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The Vigilant Remember Venue Style Sheet (EC Region)

Application #USA-EC-WA-1305-002919

Game Date/Time: Third Saturday / 12:30 - 5:30 (Subject to Change per Staff Schedules/Site Availability)



Twilight: The hour of transitions. The essence of change, the journey from life unto death made manifest each day. As Helios bows to Luna as she rises, so that she in turn might repeat the gesture at nights end. The Talesingers remember stories of a great Darkness arising in the heart of Cleveland decades ago. The stories linger but they are mostly fairy tales of a monster that could not lie silent for so long, could it?

In the rolling countryside to the Southwest of that city, there at the edge of a State Park in Spencer, Ohio there is a place for those who know that the rumors of a secret corruption are not fables, they are a warning and a mission. The Sept of the Vigilant Heart was formed to stand against this hidden threat. The burdens of the past echo through the present and the secretive nature of this sept is oftentimes misunderstood. Much was sacrificed that this holy place might be forged. Those who dwell here and honor the spirits who tend the holy place are ever mindful of the legacy they have inherited.

The Vigilant are “aided” in their battle against the Wyrm by the ever competing interests of the Weaver spirits of Cleveland. A war has raged back and forth between the competing forces of order and corruption that has left the city strained . There have been strides in recent years to work to protect and heal the decades old damage that haunts the regions ecosystems; but there are ever present challenges to the residents of this sept. Gaia’s Warriors must seek many innovative ways to engage the threats that face them. Thankfully for these Garou, from whom much is expected - much may be given.

The Sept encompasses two square miles in the vicinity of the Caern heart itself, a natural spring in the shallow depression in the other smooth terrain. The trees of the State Park tower over much of the area. Along the Northeastern edge of the Sept, some of the property is owned privately by three families whose members have long served as officers of the sept. Even when a generation has failed to produce a shifter, the Kinfolk of the three families are dedicated to aiding the Garou of the Vigilant Heart.

The resonance of the caern is Stealth and the Totem Spirit is a servant of Stag, a hunter whose influence over the sept has led to a guerilla warfare mentality that is well served in the current situation of the Garou Nation. Among the Spirits of Caern are many old allies of the Hunter Spirit that is patron of the caern, some of whose origins are a mystery to even the longest serving members of the sept. There is an enemy waiting for these silent hunters but it is as stealthy as those who seek it. Does it matter if your enemy can not see you, if you are just as blind to his presence.


--- Action: 4 Character Development: 4 Darkness: 4 Drama: 4 Intrigue: 4 Manners: 3 Mystery: 4 Pace: Moderate

The Mystery of the Past

What happened in Cleveland so long ago that left this indelible mark on the protectorate that lingers so into the present? Who knows about the past and how can more be discovered? Do the Garou even care what happened, or is the only concern the enemy that stands before us today?

The Politics of Survival

The Spirit World is never a “safe” place for the Garou but the Umbral Landscape of Cleveland is a nightmare of unusual proportions. There are Kin to be warded, spirits to be salvaged and further damage to be prevented all around the protectorate. There are numerous objectives that present challenges to the heart as well as the body. When all our choices are lesser evils, the shades of gray can overwhelm your judgment quickly. The Garou can always step sideways and walk away from a given threat for a time... but their Spirit allies must live with the realities before them. When the world is broken, things can get a little crazy - when the spirit world is broken... get out if you can.

Venue rules

Caern Totem and Sept Members of Note

Caern Totem: Quiet Hours Spirit Type: Black Stag Brood: Stag Spiritual Appearance/Characteristics: The spirit takes many forms ranging from that of a great black Stag moving through the forest or of a hunter, garbed in the shades of midnight - moving silently between the trees. This spirit has served the caern for many years but much as he shelters the sept with his secretive ways, the full story of this being and the spirits that attend him are generally unknown to most members of the sept. While there may be many questions regarding Quiet Hours, the results of what his influence means to the sept and his ability to aid the garou in their mission is undeniable.

Local Spirit: Momento Spirit Type: Unknown Brood: Stag

Appearance/Characteristics: A beautiful young woman of inhuman features, this green skinned maiden is frequently found in the Umbral woodlands of the sept or lounging upon the grass surrounding the spring at the caern heart. She is a carefree being that leads young Garou or those seeking her assistance or instruction on wild romps through the forests of the Umbral landscape. Young Theurges seeking to learn to master the ways of communing with the spirits of nature or to seek greater understanding of visions or dreams will seek out her counsel. Any such instruction always comes at the price of assured secrecy regarding what is shared. A mysterious spirit, but one whose lessons are sought after with such ardor that the burden of silence is a price easily paid.

