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Eerie Shores Resurrected ESR OWOD Sabbat Venue Style Sheet (EC Region)

To be played once monthly, typically 2nd or 4th Saturday.


History and Timeline

  • 1822 Benjamin Hayes, Malkavian protestant from England settled with the Shakers in what is now known as Shaker Heights.
  • 1865 "Lincoln’s body lies in state in public square, interested political lobbyist William Sterk comes to visit and decides to settle in Cleveland.
  • 1868 As the first "blow" of Bessemer Steel made at the Cleveland Rolling Mills 6 September, Ventrue David Whitaker settles in to Cleveland to build a financial empire
  • 1869 Battle between Sterk and Whitaker over domain in Cleveland, mostly played out on an influence level. They meet and work out an agreement
  • 1877 General railroad strikes take place, fueled by union activist Edward 'Eddie' Cooper. Cooper settles in Cleveland in the Slavic village neighborhood, and an uneasy tension exists between him and the Ventrue already living here. 'Get used to it' is his response.
  • 1882 Cleveland School of Art established, Toreador David Brachman its main benefactor. His domain on the east side of Cleveland is accepted by the other kindred in the city.
  • 1886 Renowned painter Karl Schmitz moves to be close to his long-time rival Brachman.
  • 1889 Tremere Gregory DeLaura settles in new township of South Brooklyn(now Old Brooklyn.)
  • 1890 Eddie Cooper declares his right of progeny, and embraces a man named George Walton. The act provokes Whitaker to seize praxis to rein Cooper in. Whitaker finds allies enough to support his claim. Whitaker orders Walton killed; Cooper crushes him right in front of Whitaker. Cooper ghouled known Irish gang leader John McCart, whose gang would terrorize West Cleveland for the next decade, sabotaging Whitaker's actions over mortal society whenever possible.
  • 1890 As part of Whitaker's praxis, he declares that any clan with 3 or more representatives may elect a primogen to the council.
  • 1891 Whitaker exerts his right as prince of the city by embracing Oil tycoon Kyle McCay
  • 1895 Alliance of Transylvanian Saxons founded, fueled by new settler Marc Christiansen.
  • 1895 The Shaker settlement having all but died out, Hayes moves into the rural Akron area.
  • 1896 Cleveland's centennial is celebrated. Gangrel poet and naturalist Sunshine Gray moves to western outskirts of city.
  • 1898 Bohemian National Hall opens - with it members of the Czech revnant family Rustovitch moves to the Broadway/Pershing neighborhood (Slavic Village).
  • 1900 Mechanical genius Calvin Sumas of clan Toreador moves to Cleveland, and is instrumental in the founding of the Cleveland Automobile Club. He settled in Glenville near the track, which would host its first auto race 2 years later.
  • 1902 Brian Baczowski moves to the Warszawa area of Slavic Village.
  • 1904 Timothy Pomeroy moves to city at Whitaker's request, and settles in the village of Newburhgh Hts.
  • 1906 Paul Pamenter, a savage gangrel, moves to the outskirts of Charleston (now Lorain.)
  • 1908 David Brachmann is granted right of progeny to embrace operatic tenor, Frank Elliott. Elliott was performing at the newly opened Hippodrome Theater
  • 1910 Vienna orders Christopher DelCampo to come 'assist' DeLaura with Tremere interests in the city. Cleveland Chantry is opened
  • 1912 McKay is granted right of progeny and embraces bond manager Scott Lamb
  • 1913 Toreador Anarch Kirk Williams establishes himself in Akron, Oh
  • 1913 Malkavian Anarch Thomas Seher establishes himself in Akron, OH
  • 1914 Finding problems with anarchs rooted in Akron, Paul Parmenter appeals for and is granted right of progeny. He embraces Don Ziegler.
  • 1915 Whitaker holds his first city court, a quarterly event held from that point on. Primogen on the council; Cooper (Brujah), Brachman (Toreador), Sterk (Ventrue). Christiansen was named Seneschal at the time, and Parmenter was named Scourge. No other court appointments were made at the time.
  • 1918 Alexis Reichman sent from Vienna to join chantry. DeLaura recognized as Tremere primogen.
