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Territory Type: (Mixed)

Dominant Uratha Faction: (Stalemate)

Local Pack Relations: ( Alliance of Convenience, Extended Family of Packs, Formalized Clutch, ; See: Uratha Pack Relations)

Preeminent Tribes: (Iron Masters)

History and Local Politics

The idea of Tribe Only packs has passed. The Uratha under the shadow of the mountain have begun to try multi-tribal packs. Many however refuse to break from ancient tradition.

The city of Colorado Springs is divided into three primary territories.
The Pure have the following.
Ivory Fangs have entrenched themselves in the Glen Eerie area.
The Predator Kings are somewhere to the North, rumors indicate they are in the National Forest.
The Fire Touched roam the state terrorizing everyone they come across.

The Forsaken have the following.
The War Torn Pack has South Gate.
Justice has Downtown.

The (NPC Forsaken) have the following.
The Storm Lords claim Black Forest.
The Convoy, (nomad pack) Travels up and down I-25.
The Iron Masters claim the Hanover area.


(War Torn)

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Territory: South Gate area of Colorado Springs

Totem: The Sarge

Alpha: Hank



(The Jury)

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Territory: South Gate area of Colorado Springs

Totem: Janus the Blind


  • Jonathan Rawlins



  • Jacob Schaefer
  • Pack Member Name Here
  • Pack Member Name Here

Uratha of Note

Storm Lords

Blood Talons

  • The Red Terror

Hunters in Darkness

Iron Masters

Bone Shadows

Ghost Wolves


Fire Touched

Ivory Claws

Predator Kings

Significant Loci

Pikes Peak

Location: Top of Pikes Peek

Rank: (•••••. USA-NC-AC-1306-006599)

Resonance: Determination and Grandeur

Owners: (The Keeper of the Mountain)

(This Locus is a Nexus of Sorts. It is the reason that so many strange things happen. The Hisil around the Peak is warped and strange and has many hidden ways that lead to deep areas of the Hisil, or other even more dangerous places.)

Places of Power

Pikes Peak aka Sun Mountain aka Taka K’v In the Hisil the Mountain has it’s own laws, and is quite dangerous. It is accorded neutral ground between the Pure and the Forsaken, and most hold to that.

City Center The mystic center of the city of Colorado Springs. The locus that is here was created when the city was founded.

Devil’s Butte Ritual site of the Predator Kings.

Florissant Fossil beds Home of strange twists in the Hisil, and ancient spirits.

Ormes Peak Traditional Territory of the Storm Lords. Elevation: 9727 feet, 2965 meters 38° 57' 2 N; 104° 56' 6 W

Garden of the Gods This place was once a horrible wound beholden to the Maljaen of Greed. Currently it is a haunted location that is not welcome to the Uratha.

Jimmy Camp Creek Park Traditional Territory of the Iron Masters.

Black Forest Traditional Territory of the Hunter’s in Darkness

Palmer Park Traditional Territory of the Bone Shadows.

Eleven Mile State Park This Locus was the site of a famous battle against the Azlu

Spirit Courts

Mountain's Shadow Court

Court Lord: (Purple Mountain Majesty.) This Court lord controls all of those things that fall under the shadow of Pikes Peak.

Predominant Choirs and Descants: Mountain Choir Under the Shadow of the Mountain Descant Earth Elemental Descant

City Court

Plains Court

Relations With Uratha: (Neutral.)

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Sample Court

Court Lord: (Include spirit's name, type and rank.)

Predominant Choirs and Descants:

Relations With Uratha: (Hostile, Neutral, or Friendly. Note if significantly different between Forsaken and Pure.)

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The Past

Sun Mountain.
His name is Tavakiev. The Ute word for Sun Mountain, the whites know it as Pikes Peak. When he awoke, no one remembers. But Tava k’v became strange and forbidding. In time this place would become a nexus of things.

He wanders the mountain, remembering the first human to see a sunset here. He stops and remembers the song that was written from the Mountain majesty. He tends to the stone, and trees and shepherds those who come for truce and parlay to their meeting ground.

The Revolutionary War. No tribe cared, nor took an active role in what the white man did to each other. However the Hisil started to change.

The Magath, Bullets of the Innocent makes his first appearance.

Thousands of Immigrants and gold seekers came to the Colorado Territory. Most of the panning gold was in the Platte River area. They brought along with them alien spirits to the area, changing the Hisil forever.

The Dog Soldiers. History tells of the Dog Soldiers, bands of Cheyenne and Lakota who disavowed the treaty and refused to abide by it. Legend has it that a group of Predator Kings took up the name and formed a pack, and struck out against the whites and the Forsaken. Rumor has it they exist still somewhere in the hills and forests.

The Civil War. 1861 - 1865 Colorado was still a territory during the Civil War. There were many pockets of Confederate Militia’s spread throughout the state.

