Information

Name: Cleansing Streams

Auspice: Uzmati

Tribe: Forest Walkers

Position: None

Pack: None

Domain: NV-004-D

Notable Traits:


  • Man this is the friendliest bear I know of, Doesn't she know anything about the War of Rage?
  • Despite the past she heals no matter what the task. She bites her tongue and does what Gaia needs. I see the pain in her eyes dealing with us. But the honorable one works through the unpleasantness of any situation and tries to find peace.
  • "I distrust the poor showings she has had in combat. I don't know much of her kind, and she seems mystically inclined, but even so I doubt a bear could be so." - Blood-of-Ettins

Rites Known

Gurhal Glyph

Accord 1: Rite of Cleansing
Accord 1: Rite of the Healing Winds
Mystic 1: Rite of Rending the Gauntlet
Mystic 1: Rite of Replenishment
Mystic 1: Rite of Talisman Dedication
Mystic 1: Rite of the Changing Moon
Mystic 1: Rite of Dreams of Winter

OOC Information

Player: Jennifer Stauffer

MES Number: US2003051594

Location:Reno, Nevada