  • 1919 Kyle McKay is granted right of progeny and embraces steel executive John Murphy. The act infuriates Cooper, who puts word out to Brujah contacts to migrate to the city.7 representatives of clan Brujah arrive in the city at Cooper's request, sparking the May Day Riots.
  • 1919 In order to resolve the matter, Cooper is granted right of progeny and embraces brothel madam Mary Woody.
  • 1920 Sensing a boom in Akron, Whitaker grants right of progeny to Scott Lamb, who embraces rubber plant foreman Lee Jackson
  • 1921 Andrew Herdershot invited to city, founds Cleveland Clinic
  • 1923 Radio Pioneer Kurt Bjorling embraced by Sumas, without right of progeny granted. Brachmann pays a hefty toll in boons to keep him alive.
  • 1925 Famed British aviator Rip Van Ee of clan Brujah makes his home in Cleveland with the opening of Hopkins Airport.
  • 1926 Popular political cartoonist Jeremy Cortler moves from Washington to escape an oppressive sire and political displeasure at one of his cartoons.
  • 1928 Jenny Sarbaugh moves to town, helps found Maternal Health Association. Christiansen recognized as Malkavian Primogen. Frank Elliott named Seneschal.
  • 1929 Anarch Aaron Bates opens a brothel in downtown Lorain, on the corner of Broadway and 3rd.
  • 1930 Anarch drifters begin moving through the depression-wracked area. Scourge Paul Pamenter asks Brujah clan for assistance in dealing with the rabble, and through an exchange of boons Woody is granted right of progeny. Woody embraces Howard Roberst, a notorious street thug.
  • 1931 Pamenter is himself granted right of progeny, which he used to embrace Don Ziegler. Ziegler is one of the many unemployed residents of Cleveland, and is essentially chosen at random.
  • 1935 A movement of macabre anarchs comes to investigate the Torso murders; Cooper, Parmenter, et al put the incursion down swiftly.
  • 1939 First night baseball game played at Cleveland Municipal Stadium.
  • 1940 50 years to the day of his embrace, McKay was named Seneschal. Schmitz was named Keeper of Elysium at the same time.
  • 1944 First Sabbat incursion into Cleveland ends in disaster. Story covered up as 'East Ohio Gas Explosion claims 130 lives' .
  • 1945 Reichman granted right of progeny by both Vienna and Whitaker, embraces David Llewellen.DeLaura recognized on the primogen council.
  • 1950 Sabbat pack moves into Akron, the 5 members of 'American Thunder' would harrow the camarilla for 2 decades to come. Anarchs that had settled in Akron move to Lorain, to join Bates in a mutual protectorate.
  • 1953 Gangrel Steve Tucker moves from Chicago after what he calls a 'fire incident.'
  • 1959 St Lawrence Seaway opens. A cargo ship from Czechoslovakia delivers several containers of native soil to Slavic village.
  • 1960 Nourgas granted right of progeny and embraces Paula Harrison. Nosferatu finally represented on Primogen council.
  • 1964 Cleveland State University established.
  • 1969 The river burns. Vampires have nothing to do with it.
  • 1976 During the Bicentennial celebrations the Sabbat stage a bold attack, killing Christopher DelCampo (Tremere) and Brian Baczowski (nosferatu).
  • 1981 City council retracts from 33 to 21 members
  • 1983 Amdist protests against Reagan labor policies, the Sabbat stage an attack on the tower. Advance word of their attack favors the tower, and Pack Aids was killed.
  • 1991 Altercations between the Anarchs in Lorain and the tower in Cleveland finally boil over; Brujah Howard Roberst is killed in the incident.
  • 2000 Fighting between Whitaker and Cooper boil up once again and Lee Jackson is slain.
  • 2006 Under organized leadership 3 Sabbat packs converge on the city, working to undermine the Tower's hold. A campaign of subversion and violence begins.
  • 2009 Seneschal Kyle McKay is slain during a Sabbat attack. Mark Christiansen is named to the position again. Young Malkavian Jenny Sarbaugh is named Primogen.
  • 2010 Malkavian Primogen Jenny Sarbaugh and Toreador Whip Calvin Sumas are slain in separate Sabbat attacks.
  • 2012 A new press by the Sabbat has further weakened their foundation. 5 more members of their sect have fallen, enriching the sword of Caine.

