Colla Og

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Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Edinburgh
Player: VST Edinburgh Masquerade
Storyteller: VST Edinburgh Masquerade




Information Known by Kindred Society

Has been present in Scotland for more than 600 years. Sometimes known as Colla Og MacDonald the Undefeated. Gangrel Elder of Clan MacDonald, originally from the Western Isles. Sometimes hold the ceremonial title of Madadh (which roughly translates as Hound) a combination of Sheriff and Scourge.
A warrior with a long history of battle against the enemies of Edinburgh, the Camarilla, and anyone else defined as an enemy. Known to be equally adept with a claymore and a dane axe, sometimes to use one in each hand.
Refused to attend Durham 1693, stating it was nothing but a Ventrue trap and that the Ventrue would be best advised not to travel north of Durham.


Such is his strength and martial prowess some have come to believe he cannot be defeated in battle
Has killed Gangrel who have been proved to have taught Protean to outsiders.
Has threatened to kill any Gangrel who has blood arts and submits to Tremere Registration.

From Colla Og

Where are they? No matter, I'll find them. Do you require their heads?
The Tremere are nothing but Ventrue lap dogs and to be given the respect the position rightly deserves.
I agree with the Higlanders, no self respecting Gangrel should submit to the English.
Did I threaten to kill anyone? No. Threats are idle, and a waste of my effort.

Comments about Colla Og

Do not pick a fight with Colla Og
Pity the Og is a MacDonald. But you have to admit he's competent. In fact he's very good. Mab

OOC Information

NPC under control of VST Edinburgh