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Character Information

Name: Clive "The Brick" Brixton

Clan: Lasombra

Generation: 7th

Sect: Ultra Conservatives

Militant Order: The Black Hand

Path: The Path of Cathari

Pack: A Wonderful Day in the Park, A.K.A. The Cam-o-ree-a

Status: Better than you

Notable Traits: Always smirking, Cockney

Title or Position: Ductus



The Man

Clive Brixton was born to an abusive father in a poor working class family in Chelsea in 1961. At a young age he got into the soccer hooligan culture. He joined The Chelsea Headhunters, a Chelsea F.C. firm at the age of 14, and had been in his first dust up by 15. He hit a turning point at 17 when at a West Ham vs. Chelsea match he killed his first man. Not only did it not seem to bother him, he seemed to enjoy it. This got the attention of the major London Firms. In no time at all ever organized crime outfit in London was hiring him as a leg breaker, enforcer, or just a strait forward hit man. This went to for a while. Clive did a few stints jail here and there. Mostly assault and one manslaughter charge. They could never make a Murder stick.

"This one goes out to the lions,
The rest of you are a bunch of irons,
We get loaded every night, And all you cunts are soft as shite
We'll raise our glasses high for the lions Tonight!
I stand and raise my glass to the Boys in Blue,
And I'll show my dirty arse to the pigs Fuck You,
This one goes - out to den And his merry band of men,
We'll raise our glasses high for the Lions Tonight,
This one goes out to the boys in blue."

The Monster

Eventually he caught the eye of the Sabbat and seeing him as the perfect addition to the sword of Caine they scooped him up.

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Sabbat PC

Player: Tyler Morris
Character: Clive Brixton
Clan: Lasombra
Position: Ductus
Domain: Fbx
VST: VST Storyteller Name

OOC Information

Player:Tyler Morris

MES Number: