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Name: Clover Hill
Aliases: Toki, Clover
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Current Location: Hartford, CT

Clover Hill


Clover is 5 feet tall, Blonde hair and Asian (Specifically Korean Decent).She's tiny and Adorable (SL2) and there is something about her that draws attention, that speaks to the primal side of people (Animal Magnetism). She's always seen wearing some sort of tennis shoes and she is always watching the place with a pleasant smile. Notably, she always carries a pocket watch on her and she usually has a jacket over her clothing.


Breed laughing strangers.png


Accord PC

Player: Meredith Fajardo

Creature Type: Baitu

Division: Currently None

Domain: OK-008-D

VST: Kevin Andrees

IC Email: Clover Hill


Primary Duties

  • Runner

Skill Set

  • Stealth
  • Martial Abilities
  • Scouting/Information Gathering
  • Adorable Recon


  • Lots of space to go running
  • Veggies and Fruits
  • New things to experience


First Change: Clover was age 7 when she changed the first time. She lived alone with her mother. The prized only child of a single woman. But when she changed, she was taken to live with her father, whom mysteriously showed back up. The mother, whom was superstitious and did not know what to do with a rabbit child, surrendered the new Baitu immediately to her former lover. Clover\'s Father took her with him as he traveled, settling outside of a city every now and then. She made friends easily, but always seemed to be the class clown/instigator. She was the kid who could always make things happen. If she had an idea, it panned out, somehow, even against impossible odds. She ran track all through high school, but she felt that college would pin her down. So, she left home to travel the country a while. She was resourceful, fun loving and looking forward to all the world had to offer. Her father taught her the ways of their kind and she was prepared to go forth in the world to create her own burrow.

First Encounter with the Truth: Clover was working at bar, as a waitress. A group of strange people came in, and they were talking about weird things, like monsters and secret organizations. Well, she thought they were interesting, so she followed them when they left. Turns out, they were going to fight this crazy monster and she barely escape due to collateral damage that the thing was causing. From that day forward she knew about the truth, but she only recently was pulled into the accord.

Her Original Cell Assignment was Hartford, CT, but after the incident there, she lived in NYC for nearly a year before moving back to Hartford with Winter Reilly.

Known Associates




  • Nazlee
  • Deimos - It didn't have to end that way. It didn't even make sense in the natural order. She wasn't prey.
  • Kit


On the Record

  • "No, Dr. Cross, I see no use in taunting the competition. I'd much rather spend my energy just beating them."
  • "Lucky works for me. Just no stealing my foot and wearing it as a key chain.."
  • "I'm fast. But I'm sure a lot of people say that. I'll just have to show you, I guess..."
  • "I'm kind of you have any carrots?"
  • "I am indeed, the infamous Clover."
  • Add to me!


  • "It is difficult not to smile around Clover." Winter Reilly
  • "I think we're kindred spirits in that 'Wrong turn at Albuquerque' kinda way." Naveed Weiss
  • "If she ends up being useful for nothing else, maybe I'll figure out a way to weaponize her appearance... And that is not a statement indicative of my opinion on the matter, so do not take it as such." - Deimos



  • Peter White - Heart No Kuni No Alice
  • Br'er Rabbit
  • Momiji Sohma - Fruits Basket
  • Lucky Seven Samson

Out of Character

Ties Sought

  • Friends
  • Associates
  • Rivals
  • Enemies
  • Whatever!

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