Sand Creek Massacre. The name that will be remembered. Colonel John Chivington.

The event occurred on November 29, 1864, when a 700-man force of Colorado Territory militia attacked and destroyed a village of friendly Cheyenne and Arapaho encamped in southeastern Colorado Territory,[3] killing and mutilating an estimated 70–163 Indians, about two-thirds of whom were women and children.

Colorado Springs. Founded on July 31 1871 by General William Palmer.

Colorado City was the seedier darker side of the area, and a major hub for sending mining supplies to South Park and later Cripple Creek.Colorado Springs was where those who got rich off of the gold lived.

The Time before the War.

After the American Civil War, and the founding of Colorado Springs. Conflicts between the Pure and the Forsaken settled down The Pure carved out territories and grew.

It became a rite of passage for Ivory Claws and Forsaken to Count Coup upon each other. Occasionally the truce would be broken by one side or another, but it always ended back in a truce.

The Forests North East have been claimed by the Predator Kings for many years. They rarely left sign of their movements or actions. . Thunder Butte was a known meeting ground and sacred place for them. Occasionally there would be reports of a missing hiker or lost hunter, but no trace was ever found.

The back roads and trails are not safe at night. There exists a large pack of Fire Touched that will roll into a town and when they leave ruin, death, and rape is left in their wake. No one likes when the Fire Touched come to town.

World War I and II Korea and Viet Nam. Colorado Springs and other areas become military areas.

  • Colorado Army National Guard: 1903 (Centennial Colorado (Denver)
  • Fort Carson: January 31 1942. Army Post
  • Peterson Air Force Base: 1942 Multiple Air Force Groups.
  • Air Force Academy: April 1 1954. Training Ground for Air Force Officers.
  • Cheyenne Mountain Air Station: May 18 1961
  • Schriever Air Force base: 1983

Some say it was when World War I changed the face of war. Others say it was World War II. Whatever it was the Pure learned new tactics and found new totems and fetishes. The Forsaken did as well but in Colorado they were focused on keeping the peace.

The wars that took place across the world took a toll on Forsaken numbers. Packs consolidated, territories shrank. Others started to move into Prime territory. The Hisil was changing much more rapidly. Humanity forged ahead with new ideas, new advancements, and these things changed the face of Society as well as the Hisil. The Peak became stranger and more unusual. The Hisil there had its own rules, tales began to be told of something asleep beneath the mountain, and its dreams causing the shadow to warp; sometimes beyond human or wolf comprehension.

The Devil Wolves Several WWI Veterans that either changed during the war, or joined after they changed came to reside in Colorado Springs. They formed a Pack that worked to help others in the Military.

They are still there, but remain secret. They are not military, but work along with certain Wolf Blooded to help those Uratha avoid detection and get out of service.

The Brethren War

Quote from the National Settings Document. First thing you should know is that it was vicious, it was brutal, and it was genocide. Nobody was above reproach. Actions were taken on both sides to end it, and its exactly that reason that it dragged on for so long. So pay attention because this is very important.

Thirty Years of Conflict.

  • 1965: The first incursions. Spirits allied with the Pure start skirmishes in the Hisil in Forsaken Territories.
  • 1968: The first of the Pure attacks. A small pack that was out of Florissant was decimated and their heads taken as trophies.
  • 1969 – 1995: Colorado became a war zone. Regional councils and the local protectorate worked both together and against each other to carve out large Territories, eliminate rivals, and try to defend against the pure.
  • The Battle of the Canyons: A Large contingent of Crusaders attacked the Predator Kings in their territory in the National Forest.
  • The Cripple Creek Massacre. The Crusade swept into Cripple Creek and Victor to take out the Pure. They found no Pure there. Several Forsaken Packs took over the area. 10 years later, they disappeared, no one knows what happened to them.
  • 90% of all Forsaken and an estimated 70% of all Pure were killed in the various conflicts around Colorado Springs.

The Last battle.

  • 1997: The Battle of the Boulders.

The Crusade was systematically taking out Pure Territories and packs. It didn’t relent and it was moving like a Tidal Wave across the United States. It had gained a lot of momentum in recent years and there had been a breakthrough. The Pure Confederacies had called Council, and were meeting at an Ungin of their own in order to plan how to handle everything that was going on. The rumor has it they were going to try and have the Firstborn intervene finally.

The Crusade was by now made up of Several Regional Councils: a couple of War bands, Several Grand Protectorates that had formed during the past decade and a few regional lodges that had some very powerful spirit allies gathered from their Patrons. They decided to take the fight to the Pure. In the summer of 1997, The Battle of the Boulders began.

The entire battle was spread out over a very large area within the Physical World and the Hisil. Most of the battle was actually a series of smaller conflicts that lit up around the large swath of territory that the Pure had laid claim to. But the primary conflict itself was at the Pure Confederacy meeting grounds.

