Colette Durand

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Accord PC

Player: Lacey C
Creature Type: Lucifuge
City: Miami, FL
VST: Miami Accord VST


Character Information

Name: Colette "Cole" Durand

Creature Type: Hunter, Lucifuge

Character Status: Retired

Cell: Miami, FL

Accord Status: 2

Notable Traits: A shy young woman with flaming red hair and innocent blue eyes that seem to miss nothing. Cole smiles easily, but it seldom touches her eyes. She is never seen without a cross and a locket around her neck.

Known Information

Cole was raised in a cloister in Provence, France by the sisters of St Maximin Abbey. According to a note left with the newborn infant, she was abandoned by her mother and her name was to be Colette. After much indecision, the sisters decided to adopt the young one. Cole grew up strikingly beautiful with a keen intelligence and a deep faith in God. Often, though, strange things would happen to the girl--glasses shattering, and unseen laughter erupting throughout her Confirmation. When the time had come for her to attend University, Cole applied and was awarded full-scholarship to the Sorbonne in Paris to study Theology. But according to Cole, God had different plans in store for her. During her studies in Paris, she was attacked by agents of the truth and her Lucifuge powers manifested. After spending a mere year in Milan being trained as Lucifuge, she recieved a note from the nuns at St. Maximim--the very note she had been left with when she was abandoned as a child, but had never seen. It told her to seek out her brother Sebastien for answers regarding her parentage--amazingly enough, this family member she never knew she had was also a member of the Accord.

In early 2013, Cole arrived in Miami and settled in with the local cell, playing a major role in the cell rediscovering a lost chantry they now use as their cell headquarters. Quickly, she became somewhat of a care-taker of the house, known as Peacock Manor--contributing greatly to the cleaning and refurbishing of the former chantry, with special attention the library. She made friends with a sentient cat, whom she named, Anjou. He still resides in Peacock Manor.

In May of 2014, Collette answered a call to return to the Lucifer in Milan and has since parted ways with her former cell.


An incredibly beautiful young woman with kind features. Her fiery red hair and striking blue eyes make her stand out in a crowd, even in her typically modest clothing... however, since moving to Miami, one might say she is experimenting with her style. She is frequently found in lace-up boots, maxi dresses with her long hair pulled back into a braid. A locket and a cross grace her neck at all times.


Cole usually comes off as friendly, yet shy--lacking some of the more normal social graces due to her upbringing. A deeply religious woman, she will often quote Bible verses and make comments and analogies to Jesus and the Virgin Mary and openly believes she has been put to task by God. While humble, at times Cole can come off as a nerd--indeed, she has lived most of her life as a dedicated student. Only in the past few years has she come into her own as an athlete--ruthlessly maintaining her physique with daily cardio, barre, strength-training and firing practice. Cole, is rigorously dedicated to fighting darkness above all else. Since moving to Miami, she has seemed a bit desperate for friendship or company.


First and foremost, Cole is an accomplished scholar of both the Bible and the Occult--frequently putting her mind to good use solving mysteries in the Accord. Secondly, Cole believes herself to be a weapon of the Lord, being an extremely good shot with a pistol as well as able to transform into the very visage of a fallen angel.


Known Associates


L'amant de Roux

Benjamin Barrows



Roman Alexander

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  • "Hey, let's save the hot one!" -Tampa werewolves


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  • Thievery Corporation - "Fragments"
  • MO - "Don't Wanna Dance"
  • Pablo Casals - "Songs My Mother Taught Me"

OOC Info

Player: Lacey C

MES Number: US2013060104