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Changeling PC

Player: David A
Character: Cloth
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Artist
Court: Winter
Freehold: Terminal City Redoubt, Vancouver BC
VST: Nova Albion


  • Mask
As a human, Cloth appears as a smallish man, but his skin seems slightly too tight
  • Mien
As a changeling, Cloth appears sickly and thin and has spider bites on his skin, that seem to change day by day.
  • Notable Traits:
He carries a cane with him, with the price tag still attached.

Known History

  • He appeared shortly after the end of the hard year, lost and confused, but quickly joined the Winter Court.
  • He is known to have some crafting and medical abilities, but the extent of which are unknown.

Friends, Allies, Enemies, and Rivals

  • He tends to keep to his own court.


  • He seems to hold the Winter Queen in high esteem, does he have a crush on her?
  • He has a couple secret identities, but it is unknown what they do.
  • His cane holds a powerful token, but he keeps it hidden from even his own fellow courtiers.
  • Those aren't spider bites; those are the signs of a Spider Hive! They crawl out of him at night, drink people's blood, and then bring it back to him to rejuvenate him.
  • I heard he used to be a Spring Courtier until his beloved broke his heart. He's fished it out and sowed it back up. But the string he used was too thick to allow it to go back into its spot, so now he wanders around... heartless.
  • He is obviously a Loyalist! How else would he have the money to dress so well?
  • He's stirring up trouble in the local Winter court to create a puppet leader.

Quotes & Great Moments

  • "So mysterious! The quintessential Winter courtier and makes me proud to know him and work beside him. He is also certainly wiser than he lets on." - Anonymous

OOC Information

Player:David A
C@M Number: CA2011060101
Location:New Westminster, BC