There it became a blood-fest, and it wasn’t quick like they thought it would be. The Pure were ready, and they laid in wait. Both sides ambushed the other. Totems, spirit allies, other shifters, and other creatures took to the field with the Pure and the Forsaken.

Now this Battle would have just been another footnote in history, if it wasn’t for what happened next. The Battle as I said was a series of conflicts and large battle in the middle. Well during that battle…something terrible happened.

Picture this, fighting toe to toe, Several Gauru and others in Urshul and Primal Forms in the Shadow, Blazing Silver and Red. Two in particular, both coated in blood, teeth gnashing and claws digging in. Mouth bit right into the throat of the other. All of a sudden blood begins to pour out from the ground, the screams and musket fire of battles of old. The sickening thud of a hatchet embedding itself into flesh. The thundering of cannons and explosions reverberating across the battlefield. All around them these monstrosities, howling winds, gore, and blood everywhere…and the vicious drum beats of war pounding into their ears. A loud roaring howl and the sudden sickening feeling of wrongness overcoming the battlefield.Tearing itself out of nothingness is this large and towering Spirit Wolf. With blood seeping from its mouth and eyes, and a large slash in its throat, constantly oozing blood. The incredibly powerful voice as it rings out across the battlefield.

“I am Dread Wolf, and you are now my prey! Crash over them all like a wave my brethren! Let Violence Beget Violence. Blood Beget Blood. Empower me filthy scum! For your terrible war has done nothing else! Die as you are good at it. And know that your war has done nothing but let us win!”

They were the first casualties, as the massive paw swept across the battlefield, rending blood and gore everywhere. One of the others nearby fled to the battle hardened leaders. Words were had. Howls rang out, truces were called. The War in that very instant was stopped, if only for a moment.

Ritualists began to call upon allies; Bans were entreated for, discovered and used. The Dread Wolf and its choir became The Enemy. War Declarations and ritual agreements were had in mere moments. Totems once empowering either the Pure or the Forsaken spread their blessings over all who would entreat with them. Very swiftly War-bands were reforged as new battle lines were drawn.

I don’t know how long we fought…I don’t know how many died. All I know is that somehow, we won. The Dread Wolf was banished back to whence it came. The sickening Wound of Violence was purged.

The leader of the Pure, a Native American man, soaked in blood and an eye gouged out, made a deal with us before we left the battlefield. Both sides recognized that those words spoken…rang true…The War had to stop.

What Happened Next?

The Deal was that they would cease conflict and forge a truce. They would need time to meet and make decisions. We agreed that an Ungin would be held on truly neutral ground. A Spirit, agreed upon by both sides, would be the mediator.

In the early months of 2000 The Pact of Split Arrow was forged. The Ungin was called and the Pact was made. It is an Oath that impacts all of us, and was meant to allow things to go back to the way they were before.

The Pure outnumber us to this day, they always have and probably always will, but now at least this Pact works in our favor. They won’t try to cause mass genocide against us and we them….our families are protected unless they take up arms…and we still adhere to our own oaths. Here is the thing, it’s there to sap away at the power that the Maeljin had been gaining.

Every couple of years we’ve had the Ungin of the Pact, a party where we have shared stories amongst us all and cemented the Oath for another cycle. The Pact isn’t permanent, but it was a solution to a problem at the time.

At least we’ve been able to have lives, protect our territories, and rebuild after that. Just think if we hadn’t.Colorado Springs Today.

The Forsaken have Colorado Springs, Old Colorado City, Manitou Springs and the areas South and East. The Ivory Claws remain steadfast and immovable from their territory. Gleneagle is theirs and their kin.The Predator Kings roam the Pike National Forest, little is known save that the Devil’s Butte is sacred to them. The Fire Touched come and go as they please. They ride the open roads spreading their madness and chaos and religion before them, leaving none unchanged by their passing.

We know there are wounds out there, and the spirit choirs have been changed, some are our allies some our enemies, some don’t give a damn.

The Family Lines.

There are established Tribal families in Colorado Springs. They were founded after the American Civil War. There have been issues between native and immigrants, but these have, for the most part, been resolved. Forsaken Tribe trumps the land of your birth.

Blood Talon:

  • Gardner
  • Carson

Bone Shadow:

  • Mcguire
  • Griffon
  • Romero

Hunter in Darkness:

  • Cruz
  • Schneider
  • Moran
  • Wolfe

Iron Master:

  • Schaefer
  • Cooper

Storm Lord:

  • Cobb-Rhodes
  • Bell

These family lines have worked with the Forsaken, since just after the American Civil War. They are a support structure for the Forsaken. They take in the newborns, provide mates, temporary and permanent, watch for new change, support financially and other ways the tribes they are part of. In turn the Forsaken protect them, watch for taint and spirit issues, and aid them through gifts and rites.

Stories of the Uratha


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