Nathaniel Taylor “Wisdom’s Price” Elder Philodox of the First Tribe Eldest Philodox and Eldest Silver Fang of the Vigilant Heart

Appearnace/Characteristics: A tall and broad shouldered man of stunning personal power and charisma in his youth has faded with the weight of years and the burdens of the Battle on Pluto to leave him a shadow of the man he once was. His eyes are gone, literally melted from their sockets by the power released in the battle in the heavens. He returned to the sept a changed man. The prejudices and rivalries that haunted his days before the battle are gone now, leaving only devotion and the certainty that his days are numbered for this world - and that wahat days remain to him must be spent as wisely as possible.

Experience Award Guidelines Players will be awarded 4 experience per game. If they choose to play multiple characters at the game the character they play predominantly will gain 3 and the second character 1. However, if the player wishes to distribute the experience differently then this can be discussed with the storyteller and approval will be dependent on the actual time devoted to each character.

Storyteller Jurisdiction

Soft role play proxy only requires ST notification of time and duration. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - Characters proxying into Cleveland/Spencer for scenes involving mechanics/tests/etc. will require ST contact information and a character sheet, along the same guidelines for visiting characters. Characters proxying into Cleveland/Spencer exclusively for purposes of PC on PC violence will be considered on a case by case basis.

Kill Boxes

Any time you enter a kill box you accept the possibility of a time freeze. This is especially true in regards to the weekends preceding conventions when time is most crucial. Death scenes are often contentious issues, and players should be aware that choosing to get involved constitutes agreement to accept all consequences of that choice.


There is no such thing as a "soft" proxy. Any proxy into the EC region comes with the same risks and rewards as attending a game. By proxying, players accept these risks. Players in the EC region are required to notify their VST and DST when proxying out of your home domain by CC'ing the VST/DST on the proxy request.

Regionally Affecting Events

World altering events -- comets, large bombs or fires, earthquakes, any natural or unnatural disaster on a scale that would be reported on a regional or larger scale -- must be approved by the EC RST Prior to the plotline being run. Player-driven action that would make regional, national, or international news requires RST notification within 48 hours so that the regional office can apply appropriate consequences and/or spread the information in a timely manner.

Check In Rules

  1. All players will need to provide proof of membership and proof of MC class. Character Sheets must have signature of the player's Direct ST, as must the XP log. If distance makes a physical signature impossible, a digital signature or email stating that a character is approved may be substituted.
  2. Anything that is RST or higher approval must have the database approval code or the signature of the approving ST.
  3. Members of a venue must have Character Sheet on file with the VST.
  4. All item cards must be signed by the appropriate ST.

Visiting Characters

Visiting players will be expected to bring a signed copy of their character sheet with all appropriate approval numbers present. Storyteller reserves the right to refuse play of any concept deemed to be inappropriate to the local venue.

Gadgetry, Weird Fetishes, Etc.

Things that belong in a James Bond movie (e.g., spiritually-awakened Apache helicopters and the like) will generally not be allowed. The focus of the game should be on your character, not his or her stuff.

Player Advisory

The World of Darkness is not a happy place. From time to time, the Storytellers may use adult themes, vivid descriptions, and contentious social issues to bring the World of Darkness to life. For those familiar with the White Wolf tabletop material, some plot elements or themes could be considered "Black Dog" in flavor. Such themes and issues may include racism, sexism, bigotry, prejudice, sexual assault, and extreme violence. If at any time a player feels uncomfortable with a scene, the player should immediately inform the Storyteller running the scene. The Storyteller will either tone down scene so that the player is once again comfortable participating in it, or will excuse the player from the scene and hand the PC to a Narrator or other designated representative to finish out the scene without breaking continuity.

Travel Risks Any character traveling into Cleveland should do so only with notification to the VST for Apocalypse. The city is closely monitored and any stray or unrecognized supernatural creature moving through or into the city will be subject to the attention of the Denizens if they are observed in their transit. Similarly, the area in Medina County near the Sept is also closely watched for understandably paranoid reasons. There are additional risks to any PC traveling into the city that may warrant proxy to the local storytelling staff in the event certain areas are traversed.