Clermont "Monty" Ignatius Jefferson Atwater

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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Antonio, TX
Player: Tom Trinkle
Storyteller: Travis Kearns

General Information

Sire: Archon Harold Hawksmoor (Coming Soon to the Brujah Clan Document)


None yet
Negative Status

Notable Traits Follow Monty on Twitter: @atwater1660



Information Known by Kindred Society


"Primogen Atwater is most certainly a well educated and respectable Elder. He has experience and knowledge for his time among kindred society, and what's best? It's actually willing to share it to make sure certain mistakes aren't made. Now whether or now that's for an agenda of his own, who knows? But there are worse agendas to be a part of..." - Zack Snyder

"No, he's not calm for a Brujah. Those of us fortunate enough to have seen his rage and survived can attest to that fact." - Donovan Dunsirn

"All I got to say is he one cool customer." - Marco Giovanni

"A stirring speaker, and an excellent Seneschal for Prince Lys. I look forward to many discussions with Seneschal Atwater." - Darjius Anakletos

"A gentleman. I hope to speak to him at greater length. I can only imagine what he has to say..." - Eveylnn Asher

"Haha! Monty! His words are cool and refreshing to my parched soul as a mint julep." - Miguel Culebra

"We knew each other as childer. Our games were the Courts of Europe. And now, what do I owe the fates that I should see him again? We shall see how he has changed, and how he remains the same." - Costanza Rodriguez

"I do not envy his job. Some may think that the fire has burned out, but coals are still there, burning and waiting to be stoked again." - Remy Gagnon

"He's got a damn good sense of loyalty to his domain. You can see that fire in his eyes." - Wohl

"I hope that one day I show that I am worthy of his favor. For there are so few men with as much loyalty and kindness as is found in Elder Atwater." - Nova

"Mon Dieu! Un tel gentleman! Et si elegant!" - Philippa Brery

"Enchanting conversationalist, truly. I almost suppose he may be attempting to convert me." - Anne Sterling

"If there is one man I can count on to be the utmost gentleman, it's Atwater. Plus, there's not too many of us that were embraced not just for our youth. Senior citizens forever. May we always be the guiding hands to these young ones, no matter their station or how long they've been on this earth." - Mabel Ruby


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OOC Information

Thomas Trinkle
San Antonio, TX