NPCs will be revealed in individual character background information and through investigative searches. Please see above timeline for historical Camarilla figures known to be in the city.


Action: 3 Character Development: 5 Darkness: 4 Drama: 4 Intrigue: 4 Social Etiquette: 2 Mystery: 3

  • The nature of the Sabbat is that of violence. Though not expressly featured in this venue, combat is from time to time inevitable. One of the major focuses of the game will be character development and pack dynamics. Characters will be faced with monstrous choices that beckon the beast to come out and their downward spiraling morality will be faced.

Though PC death will not be a strong focus, darkness and corruption of the soul will be strong themes in this venue. The struggle against the beast within and the terror of loss of control should resonate in characters’ demeanors. Constantly the Sabbat struggle against the Camarilla and against one another. This struggle happens on every scale, from the small roving pack to the grandest coven. With several packs in the city the struggle for dominance will be ceaseless.

A minefield already exists in Cleveland. The Camarilla have a century and a half head start over the Sabbat, and the full force of their powers and influence will have to be dealt with. These themes will be enforced when player driven, not thematically implemented into the background of the game.

Investigation will be the prominent of these themes, as characters try to puzzle out the locations of the remaining Camarilla vampires. The cunning characters will seek to counter their influence over mortal affairs as well, lest the doors of a pack haven be opened in the sun.

The venue will include story arcs that are character/player driven as well as background focused plot hooks and general world of darkness appropriate personal horror. Some will be spontaneous and quick to resolve, others will be unending. There will be a range of short to long term goals for players to engage

The Camarilla still holds power in Cleveland, but its grip is fading fast. Characters will be tested mentally and physically to find and eradicate the remaining members of the Tower before its machinations destroys their ranks. It will be an epic game of cat and mouse, but who is the cat?

The theme of this game will be the struggles of the Sabbat ways of life. Young Sabbat members commit atrocious acts as they struggle against their sworn foes, the Camarilla. Their humanity gets stripped away as the beast boils to the surface. Some older Sabbat members talk about ‘alternate moralities’ but those roads are long and difficult, nothing the young Sabbat members have experienced. One savage attack, one hate crime, one murder, one diablerie at a time, the players gain ground in the city but pay with their sanity and their souls.

Backgrounds can include infiltrators into the Camarilla. No individual pack or single Cainite has risen to prominence. Players of older or established characters will be expected to put forth considerable effort to justify their prolonged existence.

Keep in mind when creating a character for this venue that the Sabbat may gather to discuss politics, ritual, or spirituality, but their social interactions most often carry an undertone of violence and war. It is rare for an individual to survive on their own for any length of time within the Sword, and nearly unheard of for an individual to survive without a pack. Packless Cainites can expect ridicule or worse.

Venue rules

Experience will be awarded as follows. with 6 maximum per month (or as dictated by the addendum);

  • 2 XP - attending our monthly game session
  • 1 XP - Maintaining the Silence of the Blood- keeping OOC conversation out of the IC game area
  • 1 XP - wearing appropriate costuming for your character
  • 1-2XP - good to exceptional role-playing
  • 1XP - Downtime scenes and activities, not to exceed 3 such awards per month.

Storyteller Jurisdiction

An ST with jurisdiction must be present for death scenes. (The ST cannot have a Conflict of Interest if presiding; e.g. one cannot oversee one's own character's death.) In the EC region, for these purposes, jurisdiction is defined as an ST who is either in the venue's approvals chain or is an appointed assistant of an ST in said chain. At no time are Officers from other regions permitted to run scenes in the EC without the VST's approval. The only exceptions to this rule are the EC RST, the US NST, and the MST -- and even those officers are expected to report the incident to the VST in a timely manner.

Kill Boxes

Any time you enter a kill box you accept the possibility of a time freeze. This is especially true in regards to the weekends preceding conventions when time is most crucial. Death scenes are often contentious issues, and players should be aware that choosing to get involved constitutes agreement to accept all consequences of that choice.


Part 4: Storytelling Mechanics

Proxy rules:

Visiting proxy members must give a minimum 24 hour advance notice of arrival and departure. Failure to do so may result in decline of proxy or similar storyteller action.

(Mass) proxies that are deemed disruptive to the flow of the story may be handled during downtime.

Proxied characters desiring portrayal during live-action events may be disallowed if there are a limited number of storytellers to handle the adjudication.

It is advised that members take any and all steps to attend the venue in person. Proxy play in this venue is done with the understanding that said characters are subjected to the arbitration of the presiding storytellers. Proxy play can involve character death.

Regionally Affecting Events

World altering events -- comets, large bombs or fires, earthquakes, any natural or unnatural disaster on a scale that would be reported on a regional or larger scale -- must be approved by the EC RST Prior to the plotline being run. Player-driven action that would make regional, national, or international news requires RST notification within 48 hours so that the regional office can apply appropriate consequences and/or spread the information in a timely manner.

Check In Rules

  1. All players will need to provide proof of membership and proof of MC class. Character Sheets must have signature of the player's Direct ST, as must the XP log. If distance makes a physical signature impossible, a digital signature or email stating that a character is approved may be substituted.
  2. Anything that is RST or higher approval must have the database approval code or the signature of the approving ST.
  3. Members of a venue must have Character Sheet on file with the VST.
  4. All item cards must be signed by the appropriate ST.

Visiting Characters

Traveling players are welcome. We enjoy interaction with our brethren from other domains. It is advisable to send your character sheet for approval prior to your arrival in the city.

Though part of the greater Mind’s Eye Society chronicle, the local storytellers will weigh the potential game value of any introduced characters, mechanics, and/or stories based on the merit, ‘fitting within the local style of play.’ We reserve the right to approve, alter, or deny within the bounds of the current addendum.

Gadgetry, Weird Fetishes, Etc.

Things that belong in a James Bond movie (e.g., spiritually-awakened Apache helicopters and the like) will generally not be allowed. The focus of the game should be on your character, not his or her stuff.

Player Advisory

The World of Darkness is not a happy place. From time to time, the Storytellers may use adult themes, vivid descriptions, and contentious social issues to bring the World of Darkness to life. For those familiar with the White Wolf tabletop material, some plot elements or themes could be considered "Black Dog" in flavor. Such themes and issues may include racism, sexism, bigotry, prejudice, sexual assault, and extreme violence. If at any time a player feels uncomfortable with a scene, the player should immediately inform the Storyteller running the scene. The Storyteller will either tone down scene so that the player is once again comfortable participating in it, or will excuse the player from the scene and hand the PC to a Narrator or other designated representative to finish out the scene without breaking continuity.

Travel risks

Travel into Cleveland is available through the air, over the lake, and on land. The World of Darkness is a dangerous place and each mode of travel presents different dangers.

Visitors and traveling characters are advised to put forth an effort to conceal their entry into the city. The Camarilla and its network of influence is ever vigilant and pale people with monstrous appearances tend to raise red flags.

Feeding challenges and similar tests may be complicated for characters that do not take specific caution when traveling through the